Malcolm Turnbull Shows the Way

When asked about the “Breaking News” story of a multiple rape by a juvenile group…

When asked about the “Breaking News” story of a multiple rape by a juvenile group in his state, UP’s Netaji said “Boys will be boys”.

The same has now happened about the Dadri episode in that state. Politicians have showered sympathy on the family of Mohamad Akhlaq who, in the last week of last month, was allegedly lynched to death by an unidentified mob.

The UP CM reportedly gave Rs 45 lakhs to the bereaved family while Mayawati Ben’s sympathy was valued at Rs 1 lakh. Rahul Gandhi, it seems, was happy with just a visit to the family.

Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav

This media-hyped incident had already become a bitter matter of communal disharmony when there came a sermon from Delhi. It discreetly avoided the “D” word, but its timing gave away the game. The Sermon (with a capital “S”) was clearly addressed to the majority community and its clarion call evoked “tolerance, endurance and plurality”.

The media expectedly welcomed this Sermon, and never mind (i) whether the alleged murderous mob was really anti-Akhlaq’s religion, (ii) whether Akhlaq was really lynched, and most importantly, (iii) whether the dead man had abetted violation of the Uttar Pradesh Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, Section 5, which prohibited the transport/sale of beef entailing punishment of seven years’ rigorous imprisonment plus a fine of up to Rs 10,000.

The sermon told us that, apart from tolerance, endurance and plurality, celebration of diversity were the “core values of our civilization which kept us together over centuries and must not now be allowed to be wasted.” Further, says the sermon, “If we keep those core values in mind, nothing can prevent our democracy to move.” There was thus a warning there: communalism of the lynching kind will kill our democracy.

Which Indian civilisation is the Sermon referring to? Very briefly, the record of our listed civilizations is (i) the Indus Valley (or early Harappa) civilization between 3500 BC and 2000 BC (ii) The Mature Harappa Civilsation (which was an extension of The Indus Valley Civilization) from 2600 to 1900 BCE which spread and flourished in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent and came to be regarded as the first major civilization in South Asia. (iii) It was later followed by the Iron Age Vedic Civilization, which extended over much of the plains and which witnessed the rise of major polities known as the Mahajanapadas.

It was during this period that most of the sub-continent was conquered by the Maurya Empire during the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. This period, which witnessing a Hindu religious and intellectual resurgence, is known as the classical or “Golden Age of India“. It was in that era when certain aspects of Indian civilization, administration, culture, and religion (Hinduism and Buddhism) spread to much of Asia, while kingdoms in southern India had maritime business links with the Roman Empire from around 77 CE. Indian cultural influence spread over many parts of Southeast Asia which led to the establishment of Indianized kingdoms in Southeast Asia.

Statue of a standing young man in red stone.

Statue of Chandragupta Maurya

What is conspicuous in the short account above is that record of the entire Indus Valley civilisation does not show any attitude of the people which needed anyone “to be tolerant and endure” opposition; in fact, the Mature Harappa period is stated to be one where the Harappan society had no rulers, and everybody enjoyed equal status. In contrast, the Maurya Empire under Chandragupta believed in spreading its influence through swords and wars. It did not “tolerate and endure” opposition.

And what has happened because of the sermon’s “core values of tolerate and endure”?

Our nation endured Jinnah’s Muslim League and tolerated the British Empire’s decision on the 1947 partition of our country on the basis of two religion-based Dominions. And we tolerated the Muslims who did not want to go to Pakistan. Today, they have become India’s second largest minority but want to continue being treated with the benefits of a minority. We have kept appeasing then in myriad ways.

We camouflage that appeasement as “secularism” and are proud of that fact, but Congress in the Rajya Sabha refused to define it as “equal respect for all religions” when Morarji Desai’s government proposed in its 44th Constitution Amendment Bill of 1978.

What’s more, it refused to even give its own definition for that word only because it wanted to preserve “elasticity” in the definition. We did several such deeds under “secularism” and never bothered to “tolerate and endure” the hurt sentiments of the majority community. Instead, we advocated “plurality” and asked it to “celebrate diversity”. Perhaps in the heart of our hearts, I suspect, we fear the fanaticism of that minority.

We ignored what even the Constitution of India directed us to do. We continue to ignore Article 22 which directed prohibition of cow slaughter, leaving it to the Federal States to act on it.

More importantly, we have, for 68 years now, totally shut your eyes on the Uniform Civil Code declared for implementation in Article 44 of our Constitution as a Directive Principle of State Policy. Our Supreme Court itself has proposed it at least three times over the years but you have continued to “tolerate and endure” the so-called minority community’s objection, allowing the majority, including Muslim women, to suffer the cruel provisions of its own law called the Muslim Personal Law.

In fact, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi permitted the setting up of The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in 1973 as an NGO constituted to adopt suitable strategies for the protection and continued applicability of the Islamic Law Code of the Shariat to Indian Muslims in personal affairs. And what has the nation got in return?

Objection to any change in the Divorce Laws for Muslim women, objection to gay rights, objection to the Right of Children for Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 because of its “infringement” on the Madrasa System of Education, objection to saying Vande Mataram and objection even yoga, Surya Namaskar and Vedic culture.

On the other hand, it has supported child marriage by opposing the Child Marriage Restraint Act. We also tolerate that AIMPLB does not apply to Shias and Ahmadiya Muslims in India and that Ahmadiyas are not allowed to sit on the AIMPLB though it is regarded in India as representative of Muslims in the country. Tragically, this is the “diversity” which the sermon would want us to “celebrate”.

Take caste. Caste has been in existence from the Vedic Age, which we have come to tolerate and endure. But it was the British Empire which spread the concept of “Reservation for Castes”. In 1935, the British passed the Government of India Act 1935, which permitted reservation of seats in the Indian provinces to what was once called the Depressed Classes; the act came into force in 1937.

Our Independence was the chance to get rid of caste once and for all. But we chose to “tolerate and endure” instead of devising imaginative ways to counter it such as giving reservation only to the educated among the weaker sections and simultaneously budgeting for a massive education program for the for the socially backward.

We continued where the British left us, and have kept fragmenting and polluting it. Today, this reservation on the basis of caste and sub-caste has become a cancer eating into the nation’s body. We have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind, leading to a dangerous divisiveness which has led to caste wars in the country and incompetent/inefficient people in multiple Government services, including the medical field. It’s yet another example of “celebrating diversity.”

We have even internationalized this “core value” of “tolerate and endure.” We tolerate what Pakistan has been doing to us in Jammu & Kashmir not only since the Terrorist Era of 1989 but even after its armed forces camouflaged as tribals invaded us in October 1947.

We continue to be civil to them who have slaughtered thousands of our people, but call the Shiv Sainiks as “uncivilised” for blackening the face of the Indian who facilitated an ex-diplomat of Pakistan to launch his book on the very soil where his country had committed heinous terror attacks in December 2002, March 2003, July 2006 and November 2008.

Contrast this sermon with that of the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

On October 9 this year, he advised people to leave the country if Australian values were “unpalatable” to them. He was commenting a week after a 15-year-old Muslim boy gunned down a 58-year-old employee leaving the Sydney police headquarters.

I, for one, love Turnbull’s attitude. It is the opposite of the cowardly “endure and tolerate” mentality. Neville Cardus, perhaps the greatest writer on cricket, once described the Australian as “a dangerous animal.” He said it fights back when attacked.

How I wish the sermon from Raisina Hill had preached that.

Arvind Lavakere has been a freelance writer since 1957. He has written and spoken on sports on radio and TV. He currently writes on political issues regularly. His writings include a book on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.
  • BalancedCentre

    Meanwhile in Germany, the tragic effect of “tolerate and endure” policies on german people..while their generosity is being taken advantage of!!!

  • subodh1945

    we have traitors in our attics , hindus have become strangers in ther own land , time for hindu resurgence before they are wiped out

  • BalancedCentre

    Bravo Mr. Lavakare. You’ve nailed it. Hopefully both the political leadership of India especially BJP and the people of India are listening and wake up to realize the corruption and manipulation that the imposed policy of “tolerate and endure” has brought to them.

    What?? Indira Gandhi allowed setup of the Muslim Personal Law Board? That almost sounds unbelievable 🙂 Joking aside, If Article 44 of Constitution asks for Uniform Civil Code, then the Governments (I guess mostly Congress) have been acting un-constitutionally for the past 68 years. High time to fix that.

    Hats off to Malcolm Turnbull as well! You’re an inspiration!!

  • Many Indians accepted Purdah system under muslim rule(I suppose Rajasthan being the only exception) and so too,
    out of fear of protecting their girl child from muslims rulers, Indian kings along with other minor chiefs adopted many wrong practices under muslim pressure.

    1. life story of Maharana Pratap who tried to stop marriages between Rajputs who gave there daughters to Mughals.
    2. jodha akbar where jodha was daughter of a rajput.
    3. During Partition, many Indians killed their own wives and daughters to protect them from gangrapes when the muslims asked them to leave their woman behind. Some Indian women even committed suicide by jumping into nearby wells but as they became full, they chose to die at their father’s or husband’s hand.(Honor killings)

    The acts of Sati and Jauhar may have actually helped Indians psychologically during hardships. if this particular statement comes off as male chauvinist then I am sorry.

    These Indians who still practice this female purdah system today or commit female foeticide are referred to as dhimmis(by me, who else) who were subjected to dhimmitude under muslim rule.

    Due to their inability to protect their girl child, Indians rulers in North India started killing them by drowning them in milk as soon as they were born(Honor killings). As the practice became rigid over time it turned into detest for female child. Add the dowry system of India which made this even worse like adding fuel to fire.

    purdah system and covering of woman’s face translates to ac!d attacks and also after Independence, female foeticide was justified due to detest for female child(indoctrinated through centuries) and prevalent dowry system.

    This was the evolution of that very same dhimmitude.

    Violent form of this dhimmitude: Honor-killings, acid-attacks and gangrapes.

    Dhimmitude: A psychological problem which becomes ingrained due to prevalent culture and indoctrination by living amongst dhimmis and muslims.(Stockholm Syndrome)
    while some dhimmis become very sympathetic to muslim cause and relate to them. some convert and some subvert like communists of India.
    Indian communists are lost cause.

    Effect of this dhimmitude on Indian psyche:

    1.dhimmitude makes India lag behind China In IQ.

    2. This is the very reason India has now turned into ‘suicide state’ and Indians migrating to western countries to lead a better life.

    The only solution here is

    1.ex3cution(follow China model for most number of ex3cutions) of criminals who commit any heinous crimes like [email protected]@p3sand ac!dattacks to instill f3ar of law in likely off3nders

    2. Separate fast-track courts when dealing with such h3inous crimes

    3. Ban p0rn in BIMARU states

    This will make sure the dhimmis start fearing the law.

    India would not be in this state today had it not been for s!ckularization.

    Half of the problem would have got solved during Independence.But it was fuçk3dby a dhimmi anti-Hindu [email protected] non-elected PM

    Now this problem can only get solved if

    1. there is strong, assertive law&order without any political interference.

    2. Cyber Cell monitors internet of their respective cities forch!ldp0rn and raid the suspects.

    3. NSA keeps regular tabs on likely, repeated and convicted s3xoffenders

    This will make sure the dhimmis start fearing the law.

    As the economy of the country improves, female foeticide eventually will also stop due to education and financial situation will enhance the lives and thinking in many states and citizens will start respecting the law. criminals will start fearing the law.

    Also Through right and proper education which nurtures respect, civility towards woman along with making them aware of their mistakes and castigating them for their mindset and thinking, dhimmis can rectify themselves.
    Dhimmis should give up all the practices they accepted under islamic invasion and
    Become real fullblooded Indians with non-colonized, free-thinking minds.

  • Kamal

    This docile and Modi govt at first instance of opposition to its core beliefs leaves its core beliefs. The existence and raison d’etre of bjp or for that matter the entire sangh parivar is hinduttva or cultural Nationalism. And banning cow slaughter is the primary tenet of hinduttva. If nonhindus cannot live without slaughtering and killing cows, then we Hindus should not live with them and tell them to leave our country permanently

  • JK

    BJP is a good for being in Opposition because they speak and do a lot for people when in Opposition but performs very poorly when given Power we saw NDA-1 & NDA-2 remote controlled by someone.

    Failed to contain Onion & Food Grains hoarders that prices have gone out of common purchase power.
    Failed to control Media
    Failed to stop SUGAR Coat Bhakthus on Twitter and Social Media they just keep doing Va Va Va as if Modiji is doing some Shero Shayri’s Mehfil.
    Failed to control Over reaching of Judiciaries.
    Failed to Punish wrong doings of Congress Daamadji is Free Bird, National Herald case not going any where, 2-G No Punishment so far…….

    Better would be in 2019 we Don’t vote for BJP let Congress and their Chamchas come to Power so that Modiji and BJP will Speak for Aam Admi.

  • Sach

    The narrative is wonderful but alas in India no politician has the guts to sacrifice minority vote bank . If India wants to become a super power like China or western nation it has to reform reservation policy to begin with.
    I must say that I witnessed the horrific incident as I live next door to the nsw police headquarters. The police will chase down every one involved and their lives r finished

  • Brabantian

    Meanwhile in Germany, where a Muslim girl in Germany who was gang-raped, was apparently murdered at the request of her own mother, & killed by her father & brothers, because she was now ‘unclean’ … & while “Sweden now has the highest incidence of reported rape outside of African countries … the most dangerous country for women outside of Africa … Sweden’s political leaders have made it a criminal offense to talk about it” … “Political leaders in Germany are struggling to respond to reports of a sex crime epidemic among newly-arrived Muslims – widespread rape at refugee centers.”

    The German police union chief says that with German politicians indulging a situation they well foresaw, “Hell has broken loose” at migrant centres, violence & rapes of women & children are rampant … Muslim migrant factions are fighting each other for dominance inside Germany as well as attacking women & children & non-Muslims, virtually no respect for European law or authorities, German police are overwhelmed (4min25sec video, English subtitles)

    • this dhimmitude has also affected many Indians living in close proximity with muslims and who befriend them in many muslim majority states of India and think that allah is also god and muslims are their own brothers. These are the same dhimmis who commit gang-rapes in India and destroyed the Image of India worldwide. if they see a woman then their dhimmi mind only seeks to rape that woman with his friends.

      islam brought with it many filth into India and broke India into 3 parts: gangrapes and honor-killings are among those filth.

  • IndiannotAmused

    The Chinese,Russians,Iranians and Arabs have turned their national media outlets into veritable weapons of warfare.Some of these media actually go INSIDE the USA and bring out their DIRTY laundry for the world to watch and dissect.Pretty recently there was a collective indictment of USA at the UN [!] by 117 countries on the subject of police atrocity. I dream of the day when we will have similar media in India -government owned or privately owned-which can take the fight to the Empire of Chaos.Instead we have Sagarika and Rajdeep -paid WHORES of the Christian West- hurting us while eating our breads. [as in being supported by TRPs generated by us the Heathens].

    • LOL. Do you know the private players dont give a fuck about country. What matters to them is only TRP which earns them moolah.
      look at the state of various channels in India and their quality compared to even middle-east.

      Most rich Indians don’t live in India since India has become a suicide state. Every educated Indian dreams of leaving India and settling abroad.

  • lol at 2 dhimmis wearing skullcaps to appease muslims. what a sad state of affairs.
    Indians today are paying for the blunders of nehru and gandhi.

  • viroti somasekhar

    We’ve even tolerated the distortion of our authentic history based on Puranas. Time to revise History books and realign chronology with regard to Puranic literature backed by accurate constellation observations discarding BC and ADs. Sri Kotavenkatachalam garu, a genuine historian hailed from Andhra has published several books exposing the glaring errors committed by western scholars in constructing Indian chronology.

  • Soaring Eagle

    Sanatan Dharma does not have caste system

  • Sumathi Megavarnam

    Not only the Current PM Who has said it on record ,one of the earlier PM , Julia gillard has also put it on Record….Which is really commendable…….Australians are pretty new in the world order(leave aside the aborigines) but they are Very assertive when it comes to tolerating Nonsense…..Here people keep BS & Beating around the Bush time & Again , Wish that we too become decisive & do away with all the appeasements once and for all , for the betterment of the Hindu society & world at large……

  • Krispy K

    Other countries don’t have grade-A traitors controlling the public discourse, running their media and spouting anti-national, anti-majority poison on an international platform. Only in India. It’s not only Hindus’ fault for allowing it to happen, it is up to Hindus to change it.