Can the State Interfere with the Rights of Hindu Religious Institutions?–Part II

Non-Statutory Warning – This piece undertakes a fair bit of legal analysis, which is indispensable given…

Non-Statutory Warning – This piece undertakes a fair bit of legal analysis, which is indispensable given the nature of the discussion. However, the endeavour has been to keep it as lucid as possible.

In my previous part of this series, I began a discussion on the rights of Hindu religious institutions under the Constitution. In a nutshell, I had observed the following:

i.The fundamental right to religious freedom recognized under Article 25(1) does not include the fundamental right to convert.

ii.The right under Article 25(1) is available to persons of all faiths including Hindus. However, the right is not absolute and can be interfered with on grounds of public order, morality, health and other provisions of Part III of the Constitution.

iii.In addition, the rights under Article 25(1) can be restricted through laws under Article 25(2) which:

(a) Regulate or restrict any economic, financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice or

(b) Advance social welfare and reform or provide for the throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus.

iv. The sum and substance of Article 25(2) is as follows:

There are no fetters in the Article which prevent the State from enforcing an existing law or creating a new one if the law relates to subjects referred to in (a) or (b). However, limitations continue to apply to the State’s powers by virtue of other provisions of the Constitution.

v. Article 25(2)(a) applies to all religious groups, including Hindus. However, the scope of the State’s interference under the provision is limited to “secular activities”, meaning activities though undertaken in relation to a religious practice are not religious activities in themselves. This explains the use of the words “economic, financial or other secular activity”.

vi. In contrast to Article 25(2)(a), 25(2)(b) uses broader terms like “ social welfare”, “ reform” and importantly it speaks of throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a “public character” to “all classes and sections of Hindus”. While the first portion of 25(2)(b) allows the State to pass a law to advance “ social welfare and reform” which applies to all communities, the second portion of “throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of public character” applies only to Hindus of all classes and sections.

I had then concluded the piece raising the following questions:

i.Under Article 25(2)(a), to what extent can the State interfere in the functioning of Hindu religious institutions in so far as its “ secular” (non-religious) activities are concerned?

ii. Under Article 25(2)(b), can the State alter or abolish a Hindu religious practice which is protected under Article 26 in the name of “social welfare” or “ reform”? If yes, to what extent is the interference permissible under the law?

iii. In the name of social welfare or reform under Article 25(2)(b), can the State pass a law requiring Hindu religious institutions to open their doors even to non-Hindus?

Since the answers to these questions require us to look into Article 26 as well, let’s see what the provision says. Subject to public order, morality and health (but not to other provisions of Part III), Article 26 recognizes the right of “every religious denomination or section thereof” to:

i. Establish and maintain institutions for religious and charitable purposes

ii. Manage its own affairs in matters of religion

iii. Own and acquire movable and immovable property and

iv. Administer such property in accordance with law.

Clearly, these rights are available to “every religious denomination or section thereof”, Hindus included. However, what is important to note is that the language of Article 26 gives the impression that the rights recognized by it may be restricted only by considerations of public order, morality and health.

Further, on a plain reading, it may seem that Articles 25 and 26 operate in silos since the former speaks of the right to religious freedom of individuals whereas the latter deals with the right of religious denominations to manage religious affairs. The consequence of such a compartmentalised approach is that it could be argued that the right to manage religious affairs under Article 26 may be curtailed by the State only under the exceptions provided in the provision itself, but not through the windows of interference carved out in Article 25.

What does this mean in the context of the questions posed in the last piece? It means that one could argue that the State may not cite social welfare, reform, regulation of a secular non-religious activity,throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of public character of all classes and sections under Article 25(2),or considerations other than public order, morality and health as pretexts to encroach upon the rights of religious institutions, including Hindu ones, recognized in Article 26.

However, the Supreme Court took a different view in Sri Venkataramana Devaru & Ors. v. The State of Mysore & Ors. (1957). The reasoning of the Supreme Court in this case was as follows:

i. The fundamental right of religious freedom available to individuals under Article 25(1) is subject to other provisions of Part III. Part III includes Article 26. Therefore, the right of individuals under Article 25(1) is equally subject to the right of religious denominations under Article 26.

ii. However, the aforesaid proposition does not extend to 25(2) since the power of the State under Article 25(2) is untouched by the import of Article 25(1)because the language of the former begins with “Nothing contained in this article…”. Therefore, while individual religious rights under Article 25(1) are limited by rights of religious institutions under Article 26, the power of the State under Article 25(2) is not limited by Article 26. In fact, the State may invoke Article 25(2) and legislate on all issues and rights covered in Article 26.

Supreme Court of India

This “reformist” position applies to all religious groups, including Hindus and Hindu religious institutions of any denomination, and continues to be endorsed by the Supreme Court in 2015 (Riju Prasad Sarma & Ors. v. State of Assam & Ors). Illustratively, what this means is if a person is barred from entering a place of worship citing a religious practice or tradition, the right of the place of worship under Article 26 shall prevail over the individual claim’s to religious freedom under Article 25(1). However, in principle, it is possible for the State to invoke its powers under Article 25(2) and pass a law which requires the place of worship to allow the individual to enter it.

It must be understood that this is but a crude illustration of the legal position because there are quite a few riders and qualifications which apply to it. Therefore, although the questions raised in the last piece have been partly answered, what still remains to be addressed is the degree of interference permissible in the exercise of powers under Article 25(2). What also remains to be addressed is whether the State, including the judiciary, has interfered equally with the rights of all religious groups. Given the overdose of legal analysis in this piece, the question of degree shall be addressed in the next piece with interesting examples.

Continued in the next part

J. Sai Deepak is a Delhi-based litigator who practises primarily before the Delhi High Court. Sai writes on economic laws and policy on his blog “The Demanding Mistress” He is @jsaideepak on Twitter.
  • Krish Mohan

    Hello the article by jai sai was a nice read. As usual while reading the comments came across @slasher @disciple @berserker seriously discussing who is right. All of them seem to be well read in their own spheres also agree they are nationalists, want to do good for hindu dharma or sanatan dharma, the argumentative discussion leading to squabbling is what the british and their followers today use for division among hindus. We rather need to brush aside differences and concentrate energies towards educating our friends and helping India gain its rightful place… I donnot wish tomstart another discussion friends…. thank you

  • Zohrab

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    • anonymouse123

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  • Shyam Shyam

    About Islam’s facts , one can read Peter Hammond book, slavery terrorism and Islam. Also the research done by Nicolai sennels puts the bare facts about Islam

  • Slasher

    It is time for all Hindus to re-learn about the Science behind Hinduism: that Hinduism is the ONLY religion in the world with NIL supersition and 100% Science. No religion especially Islam can even hold a candle to Hindu philosophy and our Rishis.

    Read these blog links to start educating yourself:

    “Proud to be Hindu, Proud to be Indian”

    Here is a video that will blow your mind:
    Anwar Shaikh was an ex_muslim who converted to Hinduism and became an expert in distinguishing between the tenets of Islam and Hinduism. You can understand the difference better.

    I urge all readers of this web site to watch this video below. It is an absolute GEM.

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Why do you promote Ajit Vadakayil ?Why do you put Vadakayil on an equal pedestal to a Great Scholar like Anwar Shaikh?

      List of Anwar Shaikh Books
      Islam: The Arab National Movement1995

      Anwar Shaikh’s Islam, the Arab Imperialism 1998

      Islam: Sex and Violence 1999

      Islam and Terrorism 2004

      Semitic Religions and Their Horrors of Fundamentalism 2005

      Ajit Vadakayil has produced ZERO{0} works and all he has done is spread the Jewish Zionist Conspiracy which is based on a fabricated Judeophobic work known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is similar to the Hinduphobic material produced by the likes of Wendy Doniger.Along with hatred for everything Hindu with which he disagrees with he called Veer Savarkar The Father of Hindutva a Chitwpawan Jewish Rothschild.He said the Peshwas compromised because they were Chitpawan Jews and hence the transfer of Power happened.His Chitpawan Anti Brahminism is exactly what the British started cause they knew the role of Brahmins in overthrowing the foreign yoke out of our nation.He called Rabindranath Tagore a stooge,he says that noone understood Vedanta after Adi Shankara by that he justified the NEO HINDUISM claim that Vivekananda created this false religion Hinduism,he hates the Bhakti poets(who helped Hinduism survive the Muslim onslaught) he believes that Kamasutra is a British creation(Dharma,Artha KAMA??? Moksha) He does not allow any dissent and hence disallows any contradictory view on his blog.He called Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar a British stooge(Ambedkar was among the first to dismiss the Aryan Invasion Theory and Herbert Risleys Nasal Index and also he HATED MUSLIMS read Thoughts on Pakistan).Ajit says that Nathuram Godse was not a part of the RSS coz his Daddy b4 dieing had a heart to heart RIGHT!!! as if thats gonna prove anything,read How I became a Hindu?By David Frawley Pg 137-138(Pdfs available online),Nathuram was first in the Congress then he joined the RSS and in the end he joined HMS.I can go on with the number N Number of Lies your Kaptaan sahab has been telling but Vadakayilians like you would never understand or stop worshipping this false God whose also a Poison pill to Hinduism.

      Refer Pg 8,13 & 16

      • Slasher

        I can debate you here or anywhere but since you have listed a long laundry list I am going to just attack a few main points:

        Vadakayil KNOWS Science. Not even his detractors have contested that he knows. His understanding of Hinduism is perceptive and his theories are based on lateral thinking which even hundreds of years of later, our Hindu Gurus and Vidwans are yet to display.

        If they had done so, we would not have the sorry display of a White Invader like Griffith or a Keith having written the only accepted translations of the Rig and other Vedas which I know are full of rubbish and have caused incalculable damage to Hindus and Hinduism.

        If our Gurus and Vidwans who knew Sanskrit and English in the south had done their job we could now show a hundred translations of these Vedas and debate them against the White Man’s distortions. We can’t. That’s why Ajit and people like me are educating Hindus about the Vedas from having learnt it from our Masters.

        So what if Ajit busts the b*lls of the White Invader by calling them As White Man and Jews? They should defend themselves. I am here to defend Hinduism from their distortions. So I can’t see any harm if he calls them out. You may be a liberal or a goody-goody person. I am not. In fact, I read right past his rants against Jews and go straight to the meat of any article. It has given me tremendous growth and insights.

        Secondly, I don’t care if he blames the Namboodiris or the Chitpavan Brahmins or the Syrian Catholics or the Tamil Iyers for certain wrongs they did. I know some of it is an exaggeration or his opinion but some of it is factual and true. But I am not going to ignore the incredible number of insights he has revealed about Science and Hinduism. You should do too.

        I know sometimes when I first read it, I thought it was excessive but there are a lot of people i know in India who speak in such language when it comes to certain people. So I am not surprised he speaks so as well.

        Let us not dwell on race and caste. I don’t. Hence I read right past them and so should you.

        Re: certain conspiracies, I know that I have checked out a few of his theories and surprisingly they have proven correct. I just needed to do a little bit more research than what he was willing to provide but Google is a vast knowledge source and if you search long enough, you can find something. That is what I did.

        I can go on and on.

        On the whole, I find Ajit immensely insightful, never dull or boring, always ready to fight for the right cause in my view and if you ignore the rants and raves – absolutely someone you must read.

        I hope I have been helpful. If you want to debate further, we can. But please read my post with a dispassionate mind and see if you can see him the way I do.

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          You call it a LAUNDRY LIST and attack only a few points where you dont provide any references nor do you actually prove how your FALSE GOD is accurate.Just like Ajit and many others who make Chauvinist claims without actually proving anything you have done exactly that.As far as the Article is concerned it was related to law pertaining to Govt interference and you gave some random Hindu Temple is Scientific which had no relevance to the original topic here.

          Anyways I know just like your FALSE GOD you cant prove anything and just by claiming
          “I know that I have checked out a few of his theories and surprisingly they have proven correct. I just needed to do a little bit more research than what he was willing to provide but Google is a vast knowledge source and if you search long enough, you can find something. That is what I did.”

          It does not prove anything your FALSE GOD and people like you are the reason Communo-Secular-Libtards dismiss every Hindu Scholarship as CHAUVINIST Claims.

          If you want to know about Hinduism,Science and Vedas there are much better sources than your Ajit.

          Refer David Frawleys works

          And since people like you find it difficult to connect the dots as to how this guy is a poison pill I will just help you with the LAUNDRY LIST with relevant proofs.
          The guy is promoting Anti Semitism and today most Anti Semitics are found in Islamic Countries & since Israel is an ally of India and never having had any hostile designs towards Hindus this kind of fabricated distortions could be detrimental to our alliance.

          Read Tarek Fateh The Jew is not my enemy

          Anti Brahminism is Anti Hinduism when your FALSE GOD starts making claims that Chitpawan Brahmins are jews he does exactly what the British and the Nehrus and other Secularists have claimed that Brahmins are evil and should be irradicated permenantly.

          By calling Brahmins Jews all your great God Vadakayil has done is denied the Last Hindu Empire (PESHWAS) which lasted for over 50 years and helped the Nehruvian Marxist with the theory that India was always invaded by foreigners and the British took over from MUSLIMS. BIG LIE!!!!

          Tell your God to NEVER use the word HINDUTVA since it was first coined by a Bengali Nationalist in 1880 and later on given a Political ideology by your GODS hated VEER SAVARKAR

          Vivekananda did not understand Vedanta infact is the creator of NEO HINDUISM and after Adi Shankara only Mr.Vadakayil understands it RIGHT!!!!
          Refer Indra’Net of Rajiv Malhotra

          Ambedkar the STOOGE

          I have read your post and in an objective dispassionate mind can see AJIT VADAYIL as a DESHDROHI

          • Slasher

            I think we’ll leave it here for now. I would ask readers to make up their own minds after reading both our links and doing their research. I am not against your passionately held views about Savarakar based on your own research.

            I have read their books and I donate them to others to read since I like them so much as well.

          • Kraken

            I have gone through your discussion with Savarkar’s Disciple and I must say that from a neutral standpoint, I found your arguments lacking and bereft of credible references. You cannot site a random person’s blog (however much popular he may be) as a reliable source (especially when the blogger himself refrains from this imperative exercise) and should always back up your assertions with genuine citations. To this end, I think Disciple’s counterarguments against Capt. Ajit Vadakayil are well-founded. Since you seem to have a pro-Hindu bent of mind, I request you to kindly reassess your opinions regarding Captain and make a dispassionate evaluation of Disciple’s critique of his writings.

          • Slasher


            I hope before you called Ajit a Charlatan, you had a chance to read some of the links I posted above. If not, allow me to post just one more interesting observation/insight that probably you have not thought of.




            During full solar eclipse we just get to see the fringe of the corona of the sun !!


            You can see others musings on Science and Hinduism at:

          • Kraken

            Ok, I had edited out the word “Charlatan”, perhaps you missed it. Now, I have gone through his blog often times and I do not wish to demean the amount of work he’s put in to gather and put together all the info in it. But, you need to realize that he’s way off with his “Zionist Conspiracy” angle and the ludicrous conclusions derived thus. If you indeed intent to work towards the protection of our “Dharma”, you need to seriously take his works with a pinch of salt. Take my words as those of a well-wisher.

          • Slasher

            I take all his words with huge helpings of Salt. I know he is a Desh Bhakt just as I am but his language is different from mine. But he is someone who knows a lot and means well for Bharatamata. I think we need all of us pulling together rather than fighting amongst ourselves.

            Our common enemy is Chrislamism.

          • Kraken

            Since you take all his words with huge helpings of salt, do you agree with me that he goes overboard with his conspiracy theories? And, what do you think of his opinion on Savarkar? Now, I don’t think I engaged you in a duel at all; I was merely trying to clarify misconceptions and the accompanied misperceptions. We have a common goal, so let’s not have distrusting notions of each other. Knowledge alone does not matter, interpretation does too and to a larger extent.

          • Slasher

            Re: Ajit Vadakayil, I read him selectively and conduct my own research to confirm what I am going to follow. My long experience in reading the Vedas and understanding Science enables me to double-check his claims. But even I cannot confirm more than 1% of his insights. It is vast.

            I don’t know of too many people in this world who have as much time and knowledge to be able to put such disparate events and ideas into a keen perspective and then come up with a completely different insight than what 99% of the people who must have read the same events and ideas come up with. I used to be able to do that but even I am not that good 🙂

            Let us leave our differences of opinion about Ajit for now. Here is how to understand Ajit.

            “Read Ajit selectively. Take what you can verify and understand. Ignore what doesn’t matter to you. That is the best way to learn from him.”

            I’ll give you one example from Adi Sankaracharya’s life. Apparently Sankara met a Chandala while walking from a bath in Kasi. He asked the Chandala to move. The Chandala asked Sankara back: “Do you want this body to move or the soul that I represent?” Understanding the purport of this statement, Sankara felt ashamed and wrote a whole poem called “Manisha Panchakam” about it.

            Basically this event tells you that you can learn from anyone, however many warts or ugliness externally they may have. You have take the best from them and ignore the warts.

            Another extreme example: If Muhammad’s inhuman cruelty towards women and children that he captured because they did not believe in his “Allah” (which is documented in the Hadiths), is not enough to disqualify him as a “Prophet” for billions of people, then you can imagine the amount of piddly stuff that Ajit throws out that makes Hindus recoil in revulsion against him. I think we can all agree that Ajit is better than Muhammad in that respect.

            I always used to say that Hindus need to understand that not every teacher or guru or rishi will be perfect in all respects. They may have their downsides and their quirks but we need to take the best of what they have and leave the rest.

            That’s what I am doing with Ajit Vadakayil. That does not mean Ajit is a rishi or a guru or a teacher. Far from it. He is just another blogger, but a very insightful one. Hope this puts to rest all the debate about Ajit Vadakayil on this site.

          • Savarkar’s Disciple

            Thats gotta be LOT of SALT hmmm I wonder,those who have not had the privilige of such vast proportions of Knowledge as you do how are they gonna filter?Any suggestions



          • anonymouse123


            Hating the ‘others’ is common between all 3 Abrahamic religions, and they all view ‘others’ as lesser beings. Infact it is the mildest in Christianity of all three, although church has possibly claimed most victims when it comes to stack-pile of bodies. I’m not saying that there’s a conspiracy etc., but it is not exactly disputable as a fact that Abrahamics all hate ‘others’ who’re not. This is a feature which is not present in religions that birthed in India. There’s no “us versus them” paradigm in any religion of Indian origin, be it Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, or Sikhism.

            Muslim books are quite clear about the kafir. Convert or slaughter. What was amusing was that Arabs don’t respect a muslim from subcontinent. They actually forbid their women to have relations with a non-Arab muslim, well by terms of Sharia that is. Similarly Christians, they mock Indian Christians, and the pejorative used is says all there’s to be said, “rice bag converts.”

          • Kraken


            See how muzzies like Zohrab use this guy to exonerate themselves by shifting the blame on Brahmins. For fuck’s sake! Would you stop promoting this idiot Vadakayil?

          • Zohrab

            Oh! It’s gone out of proportion. It’s the problem that arise due to swallowing onesided information without a chew! Just let me know your comment on this report:

            Lucknow, Feb 17: Puri Shankaracharya Swami Adhokshjanand today alleged that right wing (Hindutva) outfits were issuing irresponsible statements on contentious issues, pushing the nation to
            the brink of riots.

            “The right wing organisations supporting the BJP are making irresponsible statements on Ram Mandir and other such issues and throwing the country on the brink of communal riots,” he
            told reporters here.

            The Jagatguru said he had recently written a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for putting a check on this.

            He accused Modi of forgetting about Gita, Ganga and Gau, issues through which he had come to power and said he will tour the country to spread awareness against the Centre, within his limitations
            as a religious leader.

            To questions on Mumbai attack accused David Headley’s deposition about the links of Ishrat Jahan with terrorists, he said surprisingly the version of the terror accused was being taken as true while setting aside all other facts.

          • Kraken

            ” It’s the problem that arise due to swallowing onesided information without a chew!”

            An apt description of your posturing!

            As regards the report, chew on the following,


            The so-called Swami, Adhokshjanand, is not the Shankaracharya of Govardhan Math. Swamy Shri Nischalananda Saraswatiji is. Here’s the proof:


            That you rely on the words of a liar (and a charlatan) speaks volumes in itself and requires no explanation from my side. So, spare me your unsolicited thoughts and don’t pester me with your stupid notifications. I am not even least interested in conversing with you.

          • Zohrab

            I was just quoting a news portal. I am not interested the intra-swami fight. Give it a click to
            I don’t want to decide who is what, who is who? My presence here itself is the proof that your claim is false.

          • Kraken

            “I was just quoting a news portal…..I don’t want to decide who is what, who is who?”

            While you accuse me of “swallowing onesided information without a chew”, it’s YOU who did not feel the need for due diligence. And, it’s also not about “intra-swami fight”, it’s about CREDIBILITY. Did you even care to open the link to Govardhan Math’s website?

            “My presence here itself is the proof that your claim is false.”

            LOL! Clearly, you are not constrained by the need to inject some relevance into your statements!!

            Now, begone, before I lose my patience with you!

          • Zohrab

            Lol! Look who is speaking here about credibility! The ideology you yourselves are vouching for is the number one example for that the Haqiqat has been produced with a twist, Then let somebody explain why all the media including your pet ZEE has been mentioning him as Puri Shankaracharya Swami Adhokshjanand!
            S o much for the credibility!

          • Kraken

            ROFL! Hey Julab, if this is your pathetic attempt to re-establish your credibility, then you have failed miserably asshole. As far as ZEE or any other MSM is concerned, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what they report and what they don’t. Unlike you, I validate any information before posting anything about it online. And scumbag, you still haven’t opened the link to Govardhan Math’s website it seems. Or, you are simply exhibiting the usual traits of skullduggery and disingenuity that your ilk is so (in)famous for.

          • Zohrab

            Wow! Maan Gaye Bhai! What else I should expect from you. Disowning conveniently when anything not coming out in your favour. ha ha ha! The cat is coming out slowly! It’s not Swami Adhokshjanand but the points raised by him is the problem to you!

            With due respect to the Matham and both the Shankaracharyas! Back to square one!

          • Kraken

            “Wow! Maan Gaye Bhai!”
            Unfortunately, I cannot return the compliment 🙂

            “What else I should expect from you”
            LOL! Yet you felt the urge to reply to me?

            “Disowning conveniently when anything not coming out in your favour.”
            Despite having demonstrably exposed your stupidity and mendacity?

            “ha ha ha! The cat is coming out slowly!”
            Laughing at your own inane arguments and utter lack of critical reasoning skills? 🙂

            “It’s not Swami Adhokshjanand but the points raised by him is the problem to you!”
            ROFL! Being the dimwit that you are, it took you 3 replies to figure this out. I have problems with him because he’s a liar, just as you are.

            Now, crawl back to the den you came from!

          • Zohrab

            Maan Gaye Bhai for letting your inner-self out finally. Thank you. Duniya jaye bhad mein…; hain na!

            So much for your ” I validate any information before posting anything about it online” ………

            After all there is no smart hypocrite ever existed.

          • Kraken

            ROFL!! Forgot taking your meds? Not the ones that control Julab, but those that keep your sanity intact 🙂

          • Zohrab

            Ha ha ha! Insane man, as usual, advises others man to take meds! Don’t you have anything new? You are not even upto the standard of Arnab Goswamy. Make him your guru to learn more. :-)))))).


          • Kraken

            Hey dickhead, if you don’t find anything new, why the urge to reply again and again? 🙂 :). As regards Arnab Goswamy, didn’t I tell you that I don’t give a rat’s ass about what the MSM reports. And in the event that I do end up making him a guru (which is a chimera on a distant horizon, to say the least), I will still be better off than you are. That’s because he’s not a pedophile and a rapist, unlike your beloved prophet (PISS BE UPON HIM). It seems like your Julab has affected your brain too, given that it resides in your ass. 😀 😀

          • Zohrab

            Ulloo ka patta! That’s what you are! You overlooked the fact that I never refuted you on the Shankaracharya of Govardhan Matham. It is, of course, Swamy Shri Nischalananda Saraswatiji himself. His conflict with Swami Adhokshananda is another issue. Instead of addressing the issues raised by Swami Adhokshananda you made a personal attack on him and claiming credibility, then I played my innocent card. There you come out, as your ilk Arnab Goswami, going to the maximum extent to prove your deviant and distorted ideological (Aryan) designs.
            You are upto your standards Omega man! “An omega male often doesn’t know the line between appropriate and inappropriate. Basically, Omega males lack common social skills, and have an inability to read social cues in others”.
            That’s more than enough Dumbo! I am signing off now.

          • Kraken

            “Ulloo ka patta!”
            LOL, patta?? It means “strap”, you dingleberry! Or did you seriously mean, “Owl’s strap”?? 😀
            No wonder, your brain is dipped in shit (no pun intended)!! 😛

            Moreover, the effects of inbreeding are evident by your incoherent babbling! You are so dumb that you cannot distinguish rhetoric from factual argumentation. You quote Swami Adhokshananda as though he’s the apostle of truthfulness. Besides, you conveniently sidestepped his mendacity despite when I provided the proof for the same. Given the liar that he is, why the heck should I bother about the “issues” raised by him? And now that you have admitted your dishonesty by claiming to have played the innocent card, you should really get the fuck outta here.

            Also, having done your tiny research on the characteristics of an Omega man, you should at least now stop pestering me with your inanities? Or is it too much to ask for from a degenerate dumb-fuck??

          • anonymouse123

            Vadakayil fascination for everything Kerala is quite amusing. I guess that’s what happens when the sea takes you. 😀 It reminded me of a skit from “Goodness Gracious Me” where a proud Indian is claiming everything to be Indian, this guy’s even worse. Almost everything apparently originated in Kerala.

            A critique is not all negative, so i’ll say that he’s gone through perhaps a lot of ancient text. Not many can boast such a claim.

            Why do most of the terrorist go allahu boom?

          • Ishan

            Don’t try to convince him. What Ajit said about the Khazarian mafia (Rothschild family) is not a conspiracy theory. I verified this from lot of sources, notable one being former US Marine and Gulf War veteran, Ken O’Keefe’s testimony. Illuminati and Freemasonry are a reality and cannot be brushed as conspiracy theories. Declassified KGB files have proven that the main perpetrators involved in the Bolshevik revolution were Jews. Stating this fact does not make me an “anti-Semite”. Now coming to Veer Savarkar:
            Captain spoke against Veer Savarkar because he favoured the creation of State of Israel. In this DNA age, everyone knows that the most of the Jews living in Israel have no biblical claim to the land. They have Ashkenazi Khazar( Turkish) lineage.This was proved by genetic tests conducted in John Hopkins university of US. Israel was created by the banking cartel in order to control the politics of the Middle-East.
            Most of our pro-Hindu friends are unfortunately pro-Israel. Israel is nobody’s friend. Not even the US. They are just using the US politicians to peddle their own agenda. Ex-Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky has revealed in his book ” By Way of Deception” the manner in which Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, fooled Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi by training IPKF, LTTE and the Sri Lankan army at the same time. Israel is not a friend of India. Feel pity for the guys who buy the lines of Subramanian Swamy regarding Israel. I am pro-Hindu but I do not support the criminal apartheid state of Israel.