Atrocity Literature: A Western Recipe to dismantle India and Hinduism

It is high time that we take note of such propaganda wars being inflicted on India and Hinduism using Atrocity Literatures.

In 1927, Katherine Mayo wrote a viciously anti-India and anti-Hindu book “Mother India”, which portrayed Hindu society as uncivilized, barbaric and oppressive towards women and children by cherry picking incidents and twisting the facts to suit the pre-decided agenda[1]. The purpose of this book was to show to the world that the Indian society was barbaric, which needed to be ‘civilized’ by the ‘civilized white Christian men’ of the British and defend British rule in India[2]. Gandhiji called this book “a gutter inspector’s report”.

Mayo’s Mother India was perhaps one of the earliest attempts at creating Atrocity literature against India and Hinduism and this has continued to this day by various vested interests that are inimical to India and Hinduism.

What is Atrocity Literature?

Atrocity Literature” is a psychological warfare which the West has been using for centuries to subjugate, control, digest and ultimately destroy native cultures and civilizations.  This, when supported by media can have a devastating, long lasting and sometimes permanent effect on that target civilization/culture. It is particularly dangerous, because it makes the people of the civilization, which is being targeted; believe that those who are trying to destroy them are their saviours. The West has successfully used this against Native Americans, African Blacks, Bharath and many other places it colonized and invaded. Christian Missionaries/Church, NGO’s, Western/Indian Academic institutions, Private Western Foundations, Human/Animal Right groups, Media, and Western Governments – have all used Atrocity Literature to undermine India.

In “Breaking India”, Rajiv Malhotra describes Atrocity Literature as a “technical term referring to literature generated by Western interests with the explicit goal to show the target non-Western culture is committing atrocities on its own people, and hence in need of Western intervention”[3].  The ultimate aim of Atrocity Literature that is being produced against Bharath is to demean our culture and religion, specifically Hinduism, and ultimately destroy it. This strategy is based on a simple fact that every society, civilization, system, religion, country, community or even artificially formed communities like labour unions will have members, who do criminal acts/atrocities. This is also true with social institutions like marriage, joint family, etc.

Let me explain this using a small example. Let’s say there is a city with a population of one crore and 500 people got murdered there in the last 5 years. Obviously in a city of 1 crore there will be people from all walks of life. Also every group will have both victims and criminals. If the pre-decided narrative is to demonize tall men against short men in that city, Atrocity Literature will be created supporting this. Obviously there will be a few murders where tall men kill short. Such news gets to the media headlines immediately and will be presented as tall oppressing short. Judiciary might decide later on, that the murder/s have nothing to do with the height, but this gets almost no media coverage. The narrative of tall oppressing short gets established in the minds of the people over a period of time because of media propaganda.

So, Atrocity Literature can be used to demonize any particular community as being oppressive and discriminative towards another community, especially when such assertions have no real basis. It is difficult to understand the biases unless one goes deeper into the statistics. The worst part is, those against whom Atrocity Literature is created, tall people in the above example, themselves start believing in this narrative and a few of them will even approach those, who are trying to malign them, for help. The tall community, thus, demonized, will be finally dismantled on the pretext of saving the short. And the short people, who are portrayed as the victims, may actually be the real aggressors, who produced the Atrocity Literature to undermine the tall people. Now, replace the tall people in the example with Hinduism and short people with various Abrahamic and secular ideologies, and you will get a full picture about what is happening in Bharath.

So, a narrative is decided first and the news, which fits into this pre-decided narrative gets the coverage in the media. Add to this, those news items, which have been distorted and twisted to fit it into the pre-decided narrative

Is India the Rape Capital of the world?

Ever since Nirbhaya rape incident, there is continued coverage by both national and international media about rapes in Bharath. At a point of time, Bharath was called the rape capital of the world. A German university even rejected admission to an Indian male, citing the security of female students in the university as a reason[4]. While even a single such incident is shameful to the entire nation, we also should not forget about the reality. Here are the statistics for rape rate from 2003 – 2010 as per United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime[5].


German professor can’t be blamed. The problem is Atrocity Literature and its propagation through media, which created an image that “Indian men are rapists”, though we are lot better than several so called developed countries. This is despite our inferior judiciary and police, at least in quantity, if not quality. The rape incidents fit into the pre-decided narrative of the left-liberals and feminists that – India, especially Hindu society, is a patriarchal society and women are being oppressed.


This is an example of how data can be twisted to suit the pre-decided agenda. We are shown India as having second highest number of rapes per year, but without a reference to total population of the countries. The total population of all the other countries put together is less than 100 crores, and so less than India’s. So, the rape cases in the rest of the countries are nearly 8 times as many as India.

“Access and Equality in Higher Education: Aspects of Gender, Caste, Ethnicity, Religion, Occupation and Economic groups in Rural and Urban Areas during Pre and Post Reform Periods[6]”, a research paper, is another typical example of Atrocity Literature, which tries to portray that there is discrimination in higher education in Bharat. This is produced by Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, a NGO started with the funding of Ford Foundation[7]. Around 90% of their donations for the past 3 years are from Western institutions and missionaries/Church[8]. One of the scholars presenting the paper, Nidhi Sadana Sabharwal[9] and the current Chairman are from JNU[10]. One of the trustees Sri Martin Macwan10 is a Jesuit7 (Society of Jesus)[11] working for Dalit Christians[12].

Narratives being created around indigenous practices like Jallikattu, Kerala Temple elephants, Holi, Deepavali, Dahi Handi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Sabarimala, etc. all fall under the category of Atrocity Literature.

The modus operandi is same in each case. Choose an indigenous festival or practice. Then prepare documents showing that there are atrocities and then demand for a ban. Take the example of Jallikattu, where you have a large number of bulls participating in the event. It is obvious that there may be a few incidents of mistreatment of bulls. But, this cannot be a justification for a blanket ban on the entire event. It is like asking for a ban on travelling because of accidents. The solution is reform and tight monitoring and not ban. The real objective behind all the outrage is to distance the Hindus from their culture and tradition, so that they can be easily converted[13].

Same news can fit into different narratives

Several times a pre-decided narrative decides how a particular news is presented. Let us consider one recent incident.

Actual News: A person, who happens to be the husband of a patient, hits a nurse in a hospital[14].

News with all the tags attached: Paramjit Singh, a leader of Akali Dal Punjab, hits a nurse, who is pregnant for not being given preferential treatment in a private hospital

Probable Narratives-

  1. Akali Dal suppressing females
  2. Punjab is unsafe for women
  3. Nurses under attack
  4. Another pregnant women attacked in India/Punjab
  5. Staff of a private nursing home attacked again

More such narratives can be constructed based on caste, religion, skin colour, region where the incident happened, etc.

It is high time that we take note of such propaganda wars being inflicted on India and Hinduism using Atrocity Literatures and take proper measures to counter it.


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Disclaimer: The facts and opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. IndiaFacts does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article.


  • Disgusted

    You mean the non-whites have never ever produced this “atrocity literature” or whatever! What do the Vedas say about the Dasyus? What do the Puranas say about Shudras? What does the Manu Dharma Shasthra say about the lower castes? Look inside before you start sermonizing.

    • Ranjith Vadiyala

      You did not understand the definition of Atrocity Literature. Your comment is irrelevant. Even if you are right one wrong does not make another wrong right.

  • జీవన్ కుమర్ జోగి

    nice article

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Not atrocity literature so much as atrocity mythology.

  • Rajat Datta

    Atrocity literature frequently portrays Muslims as victims and supports terrorism. Hindus are targeted wherever the Muslims are in majority but the so called seculars deliberately maintain a deafening silence.

  • unmesh dave

    Very nice article Ranjithji. This is one of your best articles.

  • Srikanth Myakam

    I like the way writer came up with facts, references and exact data from reliable resources rather vague allegations just like the things mentioned in these atrocity literature. Satyam eva Jayathe. Truth alone triumphs. We need to spread the facts not just about us but about them too. Only then we can get rid of inferiority complex from Indians. Most of these foreign entities are successful because of this inferiority complex in Indians. This is not just with common people but most of the top businessmen in India suffering from this inferiority issues. Lets take Narayan Murthy of Infosys he is been one of the key people in Ford Foundation for very long which is one the most powerful among these NGOs. And his contribution seems to be always against Indian national interests ( And there are plenty examples like this. Kudos to the author for exposing the numbers sadly these kind of facts are not being discussed in main stream media. But the good thing is people have lost credibility in these foreign funded media and they are doing their own research into issues like this.

  • Shiva Kumar Sivapurapu

    Very very informative, Ranjit ji and I am proud of you.

  • Audit Uscirf

    Thought provoking article but NGOs have far larger influence on Indian government. Just today wikileaks revealed how govt succumbed to pressure and allowed ford foundation to restart operation.

    Government has taken a single measure to rebut atrocity literature. At minimum, Government should stop funding atrocity literature by privatization of JNU and other institutes of liberal arts. Money saved by privatization of JNU&Co should be spent on primary education.

  • Is India the Rape Capital of the world?

    No for India as a whole but I cant say the same for every muslim majority states/cities/pockets(UP, Kerala, Bengal, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai, Bengaluru) in India where dhimmi Hindus speak the language of muslims and have developed islamic mindset due to daily interaction with them.

    Hindus should stop associating with muslims and also speaking in the tongue of muslims.

    Click here: 1,012 rapes in UP in last 5 months (August 23, 2016)

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    THOUGHT provoking article

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    Every form of communication films, music, books, newspapers are indulging surreptitiously in atrocity literature. data gathering and mining to create a “proper” society is evident by the number of ngos that are out of govt oversight. Any attempt to create a level playing field is met with global condemnation. Countries are falling like dominos using this regime change method. KUDOS on the article keep them coming.

  • We Indian are so naive or fool that we even do not understand the meaning of Atrocity Literature. First time some of us heard it from the mouth of Sri Rajiv Malhotra. But even after that we think it is an imaginary word coined by some intellectual.

  • Rama

    I thank the author for an article that is informative and accurate. Not many Hindus bother to do the hard work of research into Atrocity literature. Thank you once again.