Ten Habits of Highly Successful Indian Liberal Intellectuals

Listing the ten Habits of Highly Successful Indian Liberal Intellectuals

1) Every time you come across an article, blog post or anything that has the word ‘Hindu’ in it, describe the post as ‘vile and disgusting’, regardless of the actual context. Express your hatred for Hinduism constantly and diligently, in ways that can be subtle or obvious depending upon the context. However, do not forget to mention in the same breath that you ‘respect’ Hindus.

2) Always ask, ‘But but but, what about 2002?’ in any TV panel discussion, even if the topic of discussion is about the sexual life of the Gorillas of upper Congo. Remember the golden rule. All communal riots are equal, but 2002 riots are more equal than others.

3) Write a blog about Modi. Make liberal use of words like ‘vile monster’, ‘butcher’, ‘autocrat,’ ‘Nazi,’ ‘Hiter,’  ‘kristalnacht’ and ‘1933’.  Attend anti-Modi seminars at the India International Centre and talk passionately about ‘malnutrition in Gujarat’ over a laden plate of canapés and glasses of free champagne.

4) Occasionally, throw a scrap of carefully constructed praise at the ’ tolerant spirit of secular Hindus’ and pander to their egos. This is very essential if you want to present yourself as a ‘liberal humanist’.

5) Learn to do nimble spiritual somersaults depending upon the context. Sometimes, you might refer to yourself as an agnostic, at other times, you can call yourself an atheist, but always mention that you are ‘spiritual, not religious’ – whatever that means!

6) Always shout from the rooftops that you are free from all caste prejudices, but never omit to mention the C word when needed. Carefully used, it can be an invaluable tool in a debate. It is a wonderful divisive technique that can be used again and again to drive a wedge among the Hindus.

7) Make selective, controversial postings about army atrocities in Kashmir and weep buckets over the ‘oppressed Kashmiri youth’. But remember, make NO mention of how the Kashmiri Pandits were forced at gunpoint to leave their homes in the valley. Ever! Do NOT ever mention the fact that the ONLY documented case of ethnic cleansing in India has been the forced exit of the Kashmiri Pandits from the valley.

8) When all else fails, throw the term ‘ fascist communal Sanghi Intolerant Bigoted RSS supporter’ at your opponent’s face. You need not worry about the veracity of the charge. If you throw the term enough times at someone, chances are, it will stick. It is the Goebbels principle.

9) Invest in a suitable wardrobe. If you are a man, crumpled Fabindia Kurtas are a must. A french beard is very helpful. It establishes your ‘intellectual’ credentials automatically, even if your IQ can barely crawl to double digits. If you are a woman, you need to wear handloom saris in earthy tones with mismatched granny blouses. Also, wear a bindi the size of a soup bowl and drown your eyes in copious amount of kohl. It helps if your hair is liberally streaked with grey.

10) When you find yourself unable to argue logically, and eventually, you WILL come to that point in almost every argument, announce loftily that you cannot talk with ‘rabid Internet Hindus’ because your ‘fragile liberal humanist’ soul is unable to deal with the pain of their ‘communal comments’.

Shefali Vaidya is a freelance writer and newspaper columnist based in Pune. She is trying to perfect the fine art of sarcasm.
  • Manavendra Gupta

    Article is absolute truth. Can any onre please name the resarch work fone by these self acclaimed intellectuals and if possible the application of their research works too. I do not understand the right wing intellectual hence please name the left ones. Left ideology and liberal thoughts can not be together because in any left society liberal thoughts are or were totally banned to tyhe extemt that any criticism of left ideology meant o one way ticket to concentration camp. Even criticizing your boss meant being immediately fired from the job and imprisonment. Left ideology has been denounced everywhere, even in China. USSR collapsed only due to this. Even today no one wants the return of left regime. Theseself acclaimed intellectuals come to Moscow and try to convince the Russians the benefits of left power but the locals do not even listen to these missionaries at all but the ISI guys probably hand them funds for supporting Kashmir terror which they do but are doomed there too.

  • It really is telling that the entire article can be dismissed with single fallacy.

    The ‘right wing intellectual’ continues to remain a myth.

    • SumneNeeve

      There, I spotted a liberal intellectual. You fit Pt.10.

      As long as you continue in refusing to identify that people on the other side have a brain or anything worthwile they may offer, the “Right Wing Intellectual” continues to be a myth.

    • Manavendra Gupta

      Rightwing intellectual is a term developed by these left liberals (this is the ultimate result of their research). Their opnly argument to prove any phenomenon demonic is by naming it as Hindu centric or RSS oriented. All their declarations are purely mental speculation without any rvidence or proof. They of course use words like Nazi, Fascist or omperialist but do not use Stalinist allthough Stalin was much more cruel than Hitler or Caligula/ This because they fust do not know the history and just churn out own gossip. None of them even knows that Stalin had signed a peace treaty with Nazis just before the war in which the world was devided between USSR and Germany.

  • Dhruv Kalra

    Wonderful Shefali.For long they have given us a guilt complex,that there is something wrong with us Hindus,that we oppose Muslim Fundamentalism. We have been summarily been categorized as communal, fascist and intolerant begots.Our legendary tolerance has been stretched to the limits.Thanks for giving us a sigh of relief.

  • anil

    A fantastic compilation. Am sure many would be able to make the list longer but the ones that Shefali has mentioned are very apt. Only the liberals love the other liberal, I don’t even want to waste my energy hating them.

  • Someone

    Good one indeed

  • Sandip Dev

    Inability to differentiate between fact and opinion – habit of an Indian conservative

    • sadhayam

      The real problem facing a conservative is the fact that his opinions are being deliberately discredited by pseudo-intellectuals.
      Now is the above statement a fact or opinion?

  • Raj Krsna

    Indians are fooled by Christian’s with a huge bindhi, claiming to be Marxist. Why Christians in Indian supports Marxism?? Being a Marxist you can criticize HINDUISM , being Christian you are seen communal. Clever plot BUT huge numbers of HINDUS are stupid enough to take the bait.

  • Jitendra Desai

    Very witty and true.Compliments.We can add few [1] Do not miss opportunity to denigrate India’s past [2] Do not forget to glorify Mughal and other alien rules [3] Ridicule Yoga,Ayurveda as obscurantist [4] Get senti on great “Ganga Jamani tehzib ” and sufism [5] Rush to support any crook or crank who says anything against Hindus and Hindu way of life …. List can go on


    Slow clapping. 🙂

  • Rajni

    Most of bindi & thealla brigade liberals are also christine with hindu names

  • Probal DasGupta

    Enjoyed the article. The art of sarcasm is quite advanced. Being “spiritual” without being “religious” does not something important, though. Keep up the good work.

  • Sushil Bhatnagar

    Most of the highly successful (read ‘sold out’) Indian Hindu liberal intellectuals who can only be best described as #Haram or #dogale are the worst enemies of Hindus as they have raped their own culture and civilisation. IF YOU ARE A HINDU THEN YOU CAN BETTER TRUST A MUSLIM OR A CHRISTIAN but you should never trust a liberal intellectual.


    Nice ..pinpointed

  • Srinivasan

    Lutyens Club? I don’t know how this Brinda Karat will look like without her wig.

  • untildnextFPban:)

    Lulz :))


    Excellent article showing anti Hindu agenda of Left. No Left goon will say how Hindus were burnt alive in train will never talk about Kashmir Hindus. In UP Hindus facing Islamic terror still secular mafias crying on Akhlaiq!

  • vig

    reporter: ……we all know about the exodus of kashmiri pandits from the valley…..
    KP : First of all i completely disagree with the term exodus. Let me put forward an argument. In 2002 gujurat u all know what happened right . so many muslims got killed. u all know right , i mean u people dream about it every other day. Now are u calling it a massacre or a communal riot. Yes maybe the headlines have to call it a riot just coz of the sheer no of hindus too who got killed, but every other one of your lot keeps calling it a massacre, and has put modi at the head of it as if he inspired all the hindus to go on a killing spree,, Now imagine if the muslims of gujurat left the state fearing living with hindus there, what situation would that create.. When this happens u get kashmir.. now would u call a situation like that an exodus or exit ,, or describe it with better grandeour terms like whitewash or masscare or compare it with yours truly Hitler’s germany?? But u dont do it for kashmir right? Y? Y? That is state of secularism in india , and thats just the smallest denominator anectode.,,,u mite argue so what if this exists , this u would defend qouting gandhi or some utopian ideal not fitting to that situation,,, This would only create more inequality and discrimination in india.. this would only pit the majority and minority together leading to a another civil war

  • Irvin Pinto

    While many of the points above do apply to some far left personalities, I think you can fine tune them and apply them to a majority of India’s population at the moment. I do see a lot of people abusing one another online and it drives me nuts. Irrespective of being leftist or far right, you certainly need to keep your tongue under control. While liberals need to stop searching for the next thing to start a fight about all the time, right wingers need to realize that the world does not revolve around Hinduism and the BJP. At the end of the day its one and the same thing. Right wingers and liberals both need to back down. And clear shout out: I’m no far left liberal.

  • Arun Shankar

    And this woman, Chef Ali was the one who was crying hoarse when it was
    revealed by his own classmates, that her husband was caught in a gay act when he was a student
    of IIM Calcutta. I have nothing against gay people, but when you have skeletons in your own cupboard, people like Chef Ali must watch it before they hate monger.

    • Your language tells so much about you. Thanks for your introduction. Let me see your OTHER comments and know more about you.

  • Arun Shankar

    What Internet Hindus like Chef Ali do not realize is the fact that she is most abhorred by many many Hindus. They believe that the Sanghis who go around applauding them make up the whole world. Pathetic losers they are.

    • Internet Hindu, Hindus, Sanghis, Pathetic Losers. Many points are covered from the article. Good Progress.

  • Arun Shankar

    Haha! Isn’t it the very same hate monger Ali, the chef ! Such a loser she is! Pathetic!!

    • Hate monger, Loser, Pathetic. You need to go through Oxford dictionary, many words are copied from your last comment.

      • Ritesh Kumar Tiwari

        what do u expect from a selfproclaimed intellectual leftist she is loser he alone in the entire world is achiever making personal comments anyways leftists can give certificates who is loser,hate monger these r true characteristicsof nearly extinct leftist species of india

  • rajiv tripathi

    furthe these always find place in important english forums and hardly get proper denials!!

  • Dummy FP

    Really awesome!

  • Harshad Datar

    Shefali, chanced upon your article and loved it. You are already a master of the art of Sarcasm

  • Shashank Shiromani

    Wow! Excellent!

  • Sushil Bhatnagar

    This excellent research work by Shaifali is the product of her writing abilities and her minute observations of the ideologies and the actual activities of some elite parasites feeding over nation’s wealth in the garb of “intellectuals”, without actually doing anything productive for the nation except speaking or writing trash against patriotic nationals

  • Sridhar Nalla

    Missed, these liberals use “ultra nationalist” when someone come with patriotic views.

  • Seshamani

    Almost perfect sarcasm

  • Funny and to the point!

  • Samrat Bharat

    Why is this site called IndiaFACTS?? Where are the facts or figures? This kind of trolling I can do with my eyes closed. Don’t even need a peg of Gomutra!

    “10 Habits of Highly Successful Andh Bhakts”
    1) Jump at anything “Muslim”. Even if it has nothing to do with our country.
    2) But.. what about 1984?
    3) Whine about psicular presstitute anti nationals
    4) Occasionally praise Kalam, “despite” being a Muslim
    5) Do somersaults based on whether the IAS officer was transferred by BJP or non BJP
    6) Always believe all of India cares for that misogynistic northie prince from Ayodhya and a stupid temple for him
    7) NEVER ask the BJP govt at center, or as the coalition partner in J&K why they are not helping the Pandits. Use the KPs opportunistically.
    8) “AAPtard, sicular, presstitute, libtard”. When that fails, assume rest of India is incestous like your cow belt and go BC, MC etc.
    9) Keep Karva Chauth. Dress up like Raadhe Maa.
    10) End every argument with “Go to Pakistan/Afghanistan/Syria”

    • Sushil Bhatnagar

      What facts and figures you want. Shaifali has given you 10 facts and all of them are applicable to all moronic intellectuals.

      • Harshad Datar

        He felt offended that his likes were getting exposed. He had to thus come up with this “10 Habits of Bhaktas” to prove his credencials to his types.

        • Samrat Bharat

          Ah. The non intellectual variety I see. Only Bhakts can be so proud of being dumb.

      • Samrat Bharat

        Ah, your attention span ran out after 2 seconds like most Bhakts 🙂 See see.. I have also listed 10 “facts” as per your definition 🙂

    • Response to your 10 points:
      1. Muslim has everything to do with our country. Consider secularism, J&K, Kerala, Assam, WB everything is related with Muslims, so for being suspicious or careful you can’t blame me. If I warn my sister not to befriend a Muslim boy, that is my personal choice, no bastard should preach me for that.
      2. Not only 1984, There are many issues like Division of country, Assam, Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, Ban on Hindu festivals, Govt control on Hindu temples. Want more? Like you would care… huh?
      3. No need to whine about anti-nationals, they should be wary of facing me with their idiotic arguements. LOL
      4. Nat only Kalam, there are Dara Shikoh, Ashfaq, Abdul Gaffar Khan, Abdul hamid also. Want more?
      5. Of course, if an honest person is transferred and public suffers, that is an issue.
      6. But all of India definitely cares about desert goats of Palestine, Mohhamad cartoons and Stupid Rohingyas of Myanmar.
      7. We always ask, we blame them as well for their inaction.
      8. Good language, suits you.
      10. Karwa Chauth, Chhath, Ekaadashi, Navratri, Ramnavami, Janmashtami, Mahashivratri etc. are used for fasting. Only fasting good according to you is done during Ramjan where you eat before sunrise and in night like Khuda can’t see in night… What’s the problem with following our culture? God derive any meaning if you want but keep your shit to yourself.

      • Samrat Bharat

        It looks like you typed in some other language and then used Facebook Translation to covert it to English 😂. It is hard to make sense of any of your sentences!

        • It looks like you don’t use logic and your thoughts together. They are the responses to your points. Read your point then corresponding point by me. Anyway you shouldn’t bother with that, too complex method for you. You can consider that as the rant of a Sanghi or Bhakta. Ignorance is certainly blissful and it gives you feeling of success.

          • Samrat Bharat

            Ah right. My bad.

            Indian culture now includes Christian, Islam and the other religions that are now part and parcel of the country. You could whine forever, but nothing is going to change.

  • balayogi

    A label appropriated by the leftover Indian Left who form a strong mafia nexus with media and NGOs

  • Sidchasha

    It is shame to call such people ‘liberals’ and ‘intellectuals’. What are their credential to call them ‘liberals’? The lady in picture belongs to communist party, which automatically makes her the most illiberal individual as communism never allows its followers to be liberals and democrats; liberalism and democracy are fundamentally anathema to communism; this lady in picture and her ilk are just anti-Hindu and their liberalism is limited to being anti-Hindu and making grossly provocative statements and indulging in acts that are always confrontational in nature with the principles and practice of Hind religion. She and the people of her ilk are never ‘liberal’ in their attitude when it comes to dealing with people and their attitudes belonging to faiths like islam, which are time-warped and medieval in religious principles and their practice. They never utter a word against the terrorism/militancy/religious fundamentalism openly practiced by followers of faiths like these, inasmuch as they are basically illiberals and do have spine to stand up to such barbaric concepts that push the people to all sorts of violence and miseries arising thereof. Coming to they being ‘intellectuals’, they could never be called as intellectuals because by education, they are nowhere even near to be called as intellectuals. She just holds a B.A. degree from Miranda house and an M.A. from Kolkota University. There are millions in the country holding B.A.s and M.A.s, but they are never called intellectuals, but surprisingly and ironically, these bunch of leftists or leftist-inclined individuals are called ‘intellectuals’ Merely holding an M.A. or B.A. degree could be a bottom-line to one being called intellectual, then what about all those millions in the country who hold such degrees? Are they not intellectuals by the same yardstick for these bunch of individuals being labelled as intellectuals? One gets depressed about their ‘intellectualism’ when one finds that their brand of ‘intellectualism’ is similar to Macaulayism, who systematically indoctrinated the youth of erstwhile Bengal and other parts of India by teaching them English and switch over of their basic education being imparted in English from their own native medium of instruction. These ‘liberals’ or ‘intellectuals’ are just residual surrogates of Macaulayism, which is overtly manifesting as anti-Hinduism and anti-Indianism. One is almost outraged at such scoundrels being called ‘intellectuals’ or ‘liberals’ as it is synonymous with one being anti-Hindu and anti-Indian.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      Holding a BA from Miranda House is a great qualification. Miranda House, Stephens College, Doon School – vestiges of Colonialism are the “Intellectuals” producing institutions in India

    • Prasad Seshadri

      Products of St.Stephen: Rahul Gandhi –
      Kapil Sibal
      Manu Singhvi
      Salman Khurshid
      Mani Shankar Aiyer
      Sandeep Dikshit
      Shashi Tharoor
      Sachin Pilot
      Virbhadra Singh
      Montek Singh Aluwalia
      Barkha Dutt
      Sagarika Ghosh
      Kaushik Basu

      Self explanatory about what goes on there.

  • Aswathi Suresh Babu

    9th one fabulous 😀

  • Shilpa Kadam

    Who is the lady in the pic above?

  • dixiecafe

    Another one : as soon as the subject of hate speech by someone like owaisi is brought up, claim the matter is sub-judice and cannot comment on it, while claiming to have full trust and faith in the Indian judicial system. Of course, the fact that the same judicial system acquitted Modi is to be totally ignored.

  • सुनीत उमट

    Thank you Ms Shefali Vaidya for a ‘Perfect Dissection of Deception Perfectionists i.e. ILI (Indian Liberal Intellectuals).
    Simple Short Straight (y)

  • Rajan Natarajan

    “Wear a bindi, the size of a soup bowl” : just loved it 🙂

  • Srinivasan J

    Excellent! Captures their traits so very well.

    Wish this gets circulated widely so that more people can know their true colours

  • Bodham 108

    Excellent!!…This is not sarcasm..this is the fact!!…keep it up!!

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  • Suresh Sardeshpande

    “Wear a bindi, the size of a soup bowl”! Immediately Brinda Karat’s made up face, haunts you.A suprb hard hitting article with apt sarcasm

  • Remorseless Beast

    Not always do I read the bio of a blogger, but this article compelled me to do so !! Superbly written and damn !! You are pretty !!! 😉 Loved it… Come up with more, lady !! You have earned yourself a fan

  • Rajender Razdan

    Hi Shefali, your excellent post, while on the mark, missed out the following which ought to be added to the list of the most effective habits of highly successful Indian Liberal intellectuals:
    Seek out any random act of violence in India, lay the blame on this for Modi or the BJP or the RSS or the Hindu mahasahba, even when there is no connection at all. Conversely, if the act of violence is committed by a muslim who openly says he did this in the name of Islam, make sure to discount his explanation and instead blame it on the rising climate of intolerance created by Modi/RSS/Bajrangdal/BJP.

    • RamRani Yvette Rosser

      This is repeated not only in India’s MSM over and over….. but by the elected officials!
      In West Bengal, Hindu mothers of a raped and murdered college student protested the lack of arrest and charging of the known culprits/murderers, who happen to be Muslim. Mamata Banerjee, seeking to protect the guilty, called these mothers Naxalites.

  • Samb Trishul

    good thinking, we need intelligent kshatriy/s like u. U should be on sudarshan news…..

  • Ravindra Singhaniya

    Very nice write up. The irony of our country is Congress has nurtured these commies for insulting Hindus who are pillars of this nation.

  • Infinite Wisdom

    Good stuff. Now please come up with 10 good strategies for the people on the right to employ with the media.

    • importingtrash

      Don’t buy products advertised on Hindu hating media. Write to those companies in one voice saying that. This happened in US. Christian groups sent letters to advertisers on ABC channel what they don’t like

  • K T Thomas

    Though ‘liberals’ like Brinda Karat try to fool Hindus by wearing big thilakam on their foreheads, most women ‘intellectuals’ of the media ensure that they NEVER wear thilakam. This is to ingratiate themselves with the nation’s most inveterate enemies and thus establish their ‘secular’ credentials.

    • Shubhangi Raykar

      So true. Not wearing a Bindi is the current trend to establish your intellectual and reformist credentials. Stop wearing one after a long habit of wearing it is the current trend.

  • Mishanthrope

    Very similar to an article I wrote for theunrealtimes.com almost an year ago. Got a strong deja vu. http://www.theunrealtimes.com/2014/10/06/the-10-easy-steps-to-being-an-indian-liberal/

  • Ritendra -Ram Sharma

    Always ask, ‘But but but, what about 2002?’ in any TV panel discussion, even if the topic of discussion is about the sexual life of the Gorillas of upper Congo……..this is the most imporant part of the article and we should seriously probe about the life of Gorillas in 2002 and how they managed to incite worst massacre of 21st century.

  • Parantap

    What a fine hard hitting sarcasm. Level: Nearly Mark Twain.

    You missed on which I get a lot in debates with Leftist, try to win the argument by refuting all the scientific and natural evidence as communal. So can not be accepted. But hold that Leftist’s own evidence are more pure than Pig farts so highly acceptable.

  • deepak ketkar

    very well worded analysis ! perfect perfect and the most perfect !The perfect slap on such characters!

  • subodh1945

    excellent xposure of these so called secu libs , monsters in disgiuse , paid rascals

  • Purefree


  • Harsh

    Brilliant ! Your bio says you are ‘trying to perfect the fine art of sarcasm’ – you seem to be doing full justice to your efforts !

  • Tilak Sen

    I do fear dear Shefali will be accused of intent to cause grievous injury if she seeks to refine her skill for sarcasm any further!!

  • Doraani

    The template of a liberal has too many persons aspiring to fill the slots. The leading image of this article had Brinda Karat, which is apt.Others who would be willing to fill the slots are Vrinda Grover, Indira Jaisingh, Maya Krishna Rao,Teesta Setalvad,Jaya Jaitley,Shobha De etc. In fact the decade of UPA rule has seen Delhi converted to an NGO city with everyone , who is a somebody, heading an NGO.Flush with funds, these fellows indulge in a shopping spree and adorn themselves with all that is in vogue, be it fashion, farmhouses,jewellry

  • 0nlyPeace

    Top notch quality stuff ma’am……..great work………

    The sad part is – how did we let them rule the media…….how couldn’t the RW produce enough ‘mature voices’??

    • Samrat Bharat

      Because, liberals are more intelligent. Look it up. Actual research that supports it. RWs (conservatives) are usually dumb enough to believe simple us vs them messages. Liberals have higher IQ, so understand the world is not that simple and that all politicians (Yadavs, Kejru, Karat, Modi, Shah, RaGa/SoGa etc etc) are all full of shit.

      • anonymouskar

        It has nothing to do with IQ and intelligence. It has got to with the ecosystem created by the English and the carried forward by the Nehruvian Pseudo Socialism. Speaking Accented English is not intelligence. As for people trusting them, it has has nothing to do with intelligence, it’s human nature. It seems you trust they are intelligent, by your own logic…

        • Samrat Bharat
          • Abhishek Pillai

            you just quoted chanakya as some sort of validation to your point.. he wasn’t a liberal duh!!!

          • Samrat Bharat

            LOL, your attention span wanders off before you can read even one sentence 😀

          • anonymouskar

            For the typical clueless Liberal bluffers, that was a George Bernard Shaw quote. An now I am all dirty. But The original point still stands that an ability to speak English means one had English education. Nothing more, nothing less. When one can’t argue a point, just slap up some random quote that too wrongly attributed and revel in your own ignorance. That’s one point the article missed. may be in the next iteration…

          • Samrat Bharat

            LOL, you still could not read all the way through ! 😀 😀 Your attention spans are in micro seconds 😀 😀 No wonder Feku takes you idiots for a ride LOL

            Meanwhile, Savarkar and Godse should have been allowed to get married http://goo.gl/eJSBoM. Stupid Congis handed one and jailed the other. No?

          • anonymouskar

            LOl! you couldn’t even read through the first sentence. No wonder liberals swear by your kind and vice versa*Vigorous back scratching*. And who is stopping Liberal duffer Rahul Gandi from getting married?

          • Samrat Bharat

            Since bhakts are blind, let me shed some more light for you. The last line of the meme I posted does indeed say the quote is from George Bernard Shaw.

          • anonymouskar

            That’s your typical intelligent liberal for you. The quote is wrongly attributed to Chankya. Intelligent. Lol!

  • follower365

    Well documented guidance for any aspiring libratard.

  • Chandra Sekhar Ganduri


  • Good one. 🙂 For those who say, Wahabi Hindusim and feel Hinduism stinks etc, we should prove them true and drop jihadi Hindu shit in front on their houses every day. Then they”ll understand what intolerable / intolerant atmosphere means. Just a thought – please tolerate.

  • Devashish

    Haa haa. Oh my god. I could imagine only Rajdeep and Barkha and Sagarika as you mentioned about the wardrobe!! You are awesome, Shefali didi.. 👏👏👏

  • कृ

    So overtly Indic outside, because there is little but vestiges of it inside.
    Ah, but fool them you must ? So says the master.
    How does thoust do so ? Speak as their own, pretend to be their own.
    For you are but a chameleon, who is not in a land of your own.



    • Parantap

      Excellent prose.

    • कृ

      Nothing to be proud of. Its terrible, and yet I can’t manage a
      hundredth of that in my mother tongue. I’m a victim of the
      chameleon class.