Why liberals hate Baahubali?

Baahubali is yet another case in which India’s cultural elite dominated by the left-liberal intellectuals stands against the people of the country.

Liberals hate Baahubali! Their reasons range from obvious to ridiculous, but they are unanimous in their intense hatred for something so deeply and intensely loved by Indian masses.

Baahubali is yet another case in which India’s cultural elite dominated by the left-liberal intellectuals and protected by Congress-communist eco-system stands against the people of the country, against their wishes and preferences. For the masses are head-over-heels in love with Baahubali; they love everything about it. They are swooning over the special effects, the picture perfect sceneries, the admirable characterization, the script, the action sequences and the general ethos of the film which is full of righteous chivalry.

On the other hand, most left-liberals absolutely hate the film and are not hiding it. Some choose to keep quiet, some openly express their disgust. They are complaining about many issues, ranging from obvious to ridiculous. Shekhar Gupta is foaming at the mouth on the ‘portrayal of tribals’ in the movie. He accuses Baahubali of ‘shameful profiling’, pitting the city-dwellers against the tribals. On the other hand, the romance between Shiva and Avanthika has been described as nothing short of the ‘longest rape scene’ in India! (1) And these are the same people who virtually campaign for Sunny Leone!

One has to ask the question: why does the Left react so strongly to a movie, and always in negative terms?

The Baahubali is Unabashedly Hindu

To borrow a term from my friend and the editor of this platform, Nithin Sridhar, S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali is unabashedly, unapologetically Hindu. It is! Baahubali – The Beginning sports a scene in which Prabhas as Shiva, uplifts a Shiva Linga and places it under the waterfall for its permanent Abhishekam. In a style which is so reminiscent of the deeds of Hanuman and many other characters in various Puranas, this scene makes the ethos of the film decidedly Hindu. It shows great reverence for the worship of Shiva Linga. It shows the panic of the devotees when the Shiva Linga is lifted by Shiva. It shows how Shiva, the character’s greatness is stamped and legitimized by his being able to uproot and lift a Shiva Linga and placing it under the water.

One cannot help but remembering the scene from The Ramayana where Shri Rama lifts and breaks the bow of Shiva to everyone’s surprise. It angers Parashurama who then challenges Rama to string the bow of Vishnu. Rama does that too convincingly proving his greatness as the true avatar of Vishnu.

Shiva sports a Shiva Linga as an amulet, wearing it on his chest, much like many Indian sects like the Lingayats.

The politics of Mahishmati reminds one unmistakably of The Mahabharata. Bhallaladeva is the elder brother who is unjustly occupying the throne, having killed his dharmic younger brother with deceit. One is reminded of Dhritrashtra and his sons unjustly throwing the Pandavas, sons of Dhritrashtra’s younger brother into exile and dethroning them of their rights to the rule of Hastinapura.

While Bijjaladeva shows the characteristics of Shakuni, Bhallaladeva has qualities like Duryodhana. In The Mahabharata, Duryodhana was an evil character from the beginning but he was angered and vowed for revenge when he was insulted by Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. It was part of the reason that he drove out the Pandavas from the palace and insulted Draupadi by Cheer Haran in front of everyone in the court. In Baahubali, Devasena insults Bhallaladeva and angers him. Bhallaladeva gets Baahubali killed and then imprisons Devasena and humiliates her in front of all Mahishmati for years on end. The similarities are striking!

Most strikingly, Baahubali’s Katappa is like Mahabharata’s Bheeshma. In The Mahabharata, Bheeshma vowed to side with the Kauravas as he considered his life forfeit to whoever occupies the throne. He was wise and long-sighted and rued the evil deeds of the Kauravas, but sided with them due to his vow. He had to choose between dharma and his vow. Unfortunately he chose his vow. In Baahubali, Katappa has to go as far as to kill Baahubali, whom he brought up like his son, because he considered himself a slave of the throne. But later on, Rajamouli gives a clever twist to the story in which Katappa both fulfils his vow and dharma.

The whole point of the Great War of the Mahabharata was upholding the dharma. The Pandava heroes sided with dharma against the Kauravas, who sided with adharma. Besides other things, Pandavas claim to the throne lay in the fact that they abided by dharma, carefully nurtured their subjects and were immensely popular among them. So is with Baahubali. Baahubali, the character is popular because he cares about his subjects like they are human beings and is not like Bhallaladeva, who is also very brave and a valorous fighter, but does not care about his subjects and considers them as insects.

The exile of Baahubali by the scheming of Bijjaladeva and Bhallaladeva is paralleled by the exile of Shri Rama. Shivagami the great queen who loved dharma, was valorous and abided by dharma. But she is instigated to get the son, she herself fed and brought up, killed. It is paralleled by the instigation of Kaikeyi by Manthara to ask for Vanvas for Rama.

There are many other similarities between many Hindu epics and mythical stories on the one hand and Baahubali on the other hand. S S Rajamouli himself accepts the inspiration from the world of Hindu mythology:

“I was about 7 years old when I started reading comics called ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ that are published in India. They’re not about a superhero, but they encompass all the stories of India, the folklore, the mythology, everything. But most of these stories are about Indian historical figures. I was fascinated by the forts, the battles, the kings, I not only used to read those stories but I kept telling those stories to my friends in my own way.” (2)

What is most significant, is that Baahubali wears ‘Hinduness’ on the sleeve. And it does not succumb to the peculiar anti-Hindu secularism from which Bollywood suffers. In the first instalment there was one case when a Muslim foreign merchant is enthralled to see the valour of Katappa and was expected to make a comeback in the second instalment, but the second movie does not feature him, eliminating one typically ‘secular’ trick that Indian movies are fond to play.

Unlike Bollywood, where directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali will ruin some of the greatest scenes of their movies with cheesy secular one liners, S S Rajamouli is not apologetic about the Hindu ethos and inspiration of his movie. That something like this can only come from a south Indian director where Hinduism is more of a living reality than the invasions ravaged north, is also a factor in this.

Baahubali defies the feminist narrative

Baahubali features one of the strongest portrayals of hero and hero worship, keeping in tradition with south Indian movies, with great characters like Baahubali and Shiva displaying heights of old-fashioned valour and chivalry. But very surprisingly it also features strong female characters who are so strong in character that the movie revolves around them. The characterization of Shivagami, Devasena and even Avanthika defies the feminist narrative of Indian women where they are portrayed as victims, downtrodden by men and playing second fiddle to them.

Devasena is both a great warrior and a compassionate woman. Avanthika has the traits of excelling in a battlefield but also realizes her female beauty when she meets someone like Shiva. But even then she does not abandon her earlier avatar and continues to fight for what she believes in.

Perhaps the strongest characterization is that of Shivagami who rules with dharma, is ruthless with the execution and dispensation of justice, but at the same time is also a great mother. Scheming men like Bijjaladeva cower in front of her and she is single-handedly capable of defying court intrigues with a handful of her supporters.

The most iconic image of Shivagami is where she cradles infant Baahubali in one hand, feeding him and slays the conspirators with a dagger with the other hand, displaying that being a mother and a great warrior is possible at the same time.

Even the mother who adopted Shiva as her son is also a very strong character. She is also the leader of her tribe and it is her husband who plays second fiddle to her.

The feminists are baffled at this. Either they accept a narrative of a ‘free society’ where the women are strong, not at all motherly or feminine in character, and have an inveterate hatred of men; or they accept a narrative of a ‘patriarchal and male-chauvinistic society’ in which men are absolute rulers and women are just for entertainment, where they are abused and discriminated against. And in India they are fond of imposing the latter narrative on Hindu society, culture and civilization, considering it inherently ‘regressive’.

But here is a movie which is proudly Hindu and yet shows women in ways which defies categorization according to the feminist handbook. For they are both independent and motherly; brave and beautiful; valorous and feminine at the same time. In the feminist narrative these qualities form two distinct and mutually opposite categories, and cannot be reconciled. However, Baahubali defies this categorization, much to the anguish of the feminists.

Baahubali extols Righteous Chivalry

Before we look into Baahubali, one look at the respective film industries of America and Europe would be useful in drawing a parallel. One of the most important markers to differentiate the American film industry from its European counterpart is the genre of superhero movies. American film industry regularly makes movies on superheroes, which are reminiscent of mythological and folk heroes of other cultures.

The American superheroes are a substitute of the hero and hero worship which is prevalent in traditional societies but which was missing from a society which was a melting-pot of immigrants. In the 20th century it was the Hollywood which helped create this ‘American mythology’ with heroes taken from everyday life and given supernatural and superhuman powers to give them larger-than-life avatars.

These superheroes fight for good, and battle against evil, saving the innocent public from ruthless villains. There is no gray shade in this fight against evil and the superhero is always good, and is very confident of his mission. He displays qualities which almost everyone has somewhere hidden inside but which seldom manifest due to inner fears which have shadowed these qualities.

This identification with the common man is complete with the part where they have their daily life common avatars of a simple man working in a nine-to-five job. What makes the superhero different is his overcoming of his inner fears and his taking up the mantle of a superhero which is symbolically reflected in his superhero suit. This suit symbolizes the archetypes of valour, courage, fearlessness and most of all righteousness. It completes the hero, making him into a superhero.

Despite the critics scoffing at these ‘un-artistic movies’ with no imagination, the superhero movies continue to rule the minds of the American audiences raking in more profits than other ‘mainstream movies’.

In short, Americans seem to love superhero movies which portray and glorify what we would call in India as ‘Kshatra dharma’, or the ‘fight for righteousness’. It is a society which still values Kshatra dharma, for reasons which are beyond the scope of this article.

European directors on other hand scoff at the superhero culture of American film industry and there are obvious reasons for it. There is no visible superhero culture dominant in Europe and even stories and epics which were written in Europe like The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series, is taken up by directors and producers based in America and are more appreciated in America than Europe. The recent decade has seen some superhero movies coming out of the former Communist bloc, but what is considered as Western Europe is not very fond of the genre.

Europe styles itself as more ‘liberal’, ‘modern’ and ‘sophisticated’ than America and American society, which it considers as ‘boorish’, ‘uncultured’. It accuses American film industry of ‘lacking nuance’, holding it in utter contempt.

The reasons for this are rooted in their ‘post-modern’ intellectual ethos, which was ushered in by their experience of the greatest wars that humanity has ever witnessed. The world wars ravaged Europe so completely that the survivors hated it in absolute terms. They had too much of valour and chivalry, too much of wrongly inspired Kshatra dharma. In the next half century they worked to build a society which shuns violence at any cost. Fed up with violence, they went into an overdrive of peace.

As a result, it shuns every identity which may lead to violence, and for this purpose feelings like nationalism, patriotism and general qualities like valour, chivalry and courage are also frowned upon as ‘divisive qualities’ as they may all lead to differences and violence. On the other hand, love and sex are considered as universal unifiers, which ‘transcend all differences rising out of feelings like nationalism and patriotism’.

Since good and bad are also categories, and categories lead to discrimination and judgment, they also needed to be erased in a post-world war era. Since there is no longer any such thing as good or bad, there is also no question of fighting for it. Same goes with nationalism or patriotism. The very concept of nation or country is ridiculed as another ‘artificial creation’ of man.

It is only natural that superheroes, who embody many of the qualities which the ultra-liberal elite of Europe hates, are viewed with derision and their admirers are considered uncultured boors. Art replaces valour and chivalry and since all other categories except the basic human instincts of sex and food are believed to lead to violence, art in post-modern Europe seems to revolve around sex and food.

This is reflected in the European film industry. Their obsession with what they consider art; their denial of categories such as good and bad; and a tendency to consider strange as beautiful has resulted in a film industry which displays even the darkest of human tendencies such as BDSM, necrophilia or paedophilia as art and is appreciated by the audience.

The results are for everyone to see. The Kshatra dharma has completely disappeared from Western Europe and as a result, its society lies defenceless against the refugees from the Middle East for whom violence is a fact of life.

What Europe now needs is a dose of old-fashioned valour and chivalry. The West has a tendency to swing between opposite extremes. From the era of extreme violence they swung to the other extreme of unconditional and unilateral peace. They fail to understand the traditional wisdom of ancient societies like India and China that what is sustainable is a dynamic balance between peace and violence, good and bad. Neither of the two can completely disappear from society. Values like valour and chivalry are as important and worthy of upholding as peace and non-violence.

India after independence and under the shadow of Gandhi went into the peace overdrive, though with little results. The official narrative for the Hindu majority was to settle for peace under any circumstance, irrespective of what the other side offered. Honour and self-respect were no longer values worth upholding. Peace was the mantra. The fact that peace was seldom achieved by this unilateral declaration was lost upon the ears of the Nehruvian elite which was high on a daydream of Gandhian utopia.

For too long India and the Hindu society has been forcibly fed a narrative of unconditional and unilateral peace and non-violence. Though Indian movies do not lack in violence but generally movies with social message and involving majority or minority community regularly play the great Indian secular drama over and over again.

Baahubali freshly delivers Indian society from this unnatural narrative and rightly gives it the dose of valour and chivalry that it needs. Its characters are loving and caring but at the same time have great self-respect and ready to defend it. They recognize the path of righteousness and proudly walk it. On one hand they are ready to lay their lives for the common man, but on the other hand, they are not afraid of rolling heads when it comes to upholding dharma.

Bollywood, which has become a footnote to the ribaldry of the Khans punctuated with cheesy secularism of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has much to learn from Baahubali and much to fear too. For the north Indians too are increasingly loving a story which has a dynamic balance of peace and violence, love and war, and if the Bollywood fails to deliver itself from its current pathetic state, then very soon the north Indian audiences will be taken over by south Indian movies and directors, who are not afraid of portraying even violence for the sake of showing righteous valour, and deck it beautifully in a complete story like Baahubali.

This is something which is unpalatable to the left-liberal elite of India, which is already experiencing hard times in Modi’s India. Indians are no longer ashamed of upholding the greatness of their country, the valour of their heroes and are finally embracing their Hindu heritage. For the left-liberal, who grew up on lullabies telling horror stories about regressive Hinduism, this is nothing short of going back to the Middle Ages. As if this was not enough, now even the entertainment industry seems to be overtaken by the likes of S S Rajamouli, who has defied every convention of Indian film industry and taking his inspiration from Hindu mythology delivers a movie which is the greatest commercial success till date.

The worst left-liberal nightmare is about to come true, as other directors, following the commercial success of Rajamouli are almost sure to follow in his footsteps, fundamentally changing the face of Indian film industry. An industry which was so far dominated by pseudo-secularist clichés verging on anti-Hinduism, is about to take a U-turn in which movies parading Hindu credentials will become a norm, raking in great commercial benefits. What was a pariah of Indian film industry until yesterday, i.e. the Hindu culture, will become its poster boy. But there is hardly anything which the left-liberals can do. For the times, they are a changin!


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  2. An Interview With ‘Baahubali’ Director SS Rajamouli: The Beginning. Forbes.com.
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Pankaj Saxena is a scholar of History, Hindu Architecture and Literature. He has visited more than 400 sites of ancient Hindu temples and photographed the evidence. He has been writing articles, research papers and reviews in various print and online newspapers and magazines. He currently works as the Asst. Professor, Centre for Indic Studies, Indus University, Ahmedabad. He has authored three books so far. He maintains a blog at http://literaryfalcon.wordpress.com/
  • Pen

    गांधी की अहिंसा को पश्चिम की peace overdrive कहना आप की भुल है।
    गांधी​ने बहोत जगहों पर कहा है कि अहिंसा passive resistance नही है।
    अहिंसा के पालन के लिए महा शक्तिशाली और परमवीर बनना पड़ता है।
    गांधी कहते थे कि अकेली लडकी अगर अपनी ईझत बचाने के लिए उनके पेट में चाकु घुसा दें तो वो हिंसा नहीं है।।

  • Citralekha Dasi

    I have yet to see the movie but it is is on my watch list. I did see the trailer and was put off when I saw that the queen had killed several warriors single handed. And when I read in this article about why feminists hate it I realize I will also not like it (but will still watch it) because it is totally inaccurate to have such female warriors. This is just copying modern Western movies where they make 50kg girls as powerful warriors who can easily kill a room full of 100 kg men. All one needs do is watch movies like The Lost Legion, Arthur, Kill Bill, ad nauseam. Draupadi was born out of the fire as Yagnaseni, the daughter, sister, wife and mother of kshatriyas but she was not a warrior nor could she defend herself against Dushasan, Jayadratha or Kichaka. So this is not at all in the Vedic tradition. Draupadi was a strong and powerful woman but she was not a warrior woman. This is just a copying the West’s female warrior woman, with the twist of making them motherly. The only real female warrior is Durga and her various expansions as She kills various demons. But she is not a human but the wife of Lord Siva.

    • Ajai Vaidyanathan

      You have comfortably skipped Ramayana and Mahabharata not-so-important episodes. Kaikeyi along with dasharatha went to war with rakshasas, she also saves him. As a token of gratitude, he gives boon to kaikeyi. This boon is the reason why rama went to forest.
      Kaikeyi’s battle with asuras made the base for Ramayana.
      Coming to Mahabharata, narakasura was killed by Satyabhama wife of Sri Krishna. She fights in the war with him when Krishna swoons and kills him.
      Bheeshma considers sikhandi to be a woman and does not fight against her. But sikhandi was made a maharathi in the war. There was a episode in Ramayana where rama had to use a divine weapon to kill tataka a rakshasa woman who terrorized the people in that region. Tataka fought against a prince. Does she not qualify to be a strong warrior. She is demon or angel that does not matter. She was a woman.
      Your comment is influenced heavily by the leftists liberals in India who are famous for hypocrisy.

      • Citralekha Dasi

        I have read Valmiki Ramayana twice, there is no mention of Kaikeyi fighting anyone. Please be kind enough give the chapter and verse so that I can find it. Regarding the death of Narakasura I could find no reference to Narakasura being killed by Satyabhama in the Mahabharata. In fact I could find no reference to Narakasura in the Mahabharata at all. Please be kind enough to provide the missing reference that has eluded me. I did find a reference to the death of Narakasura in Srimad Bhagaavtam 10.59.15-22. Satyabhama was definitely present as a passenger on Garuda but Krsna did all the fighting and killed the asura. Here is the reference https://www.vedabase.com/en/sb/10/59

        Shikandi was not a female but had been in a previous birth. We have all been males and females in previous lives. But the main point is that on the battle field of Kurukshetra Shikandi was not a female. Bhishma however knew that he was Amba in his previous life come back to take revenge.

        Taraka/Tataka was not a human but rather Yaksi princess cursed to become a raksasi, Rama killed her easily.

        So the only female doing any actual fighting was Taraka but she was not a human but a demoness Rakshasi. Not exactly an amazonian warrior woman that movies try to make us believe actually exist. It is all bogus. Women could never withstand a battle especially in those days when it was almost all close quarters combat.

        Women would not survive in battle then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVLGwTggO8U

        Or in battles now


        My views are based on having actually read Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Mahabharata and other texts.

        • Deepak Saagar Kalaikadal

          There is no direct mention of Kaikeyi fighting – true, but there is mention of Her being the charioteer to save an unconscious Dasharatha during the war with the Demon Shambhara. She again saves Dasharatha when the demons come and hurt him. Though it never mentions that she fought the demons, the implied meaning is clear. She could’t have saved her husband if she had not fought the demons. – Ayodhya Kanda Sarga 9 shlokas 14-16
          Again, there is no direct mention of Sathyabhama fighting against Naraka in the Bhagavatam, but that makes us wonder, why did Krishna even take her with Him? Isn’t it as ‘unvedic’ to take a woman into battlefield if she is not supposed to battle at all?
          I must mention of the Tiruvilayadal puranam in the south, where the princess Thadaathagai of Madurai, wages war (and wins) against several kings, and even Devendra. She even goes on to attack Kailasha, where she is smitten by shiva (a totally different story though). It is true, that she was the avatar of Meenakshi devi.
          There are of course historical figures like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Rani Velu Nachiyar. Rani Rudrama Devi, Rani Ahilyabai Holkar and so many more. Did they suddenly lose all their ‘vedic’ stamp?
          And why not take the example of Durga, Kali, Chandi, Mahishamardhini, Chamundi? Just because they are godesses doesn’t make them unfeminine. the Lalita Sahasranamam starts with Shri Maata Shri Mahaaragni Shrimat Simhasaneshwari She is a mother, an empress, seated on a simhaasana who waged a great war against Bhanda and defeated him. Our sampradaaya/sanskriti asks us to look upon women as incarnations of the goddess. We do kanya puja and suvasini puja. If women are indeed supposed to be considered to be equivalent to Lalita, then they are as much a mother as she is, and also as much a warrior.

          • Ravi Macho

            Another mangina ! Now I only have 0.001% of hope that femicunts in Hindustan will ever be shown their right place. Manginas always seem to over-exaggerating and give undue credit to females !

            Now don’t come up with shit like “women give birth” or “women are life-givers”. It is the GOD who gives life and is the creator. A female cannot give birth or lactate without a MALE. As I said, NO undue credit or over-exaggerating for something that is 100% NATURAL, MUNDANE and OBVIOUS !!

            Any damn female in any damn living species does the same thing !! And only possible when a MALE impregnates & fertilizes eggs (no offense, its purely “Biology” !).

            But a MALE horse didn’t invent “Telephone” !
            But a MALE buffalo didn’t develop “Antiseptics” !
            But a MALE donkey didn’t invent “Television” !

            My mother is female, my sister is a female, my daughter is a female; lets stop this kind of “cowshit” ! Your Father is a MALE, your Brother is a MALE, your SON/SUCCESSOR is a MALE.

            And hey, right from the time you wake up to the time you sleep; everything…almost everything (99.99%) you use in your daily life is by MEN.

            Jai Nandeeshwara
            Jai Shri Rama
            Jai Kesari Nandana

        • Shridas

          These are ancient books about goddesses and supernatural beings. But in India’s more recent human history we have had several female warriors. You should read some actual history, like the life of Lakshmibai, Jhansi ki Rani.

      • Ravi Macho

        Welcome, mangina !

    • Ravi Macho

      Indeed. I hate the fact that Rajamouli tried to pacify “females” by copying western (sorry to say) pussified movies. I will NEVER see this movie (all the parts), even though I am ardent devotee of Lord Nandeeshwara. I have already mentioned the main reason; this movie “cleverly” appeases feminists.

      The west already (almost) destroyed our Culture, Tradition and Dharma, by instigated and targeting the “weak”; females. I am 100% sure that the females will NEVER be “grateful” to MEN.

      Right from the Ass-wipes, Toilet Flush to Tampon, Electricity/Power, Bulbs, Transmission to Airplanes, Radio, TV, Clock to Battery, Washing Machine, Microwave, Toaster to Refrigerator, Antiseptics, Antibiotics to GYNECOLOGY, …the list never sees to end… almost 99.99% was/is Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.

      I have literally no respect for the current generation of “Arrogant, Bitchy, Opportunistic, Cunning, Whorish and Ungrateful” Hindustani females. I strongly wish ream MEN (I am not talking about manginas & white-knights) to wake up and to keep “others” in check.

      *My “up vote” remains, regardless of your response. I appreciate that you are able to “reasonably” judge the facts and come up with your honest & straightforward opinion.

      Jai Nandeeshwara
      Jai Shri Rama
      Jai Kesari Nandana

      PS: To all ungrateful, weak & pathetic females; before replying to me, have you ever thought of “how you are able to type comments” !! (Computer, Operating System, Internet, Keyboard and the Disqus comment platform) !??

    • Shridas

      You should study Indian history (not fictional movies) if you want to know about real life human female warriors. You can start with the life of Lakhsmibai, the Queen of Jhansi.

  • gl7rwh35

    Bharat ek Bhartiya sampraday rashtra,Bhartiya sampraday bhoomi,Bhartiya sampraday sampatti.
    not arab country,not arab religion country,not turki country,not afghani country,not irani country,not pakistan(east&west) sampraday country,not pakistan(east&west) country,not muslim country,not christian country,not jew country,not zoroastrian country,not china sampraday country,not europiya country,not english country,not shinto tao confucian country.
    Bhartiya samprady must regain all Bharat bhoomi.and avenge 80- to 400 million Bhartiya martyred in aatanki akraman on Bhartiya sampraday from year 636 to 1761 to now by muslim country,by christian country,by europiya country.
    Pakistan(east&west) sampraday must be legally banned and eliminated in Bharat.Bharat must regain all Bharat bhoomi.
    The exchange of population must be completed as in The Bhartiya sampraday-muslim sampraday(supported by christian sampraday) bantwara of Bharat,1947.
    Jai Bhartiya sampraday sashashtra sena/Jai Bharat sena.

  • BenDoverUranus

    I hate Bahubali because it’s a garbage movie!! Comparing it with epics like Ramayana is an insult.

    • M Raghavan

      Bahbubali is a fictional story based on an actual Purana, in which a battle ensued for power between Bahubali and Bharatha. It is not fair to compare a Purana to a historic text, an Itihasa, like Ramayana.

      • BenDoverUranus

        Bahubali is still garbage Rajnikanth type movie, it is not refined or mature enough to tackle deep things like PURANANS or Ramayana.

        • pratyushojha

          To an extent i agree that the film could have been better if it had a part 3 in order to fully tell the story and flesh out the characters but it is still a million times better than the nonsense that comes out of Mumbai.

          • Pen

            Bahubali wasn’t made to be puranas. It’s movie for entertainment but base, background and highlights all are from Hindu traditions.

          • BenDoverUranus

            IMO a movie that doesn’t have anything less than the writing of Schneider’s list and the cinematography of Kubrick is not qualified to tackle Hindu philosophy & ethos.

          • Hell5x5x2 .

            Do You mean the FAKE Story

            Schindler’s List

          • BenDoverUranus

            Lmao of all places, this is where i wouldn’t expect to find a holocaust denier. Not that I care but it is hilarious.

          • Lord Infinity

            Of all places with brain dead drone programming, a dipshit like you has to come here and vomit chutiya Zionist Talmuld shit propaganda.

      • Citralekha Dasi

        What purana is it based on? If it is it should be mentioned in the credits. With the vast richness of Vedik tradition what is the need of fiction? It is a real oxymoron.

        • BenDoverUranus

          Classical literature​&philosophy of any kind is too deep&incomprehensible for most mouth breathing Rajnikanth fans.. so it needs​ to be dumbed down like this “movie”.

      • Erika

        lol. The director would laugh at you based on your assumptions.

    • Vedic_Sasthra

      You haven’t watched bahubali 2. No Indian movie comes to close in special effects and action. You are idiotic if you are comparing this to hollywood, hollywood movies have 4 times the budget of bahubali. Also, it became 3 highest grossing movie during the first week in america.

      • BenDoverUranus

        “No Indian movie comes to close in special effects and action.”
        That’s what they all said about Enthiran and it actually looks dumb so does this garbage heap of a movie.. dumb cartoon SFX, dumb story, dumb action, dumb characters… Dumb dumb DUMB!

        Bahubali isn’t even as good as the dumbed down Ramayana TV serial, you except me who watches the likes of a clockwork orange and memento to give a damn about this crap!?

        “You are idiotic if you are comparing this to hollywood,”
        Who said I was? I simply have higher standards. I don’t watch something that insults my intelligence and the very idea of what is supposed to be human entertainment&art.

        I can find cartoons meant for 10 yr olds that have better story,characters,narrative,originality than anything shat out by the Indian film industry.

        • Vedic_Sasthra

          Don’t watch Indian movies ok? Instead of writing your garbage. If you don’t like Indian cinema why waste commenting here. People like you don’t contribute any constructive to the society rather than whining about everything. This post was specifically written for a bahubali fans, then some idiot hijacks the comment section about why this isn’t as good as hollywood. You got some misplaced priorities here, son.

          • BenDoverUranus

            My Criticism is constructive you dumb fuck!! And Indian movies suck shit they contribute to the retardation of India as a whole! I have my freedom of speech just as an idiot a like you do so fuck off!! I say what i want.

            “why this isn’t as good as hollywood.”
            Go fuck yourself and your strawman! These shit films don’t even qualify as entertainment by any generous standards let alone Hollywood.

          • Vedic_Sasthra

            That’s not constructive criticism at all,you fucking twat.
            You are illiterate fool, who can’t appreciate nice art films just because they are different from Hollywood.

            You are providing no intellectual opinion on how to improve Indian cinema. Calling Indian movies as “shit” is not a constructive criticism you subhuman dindu muffin. You are cheap rice christian who hates Hindu civilizations. Fuck your gay jesus christ.

          • BenDoverUranus

            If you can’t even tolerate someone’s opinion on a stupid fuckin’ movie then you need to get laid or something.

            who can’t appreciate nice art films
            If dogshit Rajnikanth esque movie is “art” then that kind of art is not made for humans. it’s meant for troglodytes like you but not me i’m human!! i have a refined sense of culture&taste damn it!

            You are providing no intellectual opinion on how to improve Indian cinema
            I don’t fucking care!! That money is better spent on starving children rather than making “art” movies involving steroid monkies defying laws of physics and common sense.

            Calling Indian movies as “shit” is not a constructive criticism
            You’re right! I was just re stating a FACT… It was pointless it’s like saying grass is green.

          • Lord Infinity

            Mad duffer bastard.
            Bahubali 1 and 2 are greatest Indian Movies.
            There is nothing refined or cultured about swine like you.
            Kill yourself.
            You have shitty tone, shitty manner, shitty logic, shitty perception, SHITTY SHITTY BULLSHITTY STEVE BAKEWELL SCUMFUCK!

          • BenDoverUranus

            Bahubali 1 and 2 are greatest Indian Movies.
            Only if your IQ is in single digits.

          • Lord Infinity

            Then my opinion would’ve been same as yours, you piece of shit faggot.

          • BenDoverUranus

            My opinion? You mean facts? 😀

  • Nit

    We need more movies like this to wake up our people from ignorance. May be we should start producing movies based on Amish Tripati’s series of books(Not only Amish, but anyone who has the same ideology). Only then people will know the greatness of this land!.

    • Citralekha Dasi

      Why base a movie of some garbage writer when you have Valmiki and Vyasadeva?

      • Ravi Macho

        What if that “garbage” writer happens to be a female !? Hope your opinion remains the same !!

  • Erika

    WTF is wrong with you ? Why don’t you watch a movie like a movie and move on.

    • guest

      Ask that of the liberals who have read messages there, that were never intended….

      • Erika

        eh ? what liberals ? what should I ask ?

        • guest

          Copying your question here: WTF is wrong with you ? Why don’t you watch a movie like a movie and move on

    • PV

      WTF is wrong with you SOB? Can’t you listen in and understand elements of the blog, and against whom it is being made? Huh? What say you Mofo??

      • Erika

        Mofo ? I surely fucked your mother mate. can’t disagree there.

        • PV

          Replying a month late chadacterless Mofo. Hit your head on a stone and be done with your stupidity. LOL.

    • Vedic_Sasthra

      Why are you commenting here, you filthy christian bitch. Mind your own business. Just because someone has a different opinion, you don’t have get so butthurt.

      • Citralekha Dasi

        No need to use such bad language. Also I am not sure what she is saying if it is good or bad.

        • Vedic_Sasthra

          Are you retarded? We are tired of spammers like her.

          • Erika

            Vedic_Sasthra, and what did I say wrong here ? I’m just asking the author not to mix movies and religion ? how difficult it is for you to comprehend that you retarded dumb fuck ? filthy christian bitch ? sure. I’m a hindu dog behind this profile hailing from the state of Andhra Pradesh and one of the proud followers of telugu film industry. asshole.

        • Jay Zaim

          Another confused sepoy neither here nor there apt for conversion.

        • Ravi Macho

          Some people, especially (and more so the western) bitches, do not understand ordinary
          “vocabulary” !!

  • guest

    The clincher is the breaking up of that feminist narrative, where women can be fierce warriors but also knew femininity when they met with a man of virtue!! Trademark of dharmic cultures!! Thanks to the team, to those who made this possible, and a big thanks to the author for articulating this so clearly….

    • Citralekha Dasi

      But that is not the Vedic tradition is it. Strong women like Draupadi were not warriors. Their strength came from their pati-vrata, and by insulting them your whole dynasty is destroyed.

      • guest

        Surely, but then pati-vrata is not being excluded or denounced here, just that it is not a part of the story. Maybe not a warrior, Draupadi was definitely a kshatriya woman, and followed the dharma. Very fierce and self confident.

        • Citralekha Dasi

          Yajnaseni was born out of the fire. She was the daughter, sister, wife and mother of kshatriyas. Yet she could not defend herself when Dushasan tried to disrobe her, when Jayadratha tried to rape her, or when Kichaka was pushing himself on her. Women do not have varna, but they do have guna. She was suitable to be married to kshatriyas.

          • guest

            Thanks for this. For whatever little I know, I agree. Yet, how could she defend herself, in the condition she was. She was dragged to the court. But then, not much is said about whether or not she had shastra vidya. Yet, correct me if I am wrong, Pati Vrata is not outside of being a Kshatriya….

          • Citralekha Dasi

            A male who is dominated by raja guna is trained to be a kshatriya. A woman dominated by raja guna should marry such a man. But no mater what her guna all woman have the same dharma – stri dharma. for details see Srimad Bhagavatam 7.11.25-29 you can start here https://www.vedabase.com/en/sb/7/11/25 All women no matter what their guna can follow Stri-dharma and become pati-vratas.

          • guest

            Thanks for this, makes us, not so educated in this think. So, what happens if a man with sat guna marries a woman with tamas and vice versa? How is a woman to curb her raja guns, if she is married to someone with Sat guna and vice versa. And finally, how to marry strong women, with raja guna, if men have dropped it, or been made to drop it? Will read what you attached, asking for the sake of others as well. and taking advantage of your knowledge. thanks,

          • Citralekha Dasi

            The many questions you have asked would take a lot more than the comments section to marry. But essentially it is better to marry someone of the same guna for harmony. However, if a man of a higher guna marries a woman of a lower guna then by associating with him and following his vows (SB 7.11.25) and life style she can rise. But if it is the other way around it is not good because then she will fall to his level, not him raised to her level.

          • guest

            Thanks, just wondering, why can a woman not bring a man to her level. After all, women with spiritual strength have known to raise men…for example, many men become vegetarians, teetotallers after marrying–

          • Citralekha Dasi

            There are always exceptions. But why focus on the exceptions?

          • guest

            So, playing devil’s advocate—-does that mean that only the man has the power to change a woman’s guna? it cannot be the other way around?

          • Citralekha Dasi

            May I suggest that you find a genuine guru and seek guidance.

          • guest

            Thankyou, Good suggestion. Not making excuses of family life–lack of time etc. but part of that is true. And more importantly, hard to find a real guru. Where do you even go to find one. So far, work with reading and discussing.

    • Ravi Macho

      “women can be fierce warriors…”

      really !? Next time if there is any war (similar to Kargil war), let us send our “fierce women warriors”, no MEN.

  • naresh nunna

    Why Pankaj Saxena loves Baahubali?
    Why Pankaj loves Baahubali, a mediocre, chaotic film with full of special effects sans sense, the artificial scenarios, the confused characterization, the worst script and comic action sequences? Like the film, Pankaj Saxena is also third-rate and could not able to assess the merits of any film.

    (P.S. I am not a liberal)

    • guest

      Mr. Nunna, you may not be a liberal, but you are still not understanding what this article says. Does the movie combine the best of special effects, with a story, but more importantly, show both strong men and women without having to comprise their masculinity and femininity ? that is all Saxena is focussing on. Outside of that, your opinion is merely subjective. You did not like it. Does not mean that the movie is not worth admiring. Or that it will not continue to be considered a master piece for decades to come.

    • PV

      What effing movie do you love in your effing miserable life…You effing DBag?

      • naresh nunna

        Dear PV, ur comment mirrors your taste and standards 🙂

    • Vedic_Sasthra

      Liberals like you are worthless. Nobody would even remember you. You will die like a dog. While bahubali 2 will become the largest grossing movie in the history of Indian cinema.

    • Kaushik Sarker

      Fiberal barking like rabid dog.

    • Santouryuu

      Why naresh Nunna hates baahubali?
      Why naresh hates baahubali,a grand and elegant film with great production value,the awesome soundtrack,the impeccable larger than life characters,a simple and clear script and astounding action sequences?Naresh says he is not a liberal,but the Left are also not actually liberals.They are pseudo-liberals,and are basically commies(far left).

      So either he is a commie or has third-rate taste

    • BenDoverUranus

      Same here! Don’t care about politics this movie is pure trash just like99% of Indian movies today!!

      It was only in the 80’s and 90’s Indian movies were semi decent and original nowadays it’s just HORRIBLE!! Thank God for Hollywood I shall stick with it unless India produces decent movies.

      • Mo Dog

        The 80s and 90s are considered the end of Bollywood, and an ignominious end too. The mid nineties to present had been the world of the Khans, shirtless apes gesticulating around the eventual rape victim. Hollywood is crap too. America has barely made any great movies since the 70s.

        • BenDoverUranus

          Hollywood is crap yes but it’s watchable crap… I can still watch Prometheus even though it sucks compared to alien but watching any new Bollywood movie requires a puke bucket.

          • Mo Dog

            If Bollywood stuck to light hearted musical comedies and earnest romantic musicals, they would stay within their budgets and comfort zone.

        • Citralekha Dasi

          Bollywood cinemas funded by Muslim mafia black money, in which Muslim gangster gets “Brahmin” girl. This is not conspiracy theory. Follow the money. So producers will make the kind of movies that the money source wants.

      • M Raghavan

        Great idea. More power to Dumb and Dumber, Clueless and other classics!

        • BenDoverUranus

          Dumb and Dumber is smarter than most new bollywood movies.

    • Citralekha Dasi

      He likes anything that is anti-feminist. Same here. Feminism is cancer. Not seen the movie yet but it is on my list. I stopped watching Indian cinema long ago after it stopped being edifying and was instead just about gangsters and their sluts. I watch the cinema of other countries like China, Japan, Denmark etc because of very high production value. Whereas Indian cinema was noted for its “special defects.” (-: Have only seen 2-3 Indian new Indian films in last 20 years such as 3 Idiots, and Indian, they were ok but also depressing as it gave sad commentary about how low India has sunk because of losing its culture and trying to imitate the West. Recently saw old Indian films like “Tukaram” and “This is life” all very inspiring.

    • Lord Infinity

      BAHUBALI WAS BADASS WITH FALSE FLAG ATTACK complex conspiracy. The end fight was brilliantly shot.

  • Jitendra Dave

    Excellent analysis. But please don’t call our rich history as mythology. Ramayan & Mahabharat is our proud history not a mythology.

    • Shivakumar Selvaraj

      Really? So flying monkeys as mentioned in the Ramayana was real?

      • Mo Dog

        Pakistan Airlines is real.
        Is anything scientifically verifiable when it comes to religion? However, I am sick and tired of that standard only applying to Hindu views and not Chrislamist ideas.

      • bhayaji007

        No…only Jesus the Jew walking on water and turning water into vine is the eternal truth !!

      • Lord Infinity

        Where is the flying monkey you Tamil Nazi cunt

  • where directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali will ruin some of the greatest scenes of their movies with cheesy secular one liners

    He is not even worthy to be called as a director. He is a mere hack who has been put on pedestal by bollywood which is known for nepotism just because of his secular leanings. He didn’t even research the weapons used by Bajirao and tried to give a secular twist to the character of Bajirao by making that character don green colored clothes and uttering secular lines in movie Bajirao Mastani. Adding secular undertones wont change reality that he was the commanding general of Maratha army who slaughtered and massacred muslims.

    That something like this can only come from a south Indian director where Hinduism is more of a living reality than the invasions ravaged north, is also a factor in this.

    The reasons for this are rooted in their ‘post-modern’ intellectual ethos, which was ushered in by their experience of the greatest wars that humanity has ever witnessed. The world wars ravaged Europe so completely that the survivors hated it in absolute terms. They had too much of valour and chivalry, too much of wrongly inspired Kshatra dharma. In the next half century they worked to build a society which shuns violence at any cost. Fed up with violence, they went into an overdrive of peace.

    As a result, it shuns every identity which may lead to violence, and for this purpose feelings like nationalism, patriotism and general qualities like valour, chivalry and courage are also frowned upon as ‘divisive qualities’ as they may all lead to differences and violence. On the other hand, love and sex are considered as universal unifiers, which ‘transcend all differences rising out of feelings like nationalism and patriotism’.

    This part of your article is based on False Equivalence when comparing the situation of North India with western Europe.

    You also ignored the impact of Germans, Jews immigrants and philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche on American pop-culture.

    You also discounted the influence of European Union on ideas of patriotism and nationalism.

    First you need to read history of Bollywood before making these claims because you need to separate the identity of bollywood from the location where it is based.

    Bollywood may be based in Maharashtra but it is totally dhimmi-refugee infested shithole.

    The results are for everyone to see. The Kshatra dharma has completely disappeared from Western Europe and as a result, its society lies defenceless against the refugees from the Middle East for whom violence is a fact of life.

    The war has not even started and you are announcing the winners.

    if the Bollywood fails to deliver itself from its current pathetic state, then very soon the north Indian audiences will be taken over by south Indian movies and directors, who are not afraid of portraying even violence for the sake of showing righteous valour, and deck it beautifully in a complete story like Baahubali.

    Bollywood actor like salman khan have turned their fortunes around by outright copying Tamil-Telugu-Malayalam movies and is lauded for it.

    BTW Bollywood is known only for copying. They don’t stop here but instead they go on and award each other in the numerous bullshit award shows.

    • Rama

      Bollywood may be based in Maharashtra but it is totally dhimmi refugee infested shithole.
      Great line. Kudos!!

    • Moksha


    • Kaushik Sarker

      A complementary criticism for the article. Kudos.

  • Vamsi Kumar

    Best article I’ve read so far analysing gymnastics of left liberals & European pop culture revolving around sex & food. So apt description 👍


    A very good article.





    • Rama

      Thanks, great comments and I agree 100%. Please don’t write in capital letters. It makes it hard to read.

  • Megh

    Hitting the nail pretty much on its head! (other than the seemingly incongruent usage of the word “mythology”. Also, while I guess I understand the meaning of usage of the word “liberal” in the title, isn’t the adjective “liberal” a glorification for those who use that tag whilst actually being intolerant (or tolerant at best but not respectful) of views that may not necessarily be in sync with their views? Isn’t tolerance and mutual respect a two-way street? Isn’t my way or highway, even in the garb of secularism and liberalism (actually pseudo-liberalism), being intolerant?)

  • आर्य शुभम् वर्मा

    Very nice article…………..Clearly define the phobias of elite commie liberals….Gr8 work Pankaj

  • Right

    The fiberals are petty and pathetic . They have been so for a considerable time now . What has anyone done about it ??? Modi himself is mightily psyched and mind fucked by these fiberals that the one who promised to send back illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is now allowing rohingya Muslims from Myanmar too ; runs shit scared of prosecuting the corrupt of UPA ( the Marans have been bailed out for some political compromise , not pursuing NH case against Sonia and Rahul , Vadra seems to be too smart for them ) Writes off 40000 crores of tax liability of foreigners in 2015, goes silent on recovery of black money stashed abroad, does a shameless U Turn on Aadhar, GST etc.

    The fiberals are still ruling despite a bjp govt. Coward phadnavis even has brought out a law to protect presstitute media persons from getting thrashed ( by public for their biases and lies), blacks out attack on police station by Muslims – the sickular Congress mindset rule continues.

    The Mediacrooks blog writer Ravinar has written hundreds of articles exposing the lies , duplicity and even criminality of such fiberals ( even this word has been coined by him for fake liberals) – and what has Modi or bjp done about it ? Arun Jaitley goes about launching books of ndtv employees in his spare time when he is not kowtowing to chidambaram and going slow on ‘ndtv frauds ‘( a book too has been written on this). And feku Modi bluffs and faffs more in his ‘mann ki baat’ displaying complete ignorance to his commitments.

    Spend your time better to put pressure on Modi and Co to make them answerable and accountable – and sieze the initiative back from liberals and make them irrelevant. When our so called nationalist leaders themselves have feets of clay and lack even a semblance of spine and so completely swayed by these pseuds and fiberals – why blame fiberals ???

  • Nikhil

    Nicely written