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The Endless Agony of England’s Daughters

Hundreds of thousands of minor English girl children may have been sexually exploited over the past two and a half decades, according to Ms. Sarah Champion, Labour MP from Rotherham.[1]

How many in agony?

A 2012 UK study confirms that in fourteen months alone, 2409 English girls were victims of sexual exploitation in gangs and groups.[2] While these are the confirmed victims in 14 months, government estimates put another 20,000 children at risk of sexual exploitation for the time period in the UK.[3] There are no estimates of the total number of girl children exploited over the last two decades, excepting in Rotherham.

An administrative inquiry into child sexual abuse in Rotherham by Ms Lay, estimated that in 16 years (1997-2013), approximately 1400 minor girls were sexually exploited. Based on sampling, the report estimated that a large number of the 988 case files with social care and police, actually described victims. It also relied on hundreds of cases discussed by Sexual Exploitation Forum and Strategy meetings, and data available with Risky Business to arrive at this figure.

The study noted that this was a conservative estimate, since it had no knowledge of unreported cases that were likely to be high.[4] Child sexual abuse of girl children seemed to be pervasive as were gang rapes in certain localities of Rotherham.[5] Under-reporting was likely because of bullying and ostracism by peers, and assignment of complainants to child care centres.[6] There are also references in the Report to reported police reluctance to register complaints by minor girls, regarding them as a ‘waste of time’, threatening complainants with arrests, the girls themselves being regarded as deviant and promiscuous.[7] This could have been another factor that deterred reporting to the authorities. Further, with one single exception, there was little information on abuse of male children.[8]

It seems plausible to hazard a guess that the maximum unreported cases in Rotherham could be four times as many as those reported to different authorities.[9] This suggests a maximum of 7,000 victims in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

The government reports that there are currently 54 alleged child grooming gangs operating across England and Wales, which are being tracked by 27 investigative teams.[10] If one credits each gang with the same number of hits as Rotherham, then it is possible to say that the total number of girl child victims in England may have been between 75,000 and 3,80,000 since 1997.

The intensity of the agony

The problem is not merely of sex with girl children who are pimped out, but also the other horrors inflicted on them. The grooming gangs engage in the most violent brutalities, often involving “violent and degrading sexual assaults and rape. …oral and anal rape were the most frequently reported types of abuse.”[11]  The purpose was to stamp control into the very psyche of the victims. [12]


Rotherham protest

The Rotherham report says: “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators… one after another.”[13]

A victim of the Oxford gang described the “torture sex” and gang-rapes that she had to undergo at the hands of the perpetrators. One girl who was pimped out at age 11, was even branded like chattel.[14] There were accounts concerning men who would ejaculate and then urinate in children’s mouths, violating them in every orifice, as well as gang-rape by queues of men while girls were held hostage for hours, sometimes days – all the while being forced to listen to the screams of girls in other rooms with other men.[15]

The violation of England’s daughters

In Rotherham, the vast majority of the girl victims were white and English.[16] The 2012 UK study found that 72% of the girl victims were white, while 28% were black or Asian.[17] Hindu and Sikh groups claimed that the category “Asian” concealed the fact that most of these victims were Hindu or Sikh.[18]

British records reveal that the majority of paedophiles are white, while the second largest group is described as “Asian”.[19] It appears that most of these “Asians” are Muslims or Pakistanis, with the word “Asian” being preferred for political reasons.[20]

However, child grooming gangs that target minor girls, rape, torture and pimp them out, seem to be dominated by Muslims and Pakistanis.

By 2010, several child grooming gangs had been apprehended, and 56 men convicted. Of these, 50 were Muslim, mostly Pakistani.[21] The list of those charged or convicted for child grooming, since 2010 reads thus:

  • Derby (11 Muslims, 1 British, 1 Hindu)
  • Telford (7 Muslims)
  • Rochdale (9 Muslims)
  • Oxford (7 Muslims)
  • Preston (2 Muslims).

In another case, Bhai Mohan Singh helped to nail four Muslims and two Hindus engaged in grooming minor Sikh girls. He reported investigating another 19 cases across the UK where minor Sikh girls were allegedly being groomed by older Muslim men.[22]

The Rotherham Report clearly stated: “In Rotherham, the majority of known perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage including the five men convicted in 2010. The file reading carried out by the Inquiry also confirmed that the ethnic origin of many perpetrators was ‘Asian’. In one major case, in the mid-2000s, the convicted perpetrator was Afghan.”

A report published by the House of Commons states: “Evidence presented to us suggests that there is a model of localized grooming of Pakistani-heritage men targeting young White girls. This must be acknowledged by official agencies …”[23]

Even Jack Straw noted that there was a specific problem with Pakistani gangs in some areas targeting white girls.[24] The commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown criticised the Berelowitz report for concealing “that some of the worst long-term abuse is carried out by mainly British Pakistani men targeting lost young white girls, often from troubled or poor families.”[25]


The overwhelming presence of Pakistanis in the grooming gangs is fascinating. In Rotherham, Risky Business in 2004, had mentioned 50 alleged perpetrators, 45 of whom were Pakistani, 4 were white, and one was African-Caribbean.  It also mentioned a Pakistani family involved in taxi business supporting the gangs.

Dr. Heal’s report of 2006 noted that the problem had moved beyond Pakistanis, and “that Iraqi Kurds and Kosovan men were participating in organised activities against young women.” Thus, Muslims from other parts of the world also seem to be prone to get involved with the rape of England’s daughters.

Race, religion and the agony of England’s daughters

Paedophiles in England are mostly white.[26]

Nevertheless, the predominance of Muslims and Pakistanis in child grooming gangs, is striking. It is entirely disproportionate to their share in England’s population, which hovers around five per cent. In Rotherham, the Muslim population was only 8000, yet the number of girl child victims ranged between 1400 confirmed and 7000 projected in 16 years.


It is possible that the Muslim participation is a coincidence, happening only because, as the Derby police suggested, people of a common ethnic background come together in crime, favouring group action over individual initiatives.[27] Even so, the repetition of this coincidence across England is remarkable.

The Chief Executive of Barmados observed that this crime involved more than Pakistanis.[28] Muslim MPs warned against stereotyping an entire community. Keith Vaz added that this was not a cultural problem, while Khalid Mohammad argued that given a chance “there were Asian men who would do the same to Muslim and Pakistani girls … without discriminating.”[29]

The travails of Muslim English girls

In 2013, the UK Muslim Women’s Network produced a report on Child Sexual Abuse based on 35 case studies, where the majority of the affected girls were Muslim. Describing the abuse, it said: ‘Offending behaviour mostly involved men operating in groups . . . The victim was being passed around and prostituted amongst many other men…. The physical abuse included oral, anal and vaginal rape; role play; insertion of objects into the vagina; severe beatings; burning with cigarettes; tying down; enacting rape that included ripping clothes off and sexual activity over the webcam.’ … The Rotherham report comments that: “This description mirrors the abuse committed by Pakistani-heritage perpetrators on white girls in Rotherham.” [30]

It would seem that cultural norms, fear of ostracism, and sheer terror were used to prevent Muslim and Asian women from reporting such crimes.[31]

Why do Muslim gangs target English girls?

The base of the UK Muslim women report is somewhat narrow, resting only on 35 cases. In contrast, in Rotherham alone, there were 1400 girl victims, mostly English. Thus, it would seem that the gangs, while having inclusive appetites, may have preferred white English girls or found them to be “easy meat”. At least one girl victim said that the gang members exclusively wanted white girls.[32] It is also possible that this was because white English girls were not protected by their community or religion.

Soeren Kern of Gatestone Institute has even called this gang activity, “Rape Jihad” against children.[33]



Imam Taj Hargey writes that “the vicious activities of the Oxford ring are bound up with religion and race: religion, because all the perpetrators, though they had different nationalities, were Muslim; and race, because they deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls, whom they appeared to regard as ‘easy meat’, to use one of their revealing, racist phrases.”[34] Other Muslims have also admitted an abhorrent form of racism which fuelled the abuse, and that some young men did not see white girls as equal to their own daughters or sisters.[35]

The link between the agony of England’s daughters and religion is also traced by Imam Taj, according to whom many religious preachers treated all women as second class citizens, mere chattel, and white women with particular contempt and deserving of punishment.

Muslims in Britain “have been drip-fed for years [with] a far less uplifting doctrine, one that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt. In the misguided orthodoxy that now prevails in many mosques, including several of those in Oxford, men are unfortunately taught that women are second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority…The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent and sleazy — sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffirs or non-believers. Their dress code, from mini-skirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behavior by being exploited and degraded.”[36]

He argues that due to these attitudes towards women, kuffar, dress and conduct, the Muslim gangs felt no kinship and solidarity with non-Muslims in their area, who were only regarded as “easy meat”. He also points out that the Oxford rapists never targeted Muslim girls in their area, showing that religion was closely tied to their targeting.

How the gangs work

Vulnerable and impoverished girls are targeted. Especially, if they have loose or liberal habits. Easy targets are welfare homes etc. Sometimes, the internet is used to identify potential victims.[37] Often, one victim is used as conduit to find others.[38]

The manipulation or ‘grooming’ process involves befriending children, gaining their trust, and usually feeding them drugs and alcohol, sometimes over a long period of time, before the abuse begins.[39] Often, this leads to the impression that the relation is consensual,[40] and victims themselves often see themselves as loved.[41]


Terror then follows as a means of control, with violent and dehumanising forms of abuse mentioned elsewhere. Girls whose loyalties are suspect, are stalked, their homes and cars attacked. In Rotherham, a girl witness who secured a conviction was murdered. In other cases, other family members were used as hostage in return for good behaviour.[42]

In Oxford, the Guardian reported that the family of a child victim was threatened that their daughter’s face would be cut off, and the throats of the family members would be slit. Finally, they migrated from the place after the gang threatened to behead family members.[43]

Seven factors that sealed the fate of England’s daughters

It is puzzling how recent immigrants to a foreign land could with such impunity inflict such depredations on England’s daughters and unleash such terror on the daughters of the soil. An analysis of the Rotherham Report suggests that seven factors may have been complicit to the prolonged and widespread depredations.

1.     The ideological camouflage provided by liberalism

British education and media are steeped in a diet of modern liberalism that has a horror of exclusiveness, and a weakness for inclusiveness even to the point of cultural and national suicide. Hence, “majoritarianism”, “racism”, “divisiveness” etc. must be avoided at all costs. These then become key words that trigger a guilt complex, which paralyses healthy societal, administrative or political response to problems that have minority or racial overtones. Due to this, criminals with a minority halo get a carte-blanche, and the majority is held hostage by its own inclusive attitudes by small groups that do not suffer from any such illusions.

So it happened that “police, social workers, teachers, neighbors, politicians and the media have for decades downplayed the severity of the crimes perpetrated against British children because they were afraid of being accused of “Islamophobia” or racism.”[44] Social workers admitted to knowing about the problem in Oxford, but doing nothing presumably for fear of being accused of “racism”.[45]  There was widespread belief among the youth of Rotherham that the police would not act for fear of being accused of “racism”.[46] The councils, police, administration and politicians all seem to have been influenced to hide the ethnic origins of perpetrators, or to obfuscate matters.[47]



One classic way of burying the ethnic or religious origins of the perpetrators is to refer to them as “Asians”. In the context of the Oxford gang, Taj Hargey said candidly: “Another sign of the cowardly approach to these horrors is the constant reference to the criminals as ‘Asians’ rather than as ‘Muslims.’

In this context, “Asian” is a completely meaningless term. The men were not from China, or India or Sri Lanka or even Bangladesh. They were all from either Pakistan or Eritrea, which is, in fact, in East Africa rather than Asia.”

The majority is thus held hostage to an illusory social solidarity, preventing it from facing and tackling the true nature of the crime. Thus, the Rotherham Report notes, “Several councillors interviewed believed that by opening up these issues they could be ‘giving oxygen’ to racist perspectives that might in turn attract extremist political groups and threaten community cohesion. … The approach generally was ‘not to rock the boat’.”

Political correctness is socially incorrect

There is increasing awareness that when crimes have racial, minority, ethnic overtones, “political correctness” can have huge social costs. In the current case it caused endless agony to England’s daughters.

Writing after the Oxford horrors, Taj Hargey says,

“But as so often in fearful, politically correct modern Britain, there is a craven unwillingness to face up to … reality … Part of the reason this scandal happened at all is precisely because of such politically correct thinking. All the agencies of the state, including the police, the social services and the care system, seemed eager to ignore the sickening exploitation that was happening before their eyes. Terrified of accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse.”

In the Derby debates, Children’s minister, Tim Loughton, warned that “closed” Asian communities, “political correctness and racial sensitivities” had affected investigations into child sex grooming by Asian gangs.[48] A report published by the House of Commons, after noting that officials had been reluctant to draw attention to this problem for fear of adversely impacting community cohesion, says: “It is important that police, social workers and others be able to raise their concerns freely, without fear of being labelled racist”.[49]

The Rotherham Report puts the fresh thinking clearly: “The issue of race, regardless of ethnic group,  should be tackled as an absolute priority if it is known to be a significant factor in the criminal activity or organised abuse in any local community”.

2.     Social camouflage for ethnic crime

The social camouflage provided by minority leaders also plays an important part in paralysing the ability of mainstream society to address minority-specific problems. In some cases, instead of acting as facilitators of communication between the mainstream society and minority groups, they act as barriers.[50] Several Pakistan heritage women felt that reliance on traditional Muslim community leaders such as elected councillors and imams deterred them from talking about child sexual exploitation within their community.[51]

Most Pakistani councillors in Rotherham downplayed the problem, by calling it a “one-off, isolated case.” At the national level, Muslim leaders argued that the problem was not peculiar to Pakistanis and accused the authorities of stereotyping the community.[52]

Since, the traditional community leaders control communications with mainstream society, they can prevent a change of consciousness from percolating down to the vulnerable sections of their group. Worse they might even strengthen prejudices among them.

In any case, the Rotherham Report concludes that “there was too much reliance by agencies on traditional community leaders such as elected members and imams as being the primary conduit of communication with the Pakistani-heritage community.” … and that councillors belonging to minorities could play a part in tackling the problem “but only if they act as facilitators of communication rather than barriers to it.”

3.     Minorities terrorised into silence

Gang perpetrators also use terror to ensure the silence of all minority group members. Thus, Dr. Heal in her 2003 report says that ‘In Rotherham the local Asian community are reported to rarely speak about them [the perpetrators].’ The subject was taboo and local people were probably equally frightened of the violent tendencies of the perpetrators as the young women they were abusing.”

This terror is supported by developing underworld linkages, based upon the economic spinoffs from crime. Dr. Heal’s reports observe how the gangs moved beyond personal gratification to operations that spread to cover finance, careers, drugs and guns.

4.     Economic Launching Pad: Taxis

In general, domination of one branch of economic activity, especially if it is unorganised and not easily amenable to accountability and state control, provides a useful launching pad for criminal gangs. In Rotherham, this was found in the taxi business.

An economic launching pad is invaluable for many reasons: a) It helps to multiply personnel and players b) It helps to prevent leaks on perpetrators of crime and the nature of organisation; c) It helps to corrupt official machinery in the early days when organised crime has not developed financial and organisational autonomy; d) It facilitates a link up with the underworld leading to a reign of terror.

The importance of such a closed hold on an economic activity is shown by the fact that although the involvement of taxis was known for more than 20 years in Rotherham, it is admitted that : “In spite of this widespread knowledge, the action taken was often mere suspension of licenses, and very few convictions followed.” Reading the minutes of the strategy meetings of the Safeguarding Unit, one is “struck by the sense of exasperation, even hopelessness, recorded as the professionals in attendance tried to find ways of disrupting the suspected activity.” – Rotherham Report

5.     Burial in procedures

The Rotherham report notes that : “stark evidence came in 2002, 2003 and 2006 with three reports known to the Police and the Council, which could not have been clearer in their description of the situation in Rotherham.” That apart, there were repeated submission in seminars by the Risky Business workers.

However, all this was buried in administrative procedures and responses. In 2005, the present Council Leader chaired a group “to take forward the issues”, that went nowhere. Numerous committees and commissions were set up, with pointless debates that saw differences suppressed.[53]

The inadequacy of normal legal procedures in punishing gang-based crime was first revealed by the suicidal success of Operation Central in 2008, that ended in 2010 with five convictions. In the aftermath, Child S who had played a role in getting evidence was murdered.

Showing how organised criminal gangs paralyse legal procedures, the Rotherham Report says, “One child who was being prepared to give evidence received a text saying the perpetrator had her younger sister and the choice of what happened next was up to her. She withdrew her statements. At least two other families were terrorised by groups of perpetrators, sitting in cars outside the family home, smashing windows, making abusive and threatening phone calls … . In the most extreme cases, no one in the family believed that the authorities could protect them.”

Operation Czar, begun in 2009, led to the issuing of abduction notices, but no convictions. Operation Chard in 2011 led to abduction notices and 11 arrests but no convictions. With gangs controlling the streets, convictions have been few and far between.

6.     Quantitative tools of crime management

Modern crime management is based upon statistically prominent crimes which in turn depend upon reported numbers. This has several deficiencies.

When problems are driven underground by criminality and guilt, the few quantifiable aspects that remain visible are difficult to capture in numbers. This is especially because hard evidence is hard to come by.

Thus, social workers said “said that they struggled to use the risk assessment tool, because it recorded risks only where there was hard evidence.” So children with a high risk of sexual exploitation got low scores because there was no hard evidence. The numbers militated against the better judgment of committed field workers.[54]

Where criminal gangs are at work, reporting itself suffers. So policemen who focus on reported crimes, are often busy fighting the “crime” of their ‘own reporting’ (reported crime), while the actual crime of the street and the jungle of the underworld is completely missed.

7.     The mystery of the lethargic police

The running thread through most of the cases that have been identified so far, is the mysterious police “lethargy”.

In Oxford, the court heard that the girls were abused between 2004 and 2012 and that police were told about the crimes as early as 2006, that they were contacted at least six times by victims, but failed to act. The mother of Girl “A” said the police and social services had failed to protect the girls and made her and other family members feel as if they were overreacting.[55]

rotherhamPSIt is not that the security forces or the administration were unaware. In mid-90s, the awareness of child prostitution led the administration to set up the Risky Business project in Rotherham, mainly to protect the minor girls from the problem collateral to flesh trade. Soon the field workers found evidence of torture, rape, and organised pimping by gangs. From 2001-2006, the nature and extent of the crimes, including the Mohammedan affiliation of the perpetrators, were repeatedly covered in reports, seminars and discussions.

Against this spate of “sensitisation”, police actions in Rotherham seem quirky, to say the least. Complaints by girl victims were rejected on grounds of “loose character”. Some complainants were even threatened with arrest for wasting police time. In some cases, parents tracing offenders and reporting the crime were arrested, while the perpetrators were left free. In several cases, perpetrators who were caught were let off with mere warnings![56]

Lethargy or connivance?

Evidence leads from the streets of Rotherham to the London Home office, from police “lethargy” to the possibility of connivance.

In 2002, a study was commissioned by the Home Office. The investigator got information from field workers in Risky Business, and passed on specific names and activities to the police for several months. When no action was taken by the police after several months, she persuaded a girl to turn witness against the gang, and took her for a secret meeting to the police headquarters to prepare for the case. In the headquarters, the girl received a message from the gang indicating that they knew where she was. The girl withdrew. When the investigator complained about police inaction and possible connivance to London, she was pressurised to amend her report, her access to police files was barred, the project was discontinued after a year by London Home Office, and finally the incomplete report was suppressed.

Investigations have now started in Rotherham. The rot has gone so deep that the victims cannot go to the police or the council, and Ms. Sarah Champion, the local MP has herself started receiving cases. About 14 police officers have been suspended within a month after the investigations were started by the IPCC. A senior police officer even asked the MP why she was surprised at the extent of police connivance.[57]

It is a case of too little, too late. The damage to England’s daughters has already been done.

A nationwide problem

Speaking of the nationwide sweep of the problem, Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion said “If you just think …  we know at least four big cases each with a couple of thousand each in smallest towns. It’s extraordinary.” She estimates that at least a million English children could be at risk or involved.[58]

The extent and spread of the crime, local police “lethargy”, apparent suppression by London home office of adverse reports, the systematic downplaying of the issue at all levels of administration and policy making, prompt the agonising question:

Did England’s daughters pay the price for Britain’s policy of minority appeasement?


[1] “There are hundreds of thousands and I think there could be up to a million victims of exploitation nationwide, including right now. Girls in the process of being groomed,” she said.

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In graphic testimony, one of the victims told the court that Mohammed Karrar would charge men £500 ($750) to have sex with her. They would take her to homes in High Wycombe where she would be subjected to gang rapes, incidents that she described as “torture sex.” The men would tie her up and gag her mouth with a ball to stop her cries from being heard. The men would play out abuse fantasies; sometimes she was left bleeding for days afterwards.”

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Frontline staff did not report personal experience of attempts to influence their practice or decision making because of ethnic issues. Those who had involvement in CSE were acutely aware of these issues and recalled a general nervousness in the earlier years about discussing them, for fear of being thought racist.” ibid.


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The author is Joint Director, National Akademi of Development and President of Samvit Kendra and distinguished academician who writes on Economic Theory, and Public Finance.
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  • One word. Atrocity literature. (coined by Rajiv Malhotra). It is in the colonial playbook. Check out how they needed it against native Americans (link). Get a taste of the justification in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.

    Now remember how Katherine Mayo was brought in to do a hit job on Mother India(1,2,3). Eerie, the coining of names like India’s daughter. And fishy, the film makers, their production firms, their ties to Vital Voices and Clinton Foundation grandees.

    Some Hindu nationalists see this as merely a plan to undermine the current Govt. No, it is in the cultural genes (memes) of the Anglo-Saxons. The need for societal superiority, the depictions of the inferior Other, the white women’s burdens, the idea of saving others. Rape is just one of the things-to-pick they have. Tomorrow it will be child labour, malnutrition, God men, heathenism, praying to stones, traffic (link) or mid-day meals(link).

    And mind, there is agreement among brown sepoys, white liberals and white conservatives when it comes to pontification for the edification of natives. Check out any Pankaj Mishra or Arundhati Roy article and who gives prominent space to them. See a Deepa Mehta Art film. Find out why Shekhar Kapur gets to make Elizabeth, soon after Bandit queen. See Jairam Ramesh buying Jai Ho song rights for congress election messaging after ‘Slumdog millionaire’s success.

    Remarkable un-manufactured consent on Indian culture !

    • Rahul Shastri

      Remarkable and interesting … the parallels and references are contemporary and complete …!!

      Also the link between cash and carry the cultural burden …viz, Jairam’s Jai ho, and Shekhar’s Elizabeth (I had not thought of that, yes indeed from bandit queen to queen Elizabeth) …

      They are vicious thinkers, and their bootlickers are shameless bunch at the worst, or denationalised lumpen cosmopolitans at best . …

      However, the consent is manufactured all right … and the signs of collusion … at ideological and propaganda levels, … to organisational levels … are also evident … .stretching to Davos (WEF) to World social organisation … etc…

  • Krispy K

    A typical “Indian” leftist’s/feminist’s response:

    “Why turn it into a nationalist issue, you don’t want to face reality, you are scared that women are asserting themselves” – leading to “you support rape”.

    There are too many Indians who couldn’t care less about the wholesale slander being imposed on Indian men as long as they can get their time in the limelight.

    • Rahul Shastri

      Indeed … and not of feminists alone … pertinent is a recent post that I put up based upon an actual reaction by a brilliant friend, which I reproduce hereunder:


      Reaction to INDIA’S DAUGHTER:

      “Isn’t it a gradually sick and sickening society? … The socio-pathology of the future is being previewed here. And India’s Daughter is one of the many bits of a comprehensive review.”

      Reaction to “ENDLESS AGONY OF ENGLAND’S DAUGHTERS” that analyses rape of lakhs of English girl children :

      “… children are prime targets of sex-related and work -related crimes, all over the world. Read Dickens … this sociological aspect of human societies.”

      If it is India, the “socio pathology of sick and sickening society, is being previewed “. If it is England, “children are prime targets all over the world … it is only a “sociological aspect of human societies” ..

      What happens in India is evidence of a sick and sickening society. What happens in England happens all over the world .. a sociological aspect of all human socieities. So quick to damn your own, and so quick to embrace the Briish!

      Am I bigoted or have some brilliant people forgotten that they are Indian? I am reminded of the recent words of a European journalist resident in India:

      “It also took me a long time to understand that Indians -Hindus sorry – are sometimes their worst enemies: Indian journalists have often taken-up like parrots the sloganscoined by the British to divide India and belittle its civilisation; ….

      This is why today, instead of trying to counterbalance the very untrue and negative image that the film Indias Daughter is spreading around the world, NDTV & other Indian Medias are only stoking the fire and adding to the damage.

      Cry O my Beloved India. Look at what Thy children are doing to Thou”

      Francois Gautier

      • Rahul Shastri


        Friends may wonder, why I feel so strongly about the malicious internationalisation of India’s problems … It is not that I am blind to the issue, and am not trying to tackle it … the rage comes from another source …

        There is dirt in every house… almost all latrines are dirty…. It is customary, however to receive guests from outside in the drawing room, and not in the latrines … We show them our mementoes from the past, of which we are proud … not the cockroaches in our cupboards …

        But westernised intellectuals, deluded by an illusory transparency, internationalise the problems in our society, broadcasting them to the world, focussing on them … and pretending that they are “honest”, “not bigots”, patting themselves on the back, all the time. Branding India as a “sick society, they wilfully join the campaign to Break India, launched by predatory religions and civilisations that deny the Hindu a legitimate existence as a pathway to God…

        To such people, I would only say one thing … they are not bloody hypocrites, and are truly honest, Only if they start receiving and entertaining visitors to their homes in their latrines … and start introducing them to the cockroaches in the cupboard … Until then … they are legitimate targets of my rage …

  • Catherine Mill

    The same gang raping takes place in Liverpool among the drug dealers etc. If a drug dealer fails to pay on time, his sister gets gang raped in return. No one bothers even when the rapes are reported. Its just another “disposable kid” as they say in professional circles.The medical examinations are delayed pst the 48 hours etc.
    Now the looked after children do not trust social workers or police or Guardians, or solicitors or judges because these professionals have failed to protect them.
    Then there is the knowing placing of children inside pedophile families with some professionals being women. Most people fail to reaise this is possible.
    We have to stop thinking inside a particular box.

    • Rahul Shastri

      What you say is tragic, Catherine ji …

      In my humble view, the west is using forensic niceties and legal procedures against an overgrown underworld monster … When cancer grows beyond measure … surgery does not help .. only chemotherapy which has the nature of carpet bombing works …

      Nice, neat, forensic procedures, are easily paralysed by an overgrown underworld, which is neither fettered by legalese, procedures nor by human rights. The first beginning has to be made with recognition, that once outlawry expands beyond the scope of law, then it cannot continue to enjoy the protection of law .. that protection of law cannot equally apply between the law abiding and outlaws … that the former are entitled to priority in the operation and application of law …

      The time for human rights and niceties obtains only when outlawry operates on the margins and fringes, not when it has expanded to occupy centrestage …

      This requires a major philosophical break with simpering liberalism … and a turnaround can start only when that is done …

      Of course, these are only exploratory ideas … I could well be wrong …

      • Catherine Mill

        Wise words.
        One barrister reminded me in London RCJ “Catherine do not be stupid, we do not prosecute ourselves”
        That sumarised it all nicely.

  • BBC Hypocrites

    This is an excellent article, but you’ve missed a major element to the agony of England:

    CHILDREN, not just daughters.

    Jimmy Savile of the BBC raped countless boys and girls, yet the BBC management turned a blind eye to his crimes. They even FIRED the reporter who broke the story

    Not only that, but the UK Westminster has been plagued by Pedophile gangs for decades, something that is barely coming to light in the past half year. There is a video of a UK Conservative mentioning how they allowed Pedophiles to operate in Parliament to make sure that the Pedophile Politician could be blackmailed accordingly:

    “Anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the whips
    and tell them the truth, and say now, ‘I’m in a jam, can you help?’ It
    might be debt, it might be a scandal involving small boys, or any kind
    of scandal which a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they’d come
    and ask if we could help. And if we could, we did. We would do
    everything we can because we would store up brownie points. That sounds a
    pretty nasty reason but one of the reasons is, if we can get a chap out
    of trouble, he’ll do as we ask forever more.”

    • Rahul Shastri

      You are correct, Sir. I devoted only one passing line and one footnote to the problem, noting that the information on assault on male children is woefully sparse. The footnote related to the Rotherham conviction of one man guilty of this crime.
      Also, while VIP paedophilia is a serious problem, the article focussed mainly on the operations of grooming gangs and associated problems.
      The link that you provided gives interesting information. I was not previously aware of the depth of the problem.

      • BBC are Hypocrites

        The depth of child rape by UK Politicians is incredible. One thing to remember about Fortescue – he served from 1966-74, which means he was blackmailing (but NOT imprisoning or creating documentaries on) English Politician child rapists around 50 years ago. Which means the practice predates 50 years since I doubt he was the first one to do so.

        The English people have allowed their politicians to systematically rape their daughters and sons, and they have done NOTHING. Contrast that to the response of Indians and the vigorous protests that took place after some of the recent gang rapes. All the English now how to do is pontificate against India, while “saving face” and looking away from their own horrendous crimes.

      • Catherine Mill

        An article that makes sense of it all.

        Armstrong divided history into the “Age of Permitted Abuse”, which went on for thousands of years until the 1800’s, and the “Age of Denied Abuse”, which went on until the 1980’s. The “Age of Concealed Abuse”, from the ‘80’s to present day will be added here.

        For thousands of years, during the long, dark Age of PERMITTED Abuse,
        children were considered chattel and men had absolute power to use and
        abuse them at will.

        Children could be bartered, sold, battered,
        mutilated, starved or raped without recourse. Men were permitted sexual
        access to their own and to marginalized children but had to stay away
        from each other’s.

        Women had no legal right to their children and no power to protect them; they had been made completely dependent on men.

        By the late 1800’s, child abuse stopped being openly permitted and the Age of DENIED Abuse began. It was at this point mental health professionals became
        important in helping to shift the blame away from perpetrators.

        Sigmund Freud, who had discovered that sexual abuse by fathers was common,
        extremely damaging and the cause of serious mental illness, was
        pressured greatly by the Power Elite to drop this valid theory. He
        capitulated and his new theories shifted blame to children for the next
        100 years, claiming their reports of abuse were fantasies.

        This helped maintain male entitlement for another hundred years. In the 1950’s,
        Alfred Kinsey reinforced this position with his invalid findings that children enjoyed sex from birth and that incest (child rape) can be a positive experience for the child.

        • Rahul Shastri

          Interesting and very informative … Catherine ji … However, I have a slightly different take on the analysis presented…

          The article divides scholarly and accepted attitudes towards paedophilia into different historical periods, and uses the term “male entitlement”, in relation to the problem …

          There is an illusion of understanding that arises from sticking labels on things … something that Marx noted once…

          This article does not go into the roots of the matter … Why does this problem arise … has human civilisation always and everywhere been unable to handle this problem … if not why did it succeed then, and why is it failing now … of course, I am speaking in general terms … there will always be exceptions ..

          Also the sense of outrage prevents a clear appreciation of the problem … for instance “decades of experience confirm violent and abusive fathers are being routinely granted custody, while protective mothers are punished severely for having challenged male privilege.” … I do not know in which country this is routinely happening …

          Finally, will converting this into a man vs woman problem help in resolving the problem … or create a fresh source of disharmony in civilisation ? The ideal situation is where men women and children are transformed harmoniously … where has the culture of the west come unstuck ? How do we put humpty dumpty back together again ?

          • Catherine Mill

            The countries where male abusers are getting full custody are Ireland, UK, USA and Australia.

            Solicitors now advise abused women and children not to dare mention abuse in court as the judges are sick of hearing about it.

            I worked as an advocate for years and witnessed children placed with sexual abusers . No matter what the children did to escape or report their voices were silenced. Some committed suicide to escape.

            In ireland we had ECT and threat therapy used to silence the abused children.

            Women abusers win too of course as abusers are very cunning and great actors.

            If you google Barry Goldstein and Charles Pragnell you will find a lot of information. Barry has done lots of research.


            I first came across this 20 years ago and I was left speechless.

            Most people do not believe its true.

            You can research cases where convicted pedophiles were allowed week end custody and the children and told by the judge to lock their bedroom doors at night.



          • Rahul Shastri

            Catherine ji, This is indeed terrible information. My knowledge of western society is primarily that of an outsider, with dry newspaper facts and data, filtered through the impressions gathered from watching movies.

            Something has come unstuck in western civilisation. This is not the picture that we carry of the greeks, romans, and even the less cultured gauls.

            We must reflect on the fundamentals. When the basic unit of society, family gets unstuck .. disrupted or corrupted … the civilisation has no future …

            i am indeed worried … very sad …

          • Catherine Mill

            I had a feeling that you were unaware of this from your other reply to the article.

            The reason you do not know- and its not your fault is that the family courts are held in secret and rarely are journalists allowed in to cover the case.

            Parents are jailed if they speak their truth once a gagging order is issued.

            These courts are the old Inquisition star chamber courts where the laws mean nothing. They are civil courts so crime cannot be dealt with. Perjury is the order of the day and the party committing perjury is rarely prosecuted. A slight improvement recently in USA thank goodness.

            As a professional I would never ever have believed any of this 20 years ago, until I witnessed it for myself in ireland. I thought it was only Ireland- because we are still in medieval mode there still, but then met other professionals like Barry and Charles and Phyllis Chesler etc and realised it was a world wide issue and getting worse.

            In Ireland art 6 is breached every day- even now- as full disclosure is not allowed as women might get too emotional./?? So mothers have no chance to rebut any arguments because they have never seen them in the reports.

            I eventaully got all my files using case law from Strasbourg and the Attorney General allowed the files released, because Strrasbourg would have demanded them anyway.

            The main issue tough is training/grooming judges etc to belive child rape does no harm.

            Even recently it was in the media that there is no proof child rape and incest does any harm.


            There is plenty of proof.

            I’ve come to realise that sexual assault is an imposed death experience for the victim.

            That is, the victim experiences her life as having been taken by someone else.

            — Evangeline Kane


            Then there was the attempt to legalise child rape- using the word pedophile.


            I’ve come to realise that sexual assault is an imposed death experience for the victim.

            That is, the victim experiences her life as having been taken by someone else.

            — Evangeline Kane

            Yes what you describe is merely history repeating itself when an Empire is about to fall.

            As for destruction of the family- that is Common Purpose and Common Core energy signature – destroy the family and the state takes over.NLP etc is used to achieve this. One of the few countries this has not worked in is Holland.

            From my experience is not fair to label only Asians as that is far from true.

            Have you seen the Hamstead children speak out?


            Dr Judith Reisman is also worth a read.She explains a lot that might interest you.

            How they’re hypersexualizing your kids

            Exclusive: Judith Reisman explains history of teachers’ ‘attitude




          • Rahul Shastri

            Madame, I am very grateful for your patient and educative replies … There is indeed much that I do not know … we literally live in different worlds, with just a marginal overlap … through formal media ..

            I could not figure out your statement : ” not fair to label only Asians as that is far from true.”

            I will indeed expand my reading with the links that you have so helpfully provided… I should like to have the benefit of continued contact with you … should you write of post anything, I will be obliged if you mail me a link or notify in some other way …

          • Catherine Mill

            You are most welcome.

            Oh you will not learn the whole truth in the media.

            You have be at ground level. In 1990 a very wise man told me to burn all my University books and go learn in the University of life.

            Many journalists give up writing on this issue as they keep being silenced.

            Eileen Fairweather is an excellent journalist on this subject.


            I got your article from a law lecturer colleague in Ireland.

            I have written some articles and a book from my own experiences.

            You are welcome to contact me.I will send you PDFetc.

            My friend is also writing a book on this matter as a professional trauma therapist and in this you will read similar descriptions of “professional”white people urinating on women and children during sexual violence.

            My e mail is [email protected]

            This is one article written by colleague in USA as Ireland does not like the truth about child abuse coming to light. Ireland is the hub of child trafficking in EU with many children disappearing from the “care” system.


  • Indian

    Superb article Rahul ji. My apologies, I have sent the link of this article to all my mail list friends without first asking. Why not run a series on the scandals of the Church neck deep in pedophilia and child abuse, which is in headlines in Europe and America, while the christian fascists controlled media in India, to make the Italian happy never discusses it. By the way WHERE were the FREE EXPRESSION NAZIS when same Italian Madam banned Da Vinci Code in India, as less than 100 christians protested??

    • Rahul Shastri

      “Indian” ji … you are doing community service … where is the questio of apologies …
      Yes indeed, churchianity is in crisis, we need to rescue Christ from it …

    • Catherine Mill

      I have sent the article world wide too.

      The RC church pedophilia is an interesting study – the divine rite/right to sacrifice the innocence of any child they wish.

      I include the history of molestation and the use of the word pedophilia – implying the man in the dress loves the child?

      “The modern clinical term Pedophilia

      The term Pedophilia (first recorded in 1951) is a modern term created from the Greek words (gen. paidos) “child” (see pedo-) + philos “loving.”

      Contrary to public belief, the term Pedophilia has the unfortunate literal meaning of “loving children”, than the criminal action of child abuse.

      While Pedophilia has absolutely no religious significance as a word, its continued use as a term to describe child molestation and child abuse is misleading—implying those branded as “pedophiles” have some emotional empathy towards their victims (implied by philes/philos-love).”

      I call it child rape as that has the true energy signature.

      • Rahul Shastri

        Catherine ji, although not so initially inclined, after some consideration, I too am inclined to the view that the nature of this crime is such that it must be robbed of all value neutral covers …
        It is abhorrent to me that judgments of this crime seek to weigh it in the measures of its “harm content” for the individual victim and treat it in functionally in relation to the individual victim … . The infinite plasticity of nature is thus turned against herself…
        I concur with you that child rape is the more adequate characterisation of the crime, which is destroying human society and civilisation …

        • Catherine Mill

          Dear Rahul.

          Oh yes,I have observed for 20 years and a psychologist colleague confirmed it that in these case “the spotlight is kept on the victims and off the perpetrator”.

          Its all about what the victims did wrong, what their character was and above all are they “DISPOSABLE KIDS” from the care system who are deemed worthless anyway- except for the money they create for the system..which then feeds the prison system etc as victims turn to drugs and drink etc because no proper therapy was/is given.
          The perpetrator needs to be in the spotlight and kept there and we ask why does s/he rape children?
          Without understanding the predator mentality we are going no where.

          It is considered too dark a subject for most people. Society as a whole does not wish to look at its shadow side so all pretend all is well until now there is no hiding this business of child rape.

  • Sameer

    These Britons need to be civlized how to respect women.

  • Kalavai Venkat

    A very good article. Well done.

    • Rahul Shastri


      • Shubhangi Raykar

        I would like to translate this article in Marathi. I am seeking your permission.

        • Rahul Shastri

          Shubhangi ji, knowledge is free … you are most welcome …

          • Shubhangi Raykar

            Thanks for giving me permission to translate into Marathi. i hope i get to publish it what with the pseudo secular attitudes and the “feminist” magazines basking in the Western gaze.I am also totally dedicated to the women’s cause but do not subscribe to the Western movement of feminism, neither American, nor European

          • Rahul Shastri

            Yes, Shubangi ji we have to change, but change from within, organically, with dignity and self respect, keeping all that is best in our heritage, as we reach out to the modern world … I wish you all the present in this proposed venture and other activities …

          • dr.viraj pradhan

            Hello Ms.Raykar,There is one more term used by the British or the westerners in general.SEXIST.

            I had just been to the U.K. and held a door open for a young lady young enough to be my daughter.She walked out and turned around to say -you are a sexist and have a patronizing attitude.This begs the question-are all good manners dead?They prefer Muslims to us.Just note how many Muslim M.P.s they have and the same applies to BBC.I have nothing against the Muslims but why this faith?Just read the of young British girls are converting to Islam.No problem for me again.Only that they are being betrayed.Regards,

  • VeVePe

    What is this? Such a long article about the UK rape culture but not one mention of the child rape by political elites? It is far from being a problem only of immigrants – the topmost elites are involved in brutal and depraved behavior.

    I hope the author’s glaring omission is not a deliberate one.

    Let me give links to a three relevant articles –

    VIP child abuse whistleblowers were murdered –

    The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC | The Guardian –

    Recap: Jimmy Savile had sex with dead bodies in mortuary –

    • Rahul Shastri

      Yes VeVePe ji, the focus was not on rape culture, nor on rape by elites … but on the growth of grooming gangs, their extent, control, reach and influence, and the factors that enabled it ….

      • VeVePe

        Ok, but the Brits try to excuse themselves by claiming that rape is not a part of their culture, it is something that immigrants are guilty of.

        Whereas the fact is that pedophilia & rape has institutional support from the highest levels.

        • Rahul Shastri

          You are right again VeVePe ji. The Rotherham Report, although it is too discreet to explicitly say so, does indicate institutional and presumably political support for the depredations, from the highest levels .. for reasons that are not yet fully clear …

          • dr.viraj pradhan

            Dear Dr.Shastri,

            Kudos for a detailed reply.I have already written above to Ms.Raykar about my experience.Please read.

            Why do you think the British and Americans are converting to Islam in massive numbers despite 9/11?Is it sympathy for them when they noticed hate campaign against Muslims?

            Do you have any material on this? I get most of the information from DailyMail.Co.Uk.

          • Rahul Shastri

            Namaste dr. viraj,
            I can only speculate on the probable causes …
            1) Abrahamic religions provide a common nomenclature and thought modes … so conversion is smoother …
            2) Ever since the mid sixties, the west lost its moorings … its identity crisis was submerged by the cold war … though the hippie movement gave the first glimmers of bursting through … with the fall of Russia … they had no more Us and Them to fall back upon … communism also failed … the situation was ripe for a new ideology to step in …
            3) By 1980s enough petrodollars had accumulated in the financial sector give leverage to the petro lobby to dictate terms : two terms seem to have been dictated and accepted since the alternative was a collapse of the world financial system by a possible flight of petro dollars to the Arab capitals … these seem to have been, a massive import of Muslim population into the west in order to avoid a return of petro dollars to develop the domestic economies … and, a nelson’s eye to muslim activities of conversion, shariah etc…
            4) you may have noted that none of the many churches are coming out openly against the excesses … not to speak of conversions … only individual christians who feel threatened are speaking out …
            5) this is a totalitarian ideology … packaged with the threat of a holocaust and judgment day … it must be appealing to the westerners …

          • dr.viraj pradhan

            Thanks very much indeed.Dr.Shastri

            Do continue writing such interesting articles.