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Islamization of India via the electoral system?

So at  long  last the Congress conspiracy for the Islamization of Indian elections  has  come out in the open!   This  dangerous development, however, is not sudden.

The well known twist in AAP’s wonky political plot and its courageous exposure by Aamna Shahwani, a Pakistani journalist, in her explosive column published in The Afghanistan Times on March 4, 2014, brought out the  contours of an unholy nexus between spies of  two foreign agencies to turn India into a banana republic.

The mind-boggling dimensions of the Ford Foundation pumping millions of dollars to support  an anti-national  political party, and the alleged ‘straw funding’ and open support to Kejriwal by  =the ISI of Pakistan woke up the comatose Hindu electorate from deep slumber.  The sinister conspiracy came unstuck as part the war of a thousand cuts launched against the ‘so-called Hindu India’. But Aamna Shahwani’s revelations  did not surprise the  astute strategic analysts having their ears attuned to the  tectonic  tremors underground.

In retrospect it appears that the  subtle strategy for Islamizing the Indian elections was being planned by Dr. Manmohan Singh and his cohorts since 2005. He made use of the time-tested grievance politics practiced by radical  Muslims by appointing the Sachar Committee to look into the socio-economic and educational  status of the Muslim community.  This extraordinary decision was taken by our feckless Prime Minister in  gross violation of the Indian Constitution.  The notification of appointment of a High-Level Committee under Justice Sachar came in March, 2005 in response to a plea made by a delegation of 26 Muslim  activists including  three Ministers of the ruling political coterie.

It heralded  the first major step towards the Islamization of Indian elections. The delegation claimed that in India Muslims were the most deprived community owing to which  there was need for appointment of a High Level Committee  for recommending a host of concessions for  improving their all round conditions.  The truth was that  according to the data available in the public domain, the Muslim community  was  already way ahead of the majority community in at least four internationally recognized human development indices.

The second stealth  step towards the Islamization of  our electoral polity was an announcement made  by the Prime Minister in June, 2006 when he launched a 15 Points Programme for ‘exclusive’  fast-paced advancement of  Muslims and  four other minorities including the Christians, the Buddhists, the Parsis and the Sikhs.   The most remarkable  feature of the Prime Minister’s  15-Points Programme was that no poorest of the poor Hindu  child could be entitled to  any scholarship or financial benefit of P.M.’s tailor-made schemes for  the “exclusive development” of  five minority communities even though the Christians, the Buddhists and the Parsis  were miles ahead of  nearly 34 crore poorest Hindus living below the poverty line. This hideous attempt to befool the gullible Hindu leaders and the saints and seers of the majority community was done in a deceptive manner in the guise of ‘inclusive development’ –  a bogus balloon floated to  rob the ignorant Hindu masses of their rightful share  in 20 million scholarships and cheaper loans totaling several lakh crore rupees in pursuit of  consolidating a vote bank of Muslims and Christians for the next general election due in 2014.

The most abhorrent aspect of the strategy was that the P.M. deliberately  ignored the fact that according to the data available in public domain the Christians and other three minorities were miles ahead  of the majority community, namely the Hindus,  in all human development indices.

The third step  taken by the Prime Minister was the pronouncedly communal policy statement made on December 9, 2006 (surprisingly on Sonia Gandhi’s birthday) that Muslims and the minorities will have the first claim on India’s resources.  The  grossly discriminatory statement was made in wanton violation of  the oath of office taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh which binds the P.M. to discharge his duties “without  fear or favour, affection or ill will towards anyone.

The mystery surrounding  the “Muslims First” announcement on the birthday of the UPA Chairperson was rumoured to have been made by Dr. Manmohan Singh on  the suggestion of  Ahmed Patel, the Political Adviser to  Sonia Gandhi. No wonder  the policy statement  sent a wave of jubilation among  Muslims.  According to retired officer of Intelligence Bureau who died  three years ago, there were even subdued celebrations in certain  communal establishments and  localities.

More importantly, the policy statement clearly showed P.M.’s special affection for the Muslims.  At the same time it  depicted  his pronounced ill-will towards the unwashed  daughters and sons of the pariahed poor Hindus, trapped in the terminally ill rural sector.  This historic, communally-loaded policy statement of Dr. Manmohan Singh was yet another important step forward towards the Islamization of India’s electoral scene.

The fourth step for Islamizing the electoral scene by adding communal poison to political discourse was taken by Rahul Gandhi, the heir apparent of  the now decimated Congress party. On July 20,  2009, he told the US envoy, Timothy Roemer, that he considered the Hindu radical groups far more dangerous than the Lashkar-e-Tayeba terrorists being supported by some local Muslims. According to The Hindu, this  remark of Rahul Gandhi against the majority community was leaked in a cable by the Wikileaks. [Source: www.the of threats-from-radical-hindu groups/] .  The Guardian’s  telegraphic headline was, “the Ambassador warned that Hindu radical groups may pose bigger threat than LeT in India.”  [Ibid]

The fifth divisive step  taken to Islamize the Indian elections was the implementation of the Sachar Committee’s fudged recommendations over a period of six years from 2008 onwards.   The  monumental shower of 20 million scholarships and concessional loans totaling several lakh crore rupees was announced with a drumbeat in a press release on May 29, 2012, by Salman Khurshid who was Minister for Minorities Affairs at that time. According to knowledgable sources, anything between 12 lakh crore to 15 lakh crore rupees of tax payers’ money was spent during a span of 6 years to create a vote-bank of Muslims,  Christians, Buddhists, etc.

No wonder during the same six years, the armed forces faced an acute  shortage of  funds. Unfortunately, no politician, no religious guru, no columnist, nor any truthful media analyst had the moral courage to raise this important aspect of the deliberate denial of funds to defence services and expending around 15 lakh crore rupees for building a vote-bank of minority communities by robbing the daughters and sons of  several crore poorest Hindus, living below the poverty line.

The dangerous journey towards Islamization of Indian elections was given a massive fillip  during the 2012 elections of Uttar Pradesh  Assembly in 2012  which saw the ugly spectacle of massive competitive bidding for Muslim votes by promising  higher and higher percentages of reservations for them  by  Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khurshid of  the Congress party and by Mulayam Singh Yadav and his  starry-eyed son, Akhilesh Yadav, of the Samajwadi party.

On December 15, 2011, Rahul Gandhi publicly announced in a pre-election meeting at Badaun (U.P.)  that the  central government would soon grant reservations for Muslims in government jobs.

On January 9, 2012, Salman Khurshid, the Minister for Minority Affairs, announced at an election rally that if the Congress Party won, the sub-quota for Muslims will be increased to 9 percent.

Shortly thereafter, raising another competitive communal auction bid for Muslim votes, Mulayam Singh Yadav announced  that if voted to power, his party would raise the Muslim quota in government jobs to 18 percent.

The seeds of this unedifying political spectacle of competitive public auction  of  Muslim votes for showering 20 million scholarships on Muslims and promises of  communal reservations even in the corporate sector, debated inanely for weeks on 24/7  television channels for two years, and more importantly during the current 2014 general elections  had  been sown  by Justice Sachar in his report reeking of  suppressio veri, suggestio falsi.

The recent tsunami of Hindu angst should open the eyes of our pronouncedly pro-Islamist political lobby working overtime to annihilate the Hindu identity of India. The time has come for them to  remember the famous saying, “Beware of the fury of a patient man”.

No wonder the tide of Hindu anger has decimated the Indian National Congress.

Some Sensitive Questions which the Secularist coterie must answer


  1. How is it that the birthdays of Prophet Muhammed and Jesus Christ have been declared ‘public holidays’, while those of Ram and Krishna are treated as Restricted Holidays by the Indian government ?
  1. Why was the number of government  holidays on Hindu festivals,  cut down unjustly  by the ruling political dispensation, but not a single holiday of  any Muslim or Christian festival was deleted ?  Was it done under instructions of the hidden hand close to 10 Janpath ?  Is it not an example of blatant discrimination based on religion?
  1. Why were the coins bearing  an imprint of of Mata Vaishno Devi abruptly withdrawn by the UPA government?  Is it a fact that this step was taken to placate some fundamentalist Maulanas?
  1. Why no bicycle has been provided to the school-going daughters of  the  pariahed, poor Hindus while the daughters of  Muslims, Christians and other minorities studying in classes 9th to 11th have been provided free cycles? A sum of Rs. 4.5  crores was earmarked in the  budget for  the year 2012 for providing cycles to the daughters of Muslims and  four minorities.  Will this discriminatory denial of bicycles to the  lakhs of schoolgoing Hindu girls not sow seeds of future hostility between different communities – some super-privileged, others downgraded and denigrated by the fundamentalist forces?  Was it done at the instance of  the communally contrived National Advisory Council, or under instructions of the infamous Political Adviser ?
  1. What was the justification for appointing  a Muslim IPS officer as Director, Intelligence Bureau, after overlooking the seniority and merit of four  Hindu officers? While welcoming this development, Jason Burke  wrote on November 26, 2012, in his column in  The Guardian, “The I.B. chief is likely to be consulted by Congress party strategists as national polls scheduled for 2014 approach.  Yet this caustic comment did not lead to any soul searching among India’s  partisan politicians, nor amidst India’s media commentariat. 
  1.  Could this appointment of Director, Intelligence Bureau, be made without the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde making it a brazenly pro-Muslim venture?
  1. How is it that a painting of the iconic “Samudra Manthan”  representing the millennia old Hindu identity of India be displayed at Bangkok International airport, but not any Indian airport?  Can’t the retinue of  the  self styled secular intellectuals comprehend the stark contrast caused by their hostility to any Hindu symbolism?  Does this travesty of truth not hurt the sentiments of India’ majority community?

I have quite a few more questions for seeking frank answers from our communally-coloured secular lobby. But I will prefer to do it later on because of lack of space.

Ram Ohri is a former IPS officer and writes regularly on security issues, demographics, and occasionally, on policy.
  • vyjayanthimala leli yusufkhan

    india will be converted if muslims will not be stopped


  • Now is the time. Every Hindu need to open their eyes. The facts are coming out and more will come out in near future. Facts are Facts how long they can be hidden.

  • Eye opening facts!

  • ManMohan Singh is gone for good.”Sachaar” is alive and kicking.This anti-Hindu communist masquerading as a “judge” must also be permanently pensioned off. Sachaar has dome more damage to social harmony in India than people like Lau Yadav.
    Marxists are notorious for giving new meaning to old words.Man Mohan Singh gave a new meaning to the term, “inclusive”–he meant exclude the Hindu poor and deprived. The term ‘inclusive” and the term ‘secular” must be banished from India’s political vocabulary. Justice and opportunity for all and banishing religion as a basis for any Govt. program should be the policy of the new Govt.

  • Incredible. Absolutely realistic.

  • Siraj says:
    May 20, 2014 at 9:46 am

    I give a very few Quran verses and would any Wahabi or Sunni or their other 71 Islamic sects give the real import of words and still calling themselves as peace lovers?
    Muslims should /can never to sincere to their words. It is called TAQQUIAH as per their own Islamic trilogy Quran, Hadiths and Sira.
    Various Islamic Quotes can be given at length for Taqquiah and Jihad
    Still Pakistan want peace take with no preconditions.
    There is a Urdu Shairi: Here I quote
    ”दिल न मिल पाये तो, फिर, आंख बचा कर चल दो ।
    बेसबब हाथ मिलाने कि, ज़रूरत क्या है ||””
    ”Where our hearts do not meet on any point, just go away.
    What purpose will it serve by mere shaking of hands, all to go in vain ultimately?”

    QURAN 5.33
    PICKTHAL: The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom;
    Quran 8.39
    YUSUFALI: And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there
    prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily
    Allah doth see all that they do.
    QURAN 9.005
    YUSUFALI: But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

  • @jayeshji

    Well researched factual article

  • Even after the drubbing that the so called secular parties recieved, there has been no let up in their viciousness. The price for freedom is eternal vigilance and making sure that these groups are completely mercy should be shown till these people are broken so much that it will take them decades if not centuries to re group.

  • MKA

    An informative article.

    I think the author is correct when he talks of the Congress defeat as a result of a consolidation of the Hindu vote. Of course, the media – even the pro-Hindu social media – has not really analysed it in this manner, but that it beside the point. It was what was needed and, thank goodness, it is what happened.

    The challenge now is invalidating these partisan policies. The mainstream media is bound to raise a fuss; which is why the BJP and Modi need to move more slowly than not. (Truth and justice dictate a swift and immediate invalidation, but practical considerations decree a gradual change.)

    In the meantime, it seems to me extremely necessary to establish a Centre-of-Right, Pro-Hindu, genuinely Secular Media Channel that operates in both English and Hindi.

    A consistently truthful and liberal stance (say, on issues like Islamism – the simple truth; homosexuality – its decriminalization; Adivasi rights – their necessity; casteism – its injustice and its outdated ideas; the dangers of relentless capitalism – Modi’s zealousness in this regard); a pacific rhetoric and extensive social media publicity could allow such a channel to compete with the partisan, discredited, fading, untruthful and dreadfully shallow Indian media.