When Teesta Setalvad is portrayed as a victim

  • Dr. MS

    Indian media has become so politicized and mediocre it is dubious if they will ever root out corruption ; work towards better information gathering and sharing ; provide fair and accurate coverage and stop being so Westernized in their presentations and priorities.

    As an Anglo American friend of mine, who visited India, once noted, “Geez, Indian media is more American than American media. Ha, ha, ha!”

    The tragedy is that while minorities want their minority culture to be respected, protected and promoted in India…they follow and embrace Western media and a highly Westernized media…westernized in all the wrong ways.

    Strange contradictions.

  • Secualrists, Muslim groups, Christians, Congressis, commies, Sonia Gandhi, pseudo activists, Western and Islamic world who r busy in conversions, etc are the fellows who masterminded the Godhra to destabilise first BJP led govts both in Delhi and Gujarat. Congress’ Sonia couldn’t tolerate it and wanted to destabilise them by communalising the country’s milieu. This linked to such criminal outfits like Teesta who has been acting as their proxy for greed and Teesta has minted money on the blood of Godhra’s victims. Shame on these criminal Abrahamic goons.

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    But isn’t the case filed by riot victims?
    Why do not the holier than though posers pay head to it? The level of Modi Hate and Teesta being drummed as an impartial activist taking side of the riot victims has reached the level where the truth cannot be sought and established thanks to the media and the so called secularists.