Padmanabhan Venkataraman

Padmanabha Rao, popularly known as Paddy Rao, lives in New Jersey , USA after a long successful career at GE & Infosys. A Maadhwa by birth, he  was mentored in his younger days by a great yogi siddha purusha Shri R.M. Umesh , who was himself a disciple of Sringeri Jyeshta Mahasannidhanam Abhinava Vidhyatheertha Mahaswaminah. Paddy Rao has been practicing Yoga and dhyana as taught by them for over 40 years.
He has been researching Shri Madhwacharya's Tatva Vaada for a long time and finds more harmony with Shankara Avaitha hidden than the contrast which are visible.
He has published two books - one  on Raghavendra Sway ( The Yogi who walked to his destiny), and another on  transformational leadership ( Elephant on the Chips) . His third book  "Fountain Head of wisdom - Tatva Vaada for Millennials" is under publication.