Just The Facts, Prof. Chomsky

I wrote this open letter to you because of my respect for you as someone driven by evidence, not by ideology.

Dear Prof. Chomsky,

I first heard your name when, as a Computer Science student at IIT Kanpur, I studied the Chomsky-Normal Form for specifying formal languages.  Many years later, I came across “Manufacturing Consent” and your critiques of US foreign policy and the nexus with the “establishment” media.  I deeply respected your writings for their quiet, insistent undeniable call to facts and reason, girded by a compassionate and moral view. Given all that, I was distressed to find you a signatory to an open letter that clearly misrepresents facts, perhaps mislead by accounts of “highly respected journalists.”

I can neither make the claim to be “highly respected” nor am a journalist, so I will simply put forth a few propositions, as an aside, before I come to the facts of the present case.

The first proposition is that the same forces that “manufacture consent” in the US have interest in “manufactured dissent” in other countries for their own purposes.  This dissent often uses natives as its agents. Without elaboration, I would point you to this Op-Ed from Nilanjana Roy in the New York Times on the JNU case. I will take up this proposition in its fullness on another occasion.

The second proposition is that the India media establishment has developed close ties with the dynastic rule of the Congress Party that ruled India virtually as a monopoly since independence.  “Highly respected” journalists were implicated in the Radia Tapes recordings (original transcripts here), for instance, where they were seen as acting as virtual power brokers for high-level appointments in the UPA Cabinet.  Social media and a growing independent blog-sphere, of which I am a small part, are increasingly challenging this media establishment.

One more aside before we come to the substance of the recent events at JNU. India’s free speech laws are not quite the equivalent of the US Constitution’s first amendment.  Police in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh (not ruled by the BJP) recently arrested someone called Kamlesh Tiwari simply for suggesting that the Prophet Mohammad was gay.

jawaharlal-nehruThese free speech laws were watered down, starting from the first amendment of the Indian constitution, by Jawaharlal Nehru, for which JNU is named. UPA/Congress-led Indian governments used these laws to ban books, curb speech and shutdown websites and social media accounts, well before “the authoritarian menace” of the present government.  The Emergency in 1975-77, again by the Congress Party and largely un-opposed by the establishment media, was its culmination. Its main target—the predecessors of the BJP.

Before we come to the numerous factual errors in your letter, let me put forth a brief timeline of events, supported by primary sources, where possible. This is also in the hope that other media accounts, often even more bereft of facts than yours, can also be scrutinized. (All times IST)

Feb 9: The JNU Registrar and administration got wind of that a cultural event to be held at 5pm on Feb 9, was instead planned to be used for commemorating the “martyrdom” of Afzal Guru, convicted in the terrorist attack on the Indian parliament.

See Tweet of JNU student with poster of the event.

When the university authorities got wind of this (at 3pm on Feb 9) they deputed University Security and personnel to record the event and submit the report.

See TV Interview with University registrar: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153884167102593&id=820207592

At the JNU event, slogans were raised for the “destruction of India” and for “breaking India into pieces.” There are many such videos in circulation and since I am unable to directly verify their authenticity, I shall not link to these. However, note that according to the registrar, official videos were recorded and, the security personnel also took down the names of the offending students.

Feb 10: As this event broke on social media, there was a lot of popular outrage, including a Twitter trend to #ShutDownJNU and calls for their arrest grew strong.

Feb 11: A member of parliament of BJP, Shri Maheish Girri, responded to this outrage on Feb 11 at 12:58 PM requesting the HRD Minister to take “stern action”.

There was no visible response from the (central) government.

At 4:57 PM  Shri Maheish Girri, MP,  tweeted that he planned to file a police complaint at 6 PM regarding the events on Feb 9.

At 6:34 PM Shri Maheish Girri tweeted a picture of him filing the police complaint

and at 9:32 uploaded the formal complaint copy.

Note the police FIR mentions it was filed at 14:00  (based on prior phone call?) for events that took place on Feb 9 between 4:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

In Maheish Giri’s complaint letter there is no specific charge of “inciting violence” on Kanhaiya Kumar.

Kanhaiya Kumar gives a speech on the evening of Feb 11 before his imminent arrest. (FIRs in India routinely lead to arrest.). However, the process for his arrest has started before this speech. Note that the police coordinated with university authorities who had full possession of the official tape made on Feb 9.

Feb 12:

Kanhaiya Kumar is arrested by the Delhi police on the basis of the FIR regarding events of Feb 9.

Let me now take up the contents of your open letter containing many errors of fact and misleading assertions.

We have learnt of the shameful act of the Indian government which, invoking sedition laws formulated by India’s colonial rulers, ordered the police to enter the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus and unlawfully arrest a student leader, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, on charges of inciting violence – without any proof whatever of such wrongdoing on his part.

There are two falseshoods here. One is that the charge against Kanhaiya Kumar is for inciting violence. The other that the charges come “without any proof.” Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on the basis of official university video on the charge of sedition.  While it is true that this is a colonial law that is true for most of India’s penal code.

From the reports of a large number of witnesses and the most highly respected journalists in the country, these are the known facts that no impartial observer denies: In a student meeting, acting well within the rights he possesses by the law of the land, Mr. Kumar spoke critically of the BJP government’s policies. On the previous day, at some other event, which he had no part in organising and at which he did not speak, a handful of other students, not even identifiable as students of the university, were shouting slogans about the rights of Kashmiris to independence from Indian military oppression over the last many decades. Mr. Kumar, whose speech (widely available on a video) cannot in any way be connected with the slogans uttered on the previous day, was nonetheless arrested for ‘anti-national’ behaviour and for violating the sedition laws against the incitement to violence.

The entire premise of this is false. Mr. Kumar was not arrested for the speech made on Feb 11 since the process for his arrest was already under way. People criticize the BJP and RSS every day without facing arrest including many of the “respected journalists.” Thus the speech that is “widely available on video” is irrelevant. In fact it is a speech he makes fearing arrest, well aware of his predicament. The speech against the BJP and RSS is, in fact, his way to “prove his innocence” by making a political speech that remains well-protected in India.

This speech is to refute the charge that he is anti-national and he is aware of the scrutiny this speech would get. Thus his speech is highly critical of the BJP and RSS, since he knows that it is legitimate criticism that he could not get into trouble for.

This was clearly repeated on the floor of the Indian parliament by BJP MP Anurag Thakur in a privilege motion in response to the JNU events. “Criticism of the Indian government is welcome, of ministers is welcome, of our policies is welcome, but not the (integrity) of India itself.”

The assertion that “Mr. Kumar, whose speech (widely available on a video) cannot in any way be connected with the slogans uttered on the previous day” is patently false. Firstly, his later speech, which is being used in this claim, had nothing to do with his arrest, since arrest proceedings were already underway. It is also wrong to say that Mr. Kumar was not “in any way connected” with slogans uttered the previous day since it has been prima facie established, based on evidence provided by the University and scrutinized by Court, that he was part of the event. The detailed judicial proceedings are still ongoing.

Since there is no evidence to establish these charges, we can only conclude that this arrest is further evidence of the present government’s deeply authoritarian nature, intolerant of any dissent, setting aside India’s longstanding commitment to toleration and plurality of opinion, replicating the dark times of an oppressive colonial period and briefly of the Emergency in the mid-1970s.

It is strange that someone sitting at MIT, with no knowledge of the events, relying on “reputable journalists” makes a sweeping assertion of “no evidence.” Rather, there were 38 university security personnel (statement by HRD minister in Parliament) at the event in question. Other than video evidence, they have made written statements regarding the event of Feb 9.  This evidence was recorded by University authorities and independently verified by the police and judicial authorities to establish a prima facie case. Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech on Feb 11, where he criticized the BJP and RSS is in fact evidence that he knows criticism of the “present government” cannot get him arrested; such criticism routinely flows throughout India including on college campuses.

These actions of the police have brought great dishonour to the government; and the failure of the Vice-Chancellor to speak out against these actions and moreover to allow the suspension of seven other students on charges that have not been established by a fair and transparent inquiry, will bring great dishonour to the most prominent university in the country in the eyes of the academy all over the world.

We, the undersigned, take a stand of heartfelt solidarity with the students and faculty of Jawaharlal Nehru University in their efforts to resist these developments on its campus and, in the name of the liberties that India and Indian universities until recently could take for granted, we not only condemn the culture of authoritarian menace that the present government in India has generated, but urge all those genuinely concerned about the future of India and Indian universities to protest in wide mobilisation against it.

Indian universities in general, and JNU in particular have not been bastions of liberty “until recently.” It is a highly politicized campus. Accounts of students victimized for their political views abound, generally by staunchly Left-leaning faculty.  This “most prominent university” has the highest rate of sexual abuse of any university in the country and its faculty prevented police enquiry of a brutal case of sexual assault by one of its own, resulting in a simple dismissal rather than criminal charges. Nor is police action at the campus unusual. Students at JNU were beaten up by Police for protesting against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of the earlier UPA government.

Earlier events of police action at JNU did not make world news since they were not part of the manufactured narrative against the current BJP-led government.  Refer back to my initial point of the manufactured dissent by establishment media. Thus this “mobilization” you call for here against the present government is both partisan and ill-informed. That it is driven from the US against a democratically elected government, smacks of neo-colonialism. It is wrong in both the “facts” it uses and its response to them.

Let me do a brief analogy of what happened for the US audience. Imagine a big public funded University, say UT Austin, of which I am an alum. They hold a public event to commemorate the martrydom of Osama bin Laden by security forces. Not only that, they proclaim his death would be avenged and they will not rest till the US is destroyed and broken up into pieces. This is what allegedly happened at JNU that got people incensed. (What actually happened may need us to wait for the court to sift through all the evidence).

Now you might argue, that all this is protected free speech, but you can imagine the outrage in the US. You’d also bet the FBI would be on it. And, of course, India is far stricter on free speech where a stray remark on the Prophet would get you in jail and where Satanic Verses was banned (by the Congress government).

rail imageAnd remember that the call to dismember India is not theoretical. India was partitioned based on rhetoric from elite and well-educated lawyers less than 70 years ago resulting in millions of death and a wound that has still not healed. Pakistan was further partitioned into Bangladesh and hasn’t since then stopped trying to “avenge” this by fomenting insurgencies in India. All this is not armchair academics for us. It is a very real cost paid daily by the lives of ordinary people in terror attacks and by our security forces.

And Prof. Chomsky, please save your worries. As the election results after the Emergency showed, India does not take to authoritarian government lightly. If this government does take that turn, the people of India will show it the door.  Your ill-informed intervention is patronizing, unless you’ve suddenly finding a new-found love for US intervention to “save” India’s democracy.
I wrote this open letter to you because of my respect for you as someone driven by evidence, not by ideology. Unfortunately, this is not true of the many “respected” and even “highly respected” Indian intermediaries you may rely on for collecting that evidence. I hope you will publicly apologize and retract this ill-informed letter.

Sankrant Sanu is an entrepreneur, author and researcher based in Seattle and Gurgaon. His essays in the book “Invading the Sacred” contested Western academic writing on Hinduism. He is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas and holds six technology patents. His latest book is “The English Medium Myth.” He blogs at sankrant.org .
  • Lalitaditya Muktapida

    Why respect Chomsky? He is a court historian. He justifies what he is asked to justify by the powers that be. He is paid to provide his own reasoning or rationalizing to be more accurate. But his conclusions are never in doubt. Give me any single issue and I can tell you Chomsky’s viewpoint on it with 100% accuracy. He is a very predictable person.

  • Karto Graph

    JAI SHRI RAM sir, you have brought joy to hindus worldwide against muslim loving communist jews like chomsky

  • balayogi

    Left-especially the Indian variety is not fit to exist even at ideological level- why?

    Whenever I read the wonderful book’ An Idealist View of Life’ by Dr. S.Radhakrishnan which he has written as a professor writing a text book for students without any passionate positioning of particular ideas against another or Osho’s book of Secrets or the Zen stories or Encyclopedia of Social Inventions – an excellent reference work for everyone incidentally perhaps one of the few good things done by Oxfam.

    What all these great books show is that humanity in the realm of social engineering can throw any idea or ideology, even the farfetched ones, into the cauldron of socio-cultural experimentation and churn it with whichever form of political or religious denomination at the collective level and observe the psychological ,emotional and intellectual acceptance and reactions at the individual level.

    In this process various ‘isms’ or ‘ologoies’ evolved -which later on, in some cases turned into belief systems or ideological faiths or functional political systems.

    Ultimately they are, rightly or wrongly, judged by their survival value in terms of chronology – like kingdoms and empire hoods- besides, more importantly their benefits to the individual and society at large.

    In this process various believers of some ‘isms’ have tried their level best to homogenize individual aspirations and social behaviors to fit into their ‘isms’.

    These are all perfectly justifiable in the process of social evolutionary trends.

    Though the ulterior motive of many of these homogenizing trends have been to hegemonize, command and control greater number human beings spread across larger geographical areas.

    Though these were pushed in through euphemistic terminological claims of ushering in unity through these were more focused on creating uniformity and not unity.

    These linguistic attacks were so well injected that hardly anyone doubted the intentions.

    They are as difficult to clearly distinguish as differences between naïve, innocent, ignorant.

    However, among these multitude of ‘isms’, even prima facie ‘The Leftist communism –especially the variety that is peddled in India- ironically of all the places, is absolutely out of sync with both the socio-religio-cultural milieu as well as the very nature of human beings which predominantly manifest variety and which loves to live with identities starting from the name that is assigned to as a baby to the tradition, religion, cultural mores that one gets groomed into, enjoying all forms festivities and activities together with others, all the while being aware of all sorts of varieties but never nurturing an animosity based on exaggerated notions of victim hood.

    This is the natural tendency of normal human species primarily as a bio chemical entity with emotional and mental aspirations everywhere as no one would like to move around in vacuous inanity or inane vacuum unless one is monk who because of his highly evolved condition of mind and awareness, can easily manifest detachment or one is a mentally retarded person who, unfortunately, is not aware of his identity.

    Therefore, almost all over the world Left has various hues and colors to accommodate the ever changing trends and developments [the most diplomatic way of choosing expediency over out dated ideology] but surprisingly in India they have dominated both the social debates and social engineering because it was used as a convenient tool by foreign outfits to exploit some of the inconvenient traditions that local people were unwilling to change though knowingly sometimes even uncomfortable to put up with. It was their own psychological choice to live in harmony with differences rather than resorting to dividing in animosity

    This has also some lessons in introspection for Indians at large, that we as a society must effect the necessary changes in certain traditions which have outlived their significance or relevance in present life styles for example not being able to use cow dung mixed water on granite floored house entrances or not being able wear a nine yards sari and play tennis or clean/soak everything with water after paying visit to a dead body [except purses, keys, mobiles phones, lap tops, car interiors etc].

    In societies like these with a very rich heritage, with multitude of regional traditions and all these mixed with almost highly sanctified pride of ancestry while one group parades its past glories cherry picking, the attackers focus and zoom the irrelevant practices through scum clearing. This is where we give greater room for the Left which would otherwise been left unnoticed long back.

    The only success stories of Left in India are one man ruling, or should I say ruining, a state for 30 years, shouting and sloganeering against American Imperialism [his imagined and projected enemy-while letting his daughter studied even her primary education in USA wherefrom she wrote books like Karma Cola], now Karat family dominating the scenario with another Namboodri Bad dominated till he became older than his political competitor Karunakaran and retired after 80 years.

  • bung ahongsangbam

    I don’t look at Twitter because it doesn’t tell me anything. It tells me people’s opinions about lots of things, but very briefly and necessarily superficially, and it doesn’t have the core news. : Chomsky
    A Chomskyan Reply to Sankrant Sanu: Samuel X https://jnuagainstrss.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/a-chomskyan-reply-to-sankrant-sanu-samuel-x/

  • Zohrab

    …………I wrote this open letter to you because of my respect for you as someone driven by evidence, not by ideology…………………

    Now, what exactly is it that … driven by evidence,,,, since the evidence of all video clips proven to be doctored by forensic test carried out by the Delhi govt. The first such video uploaded in youtube by Shilpi Tewari, who was campaign manager for Smrithi Irani withdrawn! It’s ABVP activist S Sharma who helped Zee TV crew enter JNU Campus to make another doctored video clip. The truth is coming out one by one. Beyond everything Kanhaiya Kumar is given interim bail …What?! So called terrorist charged for sedition goes free! It is reported that the Delhi Police trying to frame Omar Khalid and Anirban with charges for collaboration with Maoists due not be able to muster up evidence to charge them on LeT complicity.

    Something is rotten in Denmark….!

  • Dr. MS

    Here is another interesting article on how “historical amnesia” can protect unsavory policies, including foreign policies, by some candidates, and their mentors.

    From “The Nation”


    Bernie Sanders Is Confronting America’s Foreign Policy Amnesia Head-On

    Why is no one else talking about the fact that Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by a war criminal?

    By Greg Grandin

    Over the last month, Bernie Sanders, in slowly cobbling together what might be called a “Bernie Doctrine,” has introduced a radical concept into American politics: the idea that history matters, that every effect has a cause.It seems a simple point—that actions taken in the past reverberate into the present—but it’s not. For America’s militarized brand of malignant exceptionalism is founded on the idea that the United States transcends history. That statement—that America believes itself exempt from the law of cause and effect—seems especially abstract. But the belief has a very concrete expression: a refusal to recognize the reality of blowback.

    Blowback, as many Nation readers are aware, was a term introduced into popular circulation by the late political scientist Chalmers Johnson, an old Cold Warrior turned dissident. Johnson said the phrase was first invented by the CIA to describe the “unintended consequences of policies that were kept secret from the American people”—the mayhem and murder that resulted from US actions abroad, including support for coups, drug runners, and dictators.

    The question of causality is complex. For some philosophers and physicists, time might not exist. And since cause-and-effect reasoning needs the concept of time—of one thing preceding another—the effort to establish causality is a mug’s game, an infinite regression of increasingly unanswerable questions. But in the everyday, finite world we live in, we, as sentient beings, need causality to make sense of things, to order our experiences, distribute resources and power more equitably, and create the conditions for a more humane and sustainable society. Hillary Clinton herself makes this point, using this quotation in her It Takes a Village as an epigraph: “We cannot live only for ourselves. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results” (though she misattributes it to Herman Melville when it is actually from Rev. Henry Melvill, c. 1855).

    But US militarism depends on (and is responsible for, but that’s another argument) a disassociation of cause-and-effect, a refusal to consider how actions taken in one decade—the overthrow, say, of Iran’s Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953—might produce an “unintended consequence” in another decade, such as 1979’s Iranian Revolution. There are different ways the oblivion that allows this disassociation is produced. I did a lot of work on declassified US documents, mostly memos and cables generated by the US embassy in Guatemala City during the worst of that country’s political terror. And I was always struck by historical stupor of most foreign policy officials. Occasionally there’d be a flash of insight, including the recognition that Guatemala’s death squads were in fact created and maintained by Washington policy. But then that official would be rotated out of country after his two-year post, with his successor once again portraying the death squads as outside of US control.

    Beyond institutional amnesia, a rejection of causal analysis is the existential rock on which American Exceptionalism sits. The United States’s unique sense of itself depends on an ambiguous relationship to the past. History is affirmed, since it is America’s unprecedented historical success that justifies the exceptionalism. Yet history is denied, or at least what is denied is an understanding of the past as a series of causal relationships. This is what allows the fiction that “we live only for ourselves,” and manifests itself, in its most virulent form, in the kind of know-nothing resentfulness that today dominates the American Right and Republican Party. The denial of history is also what allows for our habitual interventionism. The blowback from any given action (arming anti-Soviet jihadists in Afghanistan, for example) is rinsed clean of its source and given a new origin story, blamed on generalized chaos that exists beyond our borders, a laundering which in turn allows future interventionism.

    Competing conceptions of historical analysis and how they relate to US militarism is, ultimately, what is at stake in Bernie Sander’s ongoing criticism of Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Henry Kissinger. Yes, Kissinger is a war criminal. Yes, Kissinger bears some degree of responsibility for the deaths of millions of people. That Clinton cites this man’s recommendation as a credential deserves loud and sustained moral outrage.

    More importantly, however, Sanders’s critique of Clinton-Kissinger allows him to confront head-on not just America’s imperial amnesia, but the philosophical defense of that amnesia.

    Most foreign policy officials and their pundit-scribes unthinkingly deny cause-and-effect. They don’t know what contributed to the rise, say, of political Islam, and they don’t want to know (we’ve just passed the twentieth-fifth anniversary of the first Gulf War with nary a mention). They don’t have to conspire, or be taught how, to present the policies of the United States and the violence and disorder that exist in the rest of the world as entirely unrelated. It’s instinct.

    Kissinger is different. Born in Germany and educated in continental metaphysics, Kissinger, unlike others in the foreign policy establishment, is keenly aware of the stakes in different ways of thinking about the past.

    Kissinger thinks himself an historian. Yet he expressly rejects an historical methodology that stresses “causation.” He dismisses “causal” reasoning as a false, or lower-order and deterministic, form of comprehension, one that denies the true radical “freedom” of human existence. Kissinger does believe that the future can learn from past events, which he often invokes to make a point. But he is clear that the lesson should not come from an obsessive reconstruction of causal connections. Rather, he says, history teaches “by analogy.” And each generation has the “freedom” to “decide what, if anything, is analogous.” Conveniently, this “history as analogy” (as opposed to “history as cause-and-effect blowback”) is ready-built to justify evermore militarism: if you don’t like the lesson Richard Nixon and Vietnam teaches, don’t worry about it. There’s always Neville Chamberlain and Munich. Kissinger was among the first, in 1990, to compare Saddam Hussein to Adolph Hitler.

    There are mundane reasons why causal history wouldn’t appeal to Kissinger, whose actions have “caused” their share of misery “effects” the world over, and whose policies in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq helped produce the current cataclysm in the Middle East.

    Great statesmen (or women) have a responsibility to act, Kissinger has repeatedly insisted. They can’t be weighed down by the burdens of the past, or become imprisoned by the chains of cause-and-effect. They need to confront, to stem, to combat, to seize, to bend, to stand athwart history and steer its course. And they can only do that if they realize their freedom of action, and not succumb to causal determinism. “Those statesmen who have achieved final greatness did not do so through resignation, however well founded,” Kissinger wrote in his 1954 doctoral dissertation; “It was given to them not only to maintain the perfection of order but to have the strength to contemplate chaos, there to find material for fresh creation.” Let reporters and academics dig up facts that show how, say, Kissinger’s support for the Shah in Iran and arms sales to the Saudi regime radicalized the region. When that radicalization causes a crisis that threatens the interests of the US, its leaders have a moral responsibility to act, to refuse to be paralyzed either by the fact or the fear of blowback.
    But Kissinger offers more lofty reasons why politicians should steer clear of “causality.” If leaders spend too much time contemplating the “cause” of the crisis that confronts them, they might become paralyzed. They might come to believe that what is, had to be, overwhelmed by a “deterministic” view of history. “What can a US president faced with such complicated, inexorable, impersonal processes do?” Jeane Kirkpatrick asked, using terms very similar to Kissinger’s philosophy of history, in her stinging critique of the Hamlet-like nature of Jimmy Carter: “The answer, offered again and again by the president and his top officials, was, Not Much.”

     It’s this denial that our “actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects” that unites Kissingerism with neoconservatism as Clintonism. Here’s Dick Cheney, when pushed on his responsibility for the rise of ISIS: “If we spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago, we’re going to miss the threat that is growing and that we do face.” The United States, he says, needs to do “what it takes, for as long as it takes.”

    And here’s Hillary Clinton, responding to Sander’s criticism of her vote to authorize Cheney’s war:

    I do not believe a vote in 2002 is a plan to defeat ISIS in 2016. It’s very important we focus on the threats we face today, and that we understand the complicated and dangerous world we are in. When people go to vote in primaries or caucuses, they are voting not only for the president, they are voting for the commander-in- chief. And it’s important that people really look hard at what the threats and dangers we face are, and who is best prepared for dealing with them.

    Kissinger couldn’t have said it better: never let yesterday’s catastrophe stand in the way of tomorrow’s intervention.

    Read On

    • कृ

      This is a country which doesn’t consider Bush a war criminal, you think they’ll have an unfavourable memory of Kissinger ?

  • Babita Garg

    Sankrant Sanu, your rebuttal to their letter is brilliant but i don’t think they will apologize or even look into the facts that you have provided. Its all about ideology, they listen to and believe only their co-passengers in India. And those of their ilk in India are hell bent on defaming Modi govt in anyway they can.

  • sanastp

    Sankrant Sanu, http://www.ndtv.com/cheat-sheet/jnu-student-kanhaiya-kumars-request-for-bail-in-court-today-10-developments-1282293

    it says “The Delhi police accepted that there was no video in which Kanhaiya Kumar can be seen raising slogans and there is no independent witness. The Delhi government supported his bail in court saying there is no proof against him and no innocent should be in jail.”

    Do let me know your thoughts

    • VeVePe

      There is no dispute that Jihadist slogans were indeed raised. Police should find out who raised them. There are plenty of videos showing this Umar guy demanding Azadi for Kashmir. Will need to take a call on whether that is legal under present laws.

      • Zohrab

        The latest findings of the forensic test proves otherwise. Each and every video presented by the ABVP activists turned out to be manipulated and fabricated.
        Is the Delhi Police siding with the anti-nationals?

  • Indravadan Mistry

    A big salute to Sankrant Sanu for showing the truth to ill informed intellectuals. They rely upon the Indian media but don’t know the reality of Indian media.

  • VeVePe

    Chomsky is basically a Left Gatekeeper, he will never utter a word that seriously damages the elites he supports. To all those idealists who looked up to him – I’m sorry gentlemen, you’ve been had.

  • sun_ny

    For an article titled “Just the facts”, he stresses heavily throughout on a personal opinion that the media of India is by and large trying to ‘manufacture dissent’ against the NDA government. He makes a radical claim that the speech of Kanhaiyya made the day after was consciously made to make sure it is circulated, and as a result he is not framed for the previous day’s behaviour. This is anything but a wild guess, although he is entitled to hold it of course, but it is impossible of being ‘factually’ substantiated.

    How is he different to boast of the moral high ground then?

    As for the “facts”, they are blatantly selective and even manipulated (as expected).

    1. “India’s free speech laws are not quite the equivalent of the US Constitution’s first amendment.”

    Correct. But by the past readings of the Supreme Court, India’s sedition laws, which apply to this case, are the same as those of the United States of America, namely the two step Brandenburg test. The current case of course is still under the judiciary. However, (what I perceive it to be) a good attempt to mislead by quoting something that isn’t relevant, but is true in itself. If it comes under sedition in India, it is so in the US, if not here, then not there too.

    2. There is the mention of the Radia tapes to indict Barkha Dutt as someone working slyly in support of the Congress, but no mention of Zee News(whose owner is a close associate of the BJP) and Times News circulating false videos of Kanhaiyya. No mention of the Zee News journalist leaving his job in protest of their manipulative propaganda against Kanhaiyya, no mention of the ABVP leaders resigning on the same account.

    3. Nor is there a single mention of OP Sharma assaulting people and openly claiming he’ll shoot anyone who says Pakistan Zindabad, and BJP spokesperson S. Trivedi shamelessly defending him on national television, no condemnation whatsoever by the party whatsoever at his deplorable acts; and no mention of the goon cum lawyers beating up people right under the police’s(controlled by the Central government) nose and even inside court premises, the same police who he claims took a neutral stand while making the arrests.

    If Chomsky kept all these in mind while using the phrase “authoritarian menace of the government”, how is he wrong?

    4. He says there was no visible response by the Central government, perhaps to subtly imply they aren’t to be blamed for demonising Kanhaiyya as Chomsky believes. What transpired afterwards has no mention.

    But what about Rajnath Singh’s false tweets to frame Kanhaiyya as someone with terrorist links, citing a twitter account which the Intelligence Bureau and the police said had no recognised links to LeT, and which even Hafiz Saeed said later was fake?

    What about Smriti Irani using the sensational mention of Mahishasura martyrdom being celebrated, again, in effect to frame the JNU students as anti nationals “misusing” free speech, while conveniently forgetting that tribal groups across multiple states in India worship him as their leader and call Durga an evil woman who lured him to death, and that there is a socio historical background to the belief?

    No mention of the BJP moron citing meat eating, drinking and counting condoms to depict the whole of JNU as a hub of illicit activities?

    5. Lastly, he makes a sweeping generalization of comparing the case of Laden with Afzal Guru to utterly and completely befool the US readers to shock one into the equivalence of a US citizen supporting bin Laden. They are not even, as the proverb goes, Apples and Oranges. Apples and Ladyfingers perhaps would come closer. Laden was someone against whom the US Army carried out a full fledged military operation. Guru was someone against whose hanging both Indian human right activists and international organizations like Amnesty International protested, the decision of the courts being highly criticised.
    BJP itself has conveniently formed a political alliance with PDP, a party that strongly believes quite openly that Guru was a victim of judicial murder, I suppose they’d agree?

    • You are battling your own “facts.” I didn’t say “the speech of Kanhaiyya made the day after was consciously made to make sure it is circulated.” All I said is the tKK was aware of the outrage against anti-national slogans and this speech is a defense of that. He is certainly conscious it will receive scrutiny.

      The rest of your comment is hardly relevant. But the Bin Laden vs Afzal Guru one is laughable. According to you a deliberate assassination by the state is less worthy of protest than an execution that followed proper judicial procedure?

  • Sekhars

    great response Mr Sanu. It seems Chamosky is affected by misinformation and ignorance. A low for Chamosky. May be age catching up on him. He has done same in the past to support Teesta Setalwad putting his signature on the letter of support.

  • RajeevS

    Communists are jokers and should not be taken seriously.

  • Ramaya Ramachandra
  • Gv Rama Rao

    A well researched and scripted reply to Prof Chomsky. If the latter has any intellectual integrity he should apologise for signing the letter. However, I doubt he will take such action as senility perhaps is taking its toll on him. No wonder MIT has lost its supremacy it held for so long.

  • Samit Mathur

    The videos being circulated are not the videos that resulted in Kanhaiyya’s arrest, but the written complaints from the Security staff and the video made available by the University registrar…… grow up Libtards……. Police is not fool to arrest a guy based on internet videos……. Libtards are going to question the Police….. thereafter the Courts and will reveal their real character……

  • JustSaying

    Expect nothing but excellence from Sankrant Sanu. Request to you- Try to get this article published in Indian newspapers. I think you don’t publicize your work much.
    BTW they are not “highly respected” journalists, they are “eminent” journalists.

  • sanjay

    Superb retort to these so called Intellectuals abroad Sankrant. We have a leftist problem in India and we need to solve it.

  • Saffronwarrior

    Peepaw gnome chumpsky is the president of people who’re dead & don’t know it yet club. Hey peepaw why the fuck dontcha tell Mericans to stop killing your gays, whores & niggers? Ever tried telling Saudis to stop killing their peasants? Try it, you won’t even be alive to see the results.
    Gnome chumpsky you’re way past your sell by date so do the right thing & drop dead peepaw.

  • Cybil Peril

    US is a false democracy, under the facts of Christies n church, like muzzie mosque-madarsa duo. US and entire Europe are christian countries but under a façade of pseudo-democracy. West is fundamentalist Christi while Middle East is fundamentalist muzzie. Both r converting industrie and both use hate, arrogance, violence as their main tools. Both are fighting like cats n dogs especially in Arabic Middle East. Both hv destabilised this planet and WW III is on anvil.

  • gk

    Chomsky is siding with the people who carried out 50000 political murders in the last few decades in Bengal and Kerala.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Well expounded.

    The true “Thought Police” was the Totalitarian anti Hindu social engineering state created by the Pangolins complete with a History of convenience since 1947. As recently as 2012, when the Pangolin “Parivar that loots together to stay together” was in power, cartoons published in 1948 were expurgated from Government approved School History Text Books and 25 % of Private School seats in Schools that were not owned and operated by Christians and Moslems were confiscated by the State.

    This is how the PANGOLINs’ convented secularist journalists play it. Cherry Picking to fit a politically convenient “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad” hypothesis. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Imported Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921)

    India was NEVER secular or a democracy. The 1949 Constitution which was plagiarized from the “Divide to rule” and “Keep the people of Dharma subservient” Government of India Act (1935) did what the British had intended, and ideas such as inequality under law and exceptions to the law borrowed from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” have been embroidered into it ever since, condemning India to a perpetual state of civil war built on the twin pillars of Reservations and Extortion (aka corruption). In 1959, the Indian Republic confiscated the Common Wealth of the People of Dharma including the temples, the grazing and agricultural lands, the educational institutions, the irrigation tanks, the treasure, and religious freedom.

    Today India is anything but secular as it is prejudiced against a persecuted section of society.(those who are descended from those who were “People of Dharma” prior to 1921 have been completely marginalized, disenfrranchised and orphaned) and It is anything but democratic as not only the right to employment and promotion in Government service, but even the right to contest elections from any particular constituency is determined by birth i.e. caste, tribe, religion, gender and so on.

    As a result, as Sir. M. Vishweshwaraya had predicted, when the British forced “reservation” on Mysore, India is now (UNDP 2015) 135 out of 172 countries in Human and Social Development and 143 out of 172 countries in internal peace and stability.

    This notion of “Asian” in the British Commonwealth was created to deflect attention from and cover up the Islamic crimes of Moslems i.e. Pakistanis. This is precisely what the British did in India when they coined the word “Hindu”for the People of Dharma who adhered to Aryan (Brahmin) laws and then, labelled all those who were neither Din e Kitabi (the followers of Satanic cults like Christianity and Islam) nor People of Dharma, as Dalits and then made them Hindus-in-law to swamp the congregational temple welfare system and commonwealth of the People of Dharma as well as discredit the People of Dharma by attributing the asura qualities of those they had made Hindus-in-law to the people of Dharma. The Anglican system is Imperial like Islam and Papistry which is to undermine and discredit any faith superior to their own such as Brahmanism by deflecting the guilt of barbarians and satanists like themselves to their superiors and betters. Contemporary India knows this as politics. I call this PANGOLINism. . (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Imported Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921). This has had a profound influence on the warped inhuman perceptions of “The West” and has been adopted and propagated by the PANGOLIN “Parivar that loots together to stay together” in India.

  • Rajalakshmi J

    /// …if India is an abstract notion, not an actual nation, then how can
    and why should ‘it’ be broken-up at all? If the idea of India as a
    physical entity is wrong, how is Azadi Kashmir, with delineated areas, a
    logical idea? Even as a notion, if Indian nationalism is debatable and
    open-sesame, how can separatist Kashmiri nationalism be absolute and
    open-and-shut? Or for that matter, any nation and its nationalism?

    Is this select liberal, global community which spans campuses and
    comrades here to Che Gueveras and Chomskys beyond aware of the world map
    which shows lines in land masses that are also called national borders?
    Are France, Germany, the huge Russia, the tiny Leichtenstein, the dots
    on the Pacific and Atlantic etc nations or non-nations? Almost every
    such mapped ‘nation’ has religion, culture or ethnicity of the majority
    as the common denominator for national identity. Now, just as India’s is
    negotiable, rather, non-existent, have the universalists formally
    proclaimed that all such norms of nationalism stand abolished and they
    will respect or regard none? By the way, have Communists here as
    courtesy communicated to China that China has ceased to exist?

    Have these citizens of the global world informed their respective
    countries-that-are-not that they no longer subscribe to Constitutional
    nationhood? And that having forsaken this petty irritant called
    patriotism, they are now also voluntarily forfeiting their passports?
    Will they now travel abroad without visas and fight for entry in true
    liberal spirit? If indeed, the need to fill an immigration form arises,
    what will our elites who travel to exotic locales for seminars on global
    poverty, write under the head ‘Nationality’?: ‘No-longer Indian’ or
    ‘Globalist’ or ‘No nation in Particular’?

    Of course, countries care a hoot for such nutty notionalists. Here
    stray anarchist voices have suddenly spiked since the BJP came to power.
    While their double standards on nationalism are India-specific, now it
    is also Modi-centric. There are many vested interests, here and beyond,
    who have use for these hired guns, mercenaries marooned in a morbid
    mental island, to fire at their prime target, the PM.

    When a corrupt foreigner with dubious past and a very private public
    life was at the helm, the nation was hailed. But when a clean son of the
    soil with proven track record and a transparent personal and public
    life is heading, India has failed! When an entrenched lineage exercised
    power by proxy and patronage, the nation and its people were supposed to
    have thrived. But when a leader of a democratic party rules by majority
    mandate, this is suddenly nobody’s nation unfit to live in!

    With such liberal leverage for falsehood, small wonder how
    ‘Hate-Modi’ has seamlessly shifted to ‘Love Afzal’. Tomorrow, their
    martyr could be Kasab; but never a Capt Pawan Kumar who died fighting
    terrorists in Srinagar last week or those who died in Parli attack or in


    Nobody’s nation?

    By TR.Jawahar.

    • Hari Tadepalli

      Beautiful response. Facts, logic and a willingness to concede some understanding are usually won’t among Indian leftists. I had great respect for Chmosky for his fearless critique of US imperialism in the post 2nd world war course of world nations. That he confuses every large government for colonialism and imperialism without teasing facts from his informants tells that, no one, including some one with the intellectual honesty of Chomsky is free from ideological excesses. In other words, your mindset and training has ossified into viewing people not as people with real faces and voices, but only as ideological groups worthy of either worship or castigation.Being the JNU faculty, these people likely run a quasi anarchist intellectual groups among transnational faculty. Just as we have transnational corporate powers that want to void the legitimacy of elected governments through trade deals like the TPP, and we have transnational terrorist groups that want to undermine governments, we also have these transnational bands of anarchic academicians thriving on public sponsorship. Sad to see Chomsky had to join one such brigade.

      • Saffronwarrior

        Gnome chumpsky was & is a deep cover cia agent whose main task was to infiltrate & discredit the American left in the 60s. He’s neither intellectual nor progressive but a paid spook & a gubmint troll who’s way past his sell by date.
        BTW these chrislamic terrorists of JNU & media mafia are not anarchists but full time statists, who love big sickular gubmint so that they can suck on gubmint tits forever.

    • Subramanian Venkatraman

      Grteast response! As a Tamil proverb goes: Is it all “Noise of a trumpet in the ears of a stone deaf?”

      • Rajalakshmi J

        The credit goes to Sri.TR.Jawahar. Editor of newstoday Chennai based newspaper.

        He is exceptionally good. Like Radha Rajan. Once he came up with detailed three to four parts interview of Svami Dayananda Saraswati on knavish EVIL christian chicanery in India. I am afraid they are no longer available on the internet. Though we claim Hindus are the majority we have long been emasculated & rendered voiceless sans IDENTITY owing to evil christians & their mafia.

        It is christian mafia in the guise of congress , its pchidambaram , kapil sibal that connived with LeT of Pakistan to assassinate Hindu Narendra Modi. Christian mafia will use communists , maoists , muslims , gmo crops & seeds , its aid agencies , its bbc , cnn , barkha dutts to annihilate Hindus. They are no friends of muslims either. Just using them to fulfill their objectives.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        I am reading Radha Rajan’s articles on how western nations plotted to wreck Iraq , Russia & succeeded too.

        We fell for canards fed to us by bbc presuming Russia & Iraq are ‘bad’ countries whereas americ , uk stand for everything ‘good’.


        ///Even Solzhenitsyn was forced to concede, albeit despairingly and by
        implication only, that national pride was a great and in fact the only
        driving force which could lift a sinking nation up by its bootstraps.

        Human beings are so constituted that we can put up with such
        ruination and madness even when they last a lifetime, but God forbid
        that anyone should dare to offend or slight our nationality! Should that
        occur, nothing can restrain us in our state of chronic submission: with
        furious courage we snatch up stones, clubs, spears, and guns and fall
        upon our neighbors, intent on murder and arson.

        Such is man: nothing has the capacity to convince us that our
        hunger, our poverty, our early deaths and the degeneration of our
        children – that any of these misfortunes can take precedence over
        national pride. (Rebuilding Russia, page 5)///

  • Indian

    Answer to this white skinned shitsharker and his Redcondom/ Crosscondom brigands would be SHUT UP YOU WHITE SKINNED XTIAN BEAST. INDIA IS NOT YOUR SLAVE.

  • Rajesh K

    Communists and Islamists have lot of similarities in the ideology on Democracy, Secularism and Nationalism.

    Communists preach for dictatorship of the proletariat where Islamist seek Khalifat. In both the systems there is no scope for a decent or opposition.
    Communists don’t believe in religions and they treat all who have have faith in God as threat to the Communists establishments, where Islamist treat Non-Muslim not even a Human being. They are either Dhimmies or enemies.
    Communists don’t believe in Nation theory. They don’t believe in boundaries, where Muslims you know….. They want the world under the rule of one Khalif’a. They want whole world to convert to “Dar-al-Islam”.
    God knows who is using whome for what!!!!

    • Rajalakshmi J

      Communists do not believe in God. It is violence & hedonism they espouse. I read communism was a reaction to the brutalities unleashed by christians. It was Vatican Pope who worked with politicians to wreck & dismember Russia.
      Today Russian Orthodox Church is being hurriedly wooed by vatican pope vatican feels threatened by Islam.

      Whereas Muslims are devout. They do believe in Allah.

      Within India javed akthars , umar khaleds con us by telling they are atheists. Ask them to say so WITHIN Saudi Arabia.

  • kumar

    Christian Evangelists appear to be behind the agitation at JNU and in Hyderabad. That is why we get these ” Free Unsolicited Advice” from West. The idea is to create unrest and stall India’s economic progress. After Modi asked spending account for NGO’s the lecture / attack has become shrill.

  • Silent Observer

    For some reason Indians in general hold the view that Ch0m$ky is a very respectable “intellectual”. This man is a propaganda mouthpiece of the establishment. A scoundrel! No honest intellectual will get rich and famous in the west, only propaganda mouthpieces do. Why? because an honest intellectual in no time will point the fingers at the establishment.

  • This is what happens when you institutionalize muslims/communists at the top and allow them a platform to spread their filth.
    Communists of India are the ones who love to lick muslim boots and they are ones who would bring in muslims to target Hindus. So non-dhimmis Hindus beware of communists and secularist-dhimmis for they are the traitors among you whom you cant spot so easily like you would a muslim.

    Understand this simple fact, India is Hindu nation first and not bhadwa/dhimmi/anti-Hindu nehru envisioned secular one. India first priority is being pro-Hindu and protecting the lives of Hindus so releasing Kamlesh Tiwari and ensuring his life is protected after the release is top most priority of a Hindu Country.

    Hindus who associate, Interact and mingle with such filthy islamic mindset become traitors, acid attackers and gangrapists. These specific crimes are actually the various stages of dhimmitude. A common site to witness a secularist Hindu showing these symptoms is Delhi which has allowed institutes there to give patronage to such stuff terming it cultural event like mahisasura divas.
    Based on some News reports from Indian MSM which is not yet verified, in Haryana riots, dhimmis have apparently gangraped women-folk as if they are following quranic verses.
    This is how secularization makes a Hindu associate more closely with a muslim than his country along with the traditional culture of the land.

    Also there should be cultural event in Indian Institutes where Hindus should wipe their ass(symbolic gesture is more than enough) with every arabic literature.

    • JagatguruDas

      Communists and kathuas are bed partners. They are similar minded morons

    • Rajalakshmi J

      The atheism of communists extends only to Hindus. In India they ally with muslims & evangelicals.

      Hindus are guilty of tolerating these communist traitors by conning all ” atheism is also allowed in Hinduism “.
      This is similar to using one’s tongue to deny the very existence of one’s
      tongue. It should gag all of us Hindus to know such cretinous
      communists have been our policy makers , our text books writers &
      opinion makers. They were empowered thus by traitorous congressis. Nehru onwards.

      P.Chidambaram is also a “communist at heart” according to his own confessions. After losing elections he told ” I don’t believe in God…in rebirths….”. If so why did he & his son conduct such grand Havans in many Temples ?

      Hindus of VHP . RSS . Bajrang Dal should KILL all these traitors. Our law is incapable of meting out punishment commensurate with their crimes. Imprisoning them , feeding them biryani & providing them all with amenities is no punishment. Muslims would hijack some flights to demand their “release”. Bollywood would make one more movie on such a hijack starring amir khan , shah rukh khan as “patriotic indians”.

      ///Communism itself comes with a commitment to combust and wither away….

      It is a kind of self-fulfilling emptiness;agitation for the sake of
      agitation, as a habit, an itch or a collective product of idle minds
      working overtime as devil’s workshops. From its very birth in mid-19th
      century, Leftism has been a licence for laziness and a lonely, last
      resort for the listless. It is a late lamented lie that lingered a bit
      too long but is always lusting to latch on to life.

      This parasite has lost much patronage. Unions, with their captive PSU
      crowd and its easy mobilisation, are out of business with strikes
      losing judicial sanction and people’s sympathy. Media’s five-star
      Leftism is confined to cosy intellectual ivory towers where bread and
      butter issues are discussed over high tea and higher stuff///


      Please watch the following to know what ails us Hindus :-


  • Luffy

    The comment section looks like a WWE Wrestling Match. And boy are they going hammer and tongs at each other.

    Special thanks to IndiaFacts.org, Sankrant Sanu, WordPress, PHP and Disqus for making WWE Wrestlers jobless.

  • Sankar

    Brilliant. A lawyer could have done no better. Hats off to Sankrant Sanu

  • NB

    Kanhaiya Kumar has not been charged yet in a court of law. This fact in itself is prima facie evidence that Kanhaiya Kumar is being targeted by a compliant administration. The headline in this story [ http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/sedition-charge-against-kanhaiya-kumar-may-be-dropped/article8249909.ece%5D says “Sedition charge against Kanhaiya Kumar may be dropped.”

    Kanhaiya Kumar has not been charged yet in a court of law. This fact in itself is prima facie evidence that Kanhaiya Kumar is being targeted by a compliant administration. The headline in this story [ http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/sedition-charge-against-kanhaiya-kumar-may-be-dropped/article8249909.ece%5D says “Sedition charge against Kanhaiya Kumar may be dropped.”

    Clearly Sanu does not recognize that his own stance is ideological. He has also not taken cognizance of uncomfortable facts like the video being doctored (http://scroll.in/article/803776/fact-check-the-video-of-kanhaiya-kumar-shouting-for-azadi-its-doctored ), or that Kanhaiya was beaten by “patriotic” lawyers in Patiala Court ( http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/exclusive-kanhaiya-wet-his-pants-while-we-beat-him-up-in-police-custody-say-lawyers-behind-patiala-house-assault/1/602690.html ) or that the Police commissioner of Delhi, Bassi wanted JNU Student leaders to prove their innocence (http://indianexpress.com/article/explained/in-fact-prove-innocence-bassi-told-jnu-students-but-that-isnt-law/ ).

    Patriotism has become the first excuse of scoundrels.

    • Please learn how to construct an argument. On the hand you argue charges may be dropped, on the other that he hasn’t been charged at all. Which is it?

      None of your other links make sense either. There is not one video to say “the” video is doctored. There is confirmation that there were official videos recorded by the admin, these have not been released to the general public.

      Whether Kanhaiya was beaten up or not by some lawyers has no bearing on whether the govt targeted him for his Feb 11 speech.

      • Rajalakshmi J

        ///it is pertinent that while video clippings of the function surfaced
        soon after it began, allegations of doctoring of tapes were made only as
        late as February 19, one week after his arrest, by a television channel
        and its guest speakers.

        These claims were not made at the time of the arrest; when Kanhaiya was
        produced before the Patiala House court for remand; or even when he
        approached the Supreme Court for bail. His voluble lawyers never said
        this in their innumerable interactions with the media, nor have they
        placed any such evidence before the court. This appears to be an

        Interestingly, within 48 hours of the event, 455 faculty from American
        universities released a statement backing the protestors. The most
        eminent, Sanskrit scholar Sheldon Pollock (no 319) must understand that
        outside select grooves of academia, few Indians have heard of him. Those
        who have, wish to know his views on the US Government’s vindictiveness
        towards Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and the brutalised innocents of
        the Occupy Wall Street movement, whose wails were choked by the free
        press of his free country. He should recall that even fellow Americans
        ignored the academics’ diatribe against Prime Minister Narendra Modi
        last time he visited the United States.

        Likewise, Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk may like to pontificate on
        Ankara’s oppressive policies towards the Kurd peoples and its aggression
        against Syria, and the continuing Baloch genocide by Pakistan. The aged
        Noam Chomsky is just another white man who burdens himself with every
        cause outside America. Grow up, guys, your eminence should make an
        impact inside your own countries///


        Sandhya Jain.

      • NB

        In your arguments your “evidence” was a set of Twitter posts, including one from a BJP MP. The fact is the Kanhaiya Kumar has not been charged in a court of law. So he should be presumed innocent till proven to be guilty. It is curious that you write :”There is confirmation that there were official videos recorded by the admin, these have not been released to the general public.”!!!
        How do you know what such videos contain?
        Here is a news item http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/kanhaiya-kumar-didnt-raise-any-slogan-jnu-security-guard-constable/articleshow/51156012.cms
        I quote from this news item:
        “A security guard at JNU campus and a policeman, said to be eyewitnesses who have also recorded their statements in the sedition case, have been purportedly seen in a sting video saying that JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar did not raise any slogan. ”

        Lastly Kanhaiya was beaten up in court in full view of the police. Bassi should have been suspended for this. He was not. He also asked the students to prove their innocence which is a fascist standard of justice.

        • Rajalakshmi J

          jnu students thrashed Kargil war heroes who protested against their pro pakistan recitations & entertaining of pakistanis within. Were those students punished ? No.

          So why should Bassi be suspended ? Our law , constitution everything is heavily biased against Hindus.

          When indira gandhi was the PM & congress was the ruling party in Kerala a college student called rajan was picked up by the police , tortured & killed who were following the orders of Karunakaran & Indira gandhi. Rajan was a communist who staged a play ridiculing Indira Gandhi. kanhaiya kumar is guilty of far worse crimes. In Kerala any communist who decides to quit their party gets killed. How many communists have been punished for such murders?

          Communists have no principles save anti Hindus venom. That is the only reason rahul of congress is suddenly allying with karat & yechury . Tell your kanhaiya kumar of Rajan’s death. It was made into a movie.

  • Shubhangi Raykar

    Where are the comments? censored?

  • Infinite Wisdom

    Just like India, most of the American “intellectuals” are leftist. As is the case with Indian “intellectuals” they are not particularly good at facts or objectivity but happy to distort facts to suit their leftist positions.

  • कृ

    Appealing to Chomsky with facts will not work; the man is an ideological black hole. Chomsky, ironically, is the very empire’s useful idiot, he so seems to dislike.

    It may appeal to us that he is ‘anti-imperial’ and so on, but his perceptions are painted by the very colonial deep state we so despise. He has neither the wisdom, nor the interest, nor least of the all the modesty, to question the picture painted before him. He is for all practical purposes, another colonial twit, as far as India is concerned.

    • frctl_k

      And you have the wisdom, the interest and the modesty to question the picture painted before you?
      His perceptions are ‘painted’ but yours can’t be?

      • कृ

        I do indeed. I have first hand experience that Chomsky doesn’t, I have second hand experience by reading books Chomsky won’t. I also have third hand experience in reading things that Chomsky’s ilk would recommend.

        So yes, I do think I pass the test. In any case, I’m wise enough to see through opportunists like Roy. I’m not wise enough on affairs of the US, but that’s what Chomsky is for.

        It’s also not like there is a paucity of painters under the colony, constantly pumping out propaganda. If anything there is a lack of outlets such as this one! If you know the slightest bit of probability (which is unlikely for, being a doctor, you’re likely to fail the Bayes test), you’ll realise precisely why I’m more likely to be balanced than Chomsky’s eminent self… but of course neither logic, nor statistics will rid you of your ideology…

        As far as ironies go, people of your ilk actually twist themselves in poses even experienced Yogis can’t muster – may be that’s why you so despise them. सहस्र वन्दना to you.

      • Indian

        Facts Mr Commie-Opusdei Italian pimps ARE 1. Sonia Commies Christies like you brought 66A and blocked number of Twitter accounts but Chomsky and Redcondom prds were bsy MF. AND are frustrated as Chinese Prostitutes of Italy (Mo F..) party and Missionaries mercenaries white racist thugs like Chomsky work like this. And nobody needs a certification from u, go to scroll.in and get a night with Kavita Krishnan

  • Rama

    Great article. kudos. Guys, ignore the Paki troll

    • frctl_k

      Please. I am sure you wouldn’t even know who Chomsky is.
      At least, the author of the article does.

      • Rama

        Your reply confirms that you have accepted the fact that you are a Paki troll. I won’t dignify you with a response.

  • Kailash

    Well done, Sankrant.
    I hope Chomsky apologizes to 1.3 billion Indians and stop this nonsense fear-mongering about India based on lies..

    • कृ

      No one cares about India. Please move on, and stop shuddering at fear at the sight of such idiots.

      • Kailash

        If no one care about India, what the hell are you doing here?
        Why the hell Chomsky ranting about India when media in USA don’t give a shit about him?

        • कृ

          I don’t consider myself part of the grand eminences, so technically, I’m not being contradictory. My point is, you’re thinking too much of the power these petition mongers have.

          Your thuggish positions don’t particularly help.

        • कृ

          It’s really not worth our time dealing with the Anglo-Saxon world. If you really want to change something, work on saving our dying languages.

  • frctl_k

    Just a dream, but it would be entertaining to watch Chomsky take apart your feeble piece of writing.

    “IndiaFacts is a counter to mainstream media narrative about India.”
    From all the articles I have read on this news portal, there hasn’t been one piece of neutral writing backed by logic and evidence. It is not a counter to mainstream media narrative about India. It is a site bordering on pro-hindutva and pro-BJP fanaticism.
    Comparing UPA and BJP governance, both are equally shitty.
    Except now, it isn’t only the government spouting vitriol. Somehow, a good chunk of average Hindu population is also doing the same.
    The problems faced by any country are not just the product of bad governance. Bad public plays a very big role.
    A good public understands that a nation is not a vague-abstract-sacred concept. It is the sum-total of the people living in that internationally demarcated region; nothing more, nothing less.
    Nationalism is a scary thing. Indian Nationalism more so, because the social structure here thrives on self-righteous acts of actual physical violence.

    • Kailash

      You Paki agent just created this account, this was your first comment ?
      🙂 Who is making a fool of himself here?
      How much you get paid by your handler for “Opinion making and turning lies into believable assertions ” ?

      • frctl_k

        I created this account just now because I felt like speaking against the trash being served on this “news” portal. Do I not have the freedom to?
        Ad hominem attacks have a place and a time when they can be rightly used but in this context, you come out looking like the fool that you are.
        (Told you, Ad hominem attack do have a place and a time.)

        • Kailash

          My job is to spot and expose Paki agents. Aren’t you surprised at my expertise ? :))

      • frctl_k

        Do I have to put in a neutral comment first, then go on with slight gradation towards refuting the ideas presented? You reject my first comment merely because it is my ‘first’ comment?
        And just for fun, my ‘handler’ is an Indian Government hospital. I get paid 30k per month to work 80+ hours a week serving people who don’t get a square meal a day. If that is what paki agents do, we could do with some more over here.

        • Kailash

          My job is to spot Paki agent like you and help in catching anti-India crooks.
          If you are who you claim to be, would you be open to verification of your identity? My people will come to see you at the time and place you decide with assured confidentiality ? Would you accept and show us your 80+ hours a week serving people who don’t get a square meal a day.?

          • frctl_k

            Your people? You know how that sounds?
            You know that, right?
            Assured confidentiality? How is my confidentiality assured if your “people” know me?
            How about you be a sport and tell me your identity? I don’t have people to send for verification but I will try to verify your identity nonetheless.

            If you think I am a pakistani agent and an anti-national crook AND that you need to catch me, then you are not by any stretch a level headed sane person.

            Obviously, since I refuse to reveal my identity but asked yours, you would label me as a nefarious being. Of course, you would deny the logic.
            Be a mindless apologist. Who cares.

          • Kailash

            IT intel can be done by one person?
            Confidentiality means we won’t bring identity in public domain.
            Got it ?

          • Kailash

            You are simply jealous bigot because Sankrant slapped Chomsky on face. I see many slaves of commie Chomsky, not using their own mind. Have you come up with anything new own your own in life, yet. or just singing rational sounding commie songs that is fast dying worldwide.

          • Infinite Wisdom

            The shit about 80 hours and one meal is such nonsense.

    • guest

      Nationalism is not a scary thing….that is how you define identity. Half the problems around the world are mainly to assert a national, civilisational, cultural narrative and to question mindless westernisation that has left increased sales of anti-depressants, although is usually measured in terms of ‘standard of living’

      • frctl_k

        Read up the definition of Nationalism.

        About mindless “westernization”, why is it called “development” until it touches the cultural sphere?
        The cars you drive, the medicines you take, the internet you so readily use as a platform; they are all products of “westernization”. Why not reject them too? Just curious.

        • guest

          typical response….typical same rants. read up on development literature. The very idea of development came from the west that had actually looted several countries and then ‘out of pity, created an idea of development.’ There is such a thing called ‘dependent development’ that is what was created. Nope it is NOT called development. these were foreign concepts that were borrowed and if you read the literature, today they are being heavily contested.

          1. western medicine borrowed much from eastern methods and eastern medicine. India and China alone have an established system of medicine from centuries ago, which the westerners blocked, and now both the countries are getting back to it.

          2. if you are going to talk about internet and other developments, then do not forget that ‘numbers and zero’ itself came from india…so back to square one….we know development and we know science. For the last 1000 years there has been a slumber. but now we are waking up…and it is great to take pride in knowing what contributions various asian nations have made to the world–which were hardly taught to us…..in schools

          • frctl_k

            1. I am a Doctor. Eastern medicine is one big joke. Indian and Chinese “systems” of medicine are unscientific to say the very least.
            2. I am also a Mathematics nut. Zero was a great contribution. But you can’t just sit on work done by someone who just happened to live on the same land as you do now and feel all proud and mushy.

          • frctl_k

            Creating zero was just a small step to what we have here now.
            It is not all back to square one.
            And take off your tin hat. Three centuries worth of all western people plotting against Asian countries to nurture some sort of master-slave relation?

          • guest

            Three centuries worth of all western people plotting against Asian countries to nurture some sort of master-slave relation?

            If you read development, colonial and post colonial literature and its critique–that is exactly what they have been doing. But now economically they are faltering and asia is emerging as a continent to contend with, and therefore such furore —-over ‘who developed what, and much stealing of knowledge.’

          • कृ

            – Plastic surgery was first documented by the British in India.
            – Latin Scientific classification of Plants, can be traced back to Kerala.
            – It’s not zero, it is place-value system of enumeration. Zero as a symbol was in use with many civilizations.
            – Trigonometry, had its origins in India. ‘sin’, ‘cos’ can be traced etymologically back to India.
            – Techniques in Infinite series, were invented much earlier than Calculus in Europe. Some suspect Newton/Leibniz work could be an unattributed derivation.
            – Panini is the father of Linguistics. Much of its development is an unattributed development on Ashtadhyayi. Max Muller’s hands are visible all over its early development.
            – Mindfullness/Aveda/ …. have all made it rich by plagiarising Indian literature.

            You sir, have proven yourself to be an idiot. Just because the greedy occidentals erased every trace of the sources they stole from does not mean they don’t exist. Pray tell that to your ‘Western’ compatriots.

          • frctl_k

            Did I say zero as a symbol?

          • कृ

            “Invention of the Zero” is often used by people who have no idea what they are saying. It is not for me to see through the apparent stupidity of your statements.

            Let me break it down, since you clearly are too “clever” by half. Invention of Zero ? What does it even mean ? Any fool can invent the ‘Zero’, it doesn’t take much smarts to recognise that twelve removed from a dozen is none. Semantically, this is all there in Zero. Do you mean the concept or the symbol ? There is no other category you could possibly impute.

            These affairs are completely orthogonal to the polynomial representation of numbers, which was simply genius for the time. That you can’t distinguish between the two, either implies
            i) You’re an idiot, as I have formerly postulated.
            ii) You’re a cunning liar.

            You’ve not shown much intellectual ability for the latter, so my posterior is left more concentrated on the former (is your ‘statistics’ creeping back in, mate ?).

          • frctl_k

            It doesn’t take much smarts? Really? Look into non-linear dynamics. Maybe you will understand why “smarts” is required to formulate a mathematical concept of nothing.
            Don’t know the difference between arithmetics and theoritical mathematics? Your problem.
            And breaking down arguments to “what does that even mean?” is reserved for idiots.

          • कृ

            I’m a professional mathematician and I have no idea what you mean. I take it to mean that you are an idiot.

          • frctl_k

            A professional mathematician who doesn’t understand the implications of ‘nothing’ in pure mathematics?
            Or one who is unaware about non-linear dynamics and how the concept of zero is totally different when dealing with chaotic states?

          • कृ

            Pray cite a paper, otherwise shut up.

          • frctl_k

            Now, cite a paper? Really?

          • कृ

            No ? Not even a pop-math article ? Thought so.

          • frctl_k

            Read any book on Topology.
            To give you an idea what pure mathematics sounds like.

          • कृ

            Yes, but which part of topology ? Algebraic ? Differential ? Point-Set ? Topological dynamics ? Which theorem are you alluding to exactly ?

            This is fun. Like a cat playing with its meal.

          • frctl_k

            This is fun.

          • कृ

            Proving yourself to be an idiot is fun ? Hmm, you must be a BDSM kind of person.

          • frctl_k

            For applied non-linear dynamics, read Wiggins. It lays it out gently for idiots.

          • कृ

            Yes, I know how to use Amazon too. Pray share your enlightenment.

          • frctl_k

            Well, it is good to know that you do.
            I didn’t expect you to be functional.

          • कृ

            Yes, we all know that.

            Please do tell me, what enlightenment I’m missing in ‘nothing’. You can’t possibly be referring to the Buddhist निर्वाण now, can you ?

          • frctl_k

            Teaching college/school kids. mathematics doesn’t make you a professional mathematician.

          • frctl_k

            Also, these are achievements of Indians. Not “India”.
            I am done arguing with indian apologists.

          • कृ

            Yes, I see, all that formal logic training has made you an expert on pedantry.

            I’m amused that you think works of Indians are not ‘Indian’, but works of contemporary Europeans, and the rest of the World, is ‘Western’. Well done! Your teachers should be proud.

            If you had the slightest bit of ability (or reading!), you’d go on to show me wrong, but nooo… you’ve proven to be another whining idiot who can’t stand his ground, when challenged.

            Please run along, and show off your ‘credentials’ to those who can’t see through them.

          • frctl_k

            They are Indian works, as in the works of indian people. But not the works of India as a nation.
            And doesn’t it feel a little off to feel all proud and mushy about something someone with no direct relation to you achieved years ago?

          • कृ

            I know what definition you were using. You think all those insults on pedantry were imagined fantasies ?

          • guest

            India is made of Indians, that is simple…..and it works the same way with all nations….development of earliest of sciences took place on the Indian ground with Indians as the scientists…

          • guest

            We are by no means apologists, no matter how you label us!!

          • frctl_k

            Cite some papers, please. Good papers having undergone rigourous documentation and peer review.

          • कृ

            These works are in books; of the top of my head,
            – Dharampal, Collected works Vol 1-5
            – The crest of the Peacock: Non-European roots of Mathematics

            Collected knowledge,
            – Aveda’s roots are documented in Rajiv’s works.
            – Mindfullness’s roots in Vipassana are well-known
            – Panini is acknowledged even by Guru Chomsky.

            (I can’t remember where I read about Linnaeus.)

            Now your turn.

          • Jitu

            Let me help here. “Google”.

            Google for History of Rhinoplasty.
            Google for Shushruta Samhita.
            Google for Osteology in ancient India.

            Translations are available. Read those.

            BBC documentaries are there for lay people. Google for them and watch. I hope you trust BBC and German scholars enough to believe them for you obviously do not show any inclination to believe Indian sources.

            Google. It may help in making you appear less like a liberal western apologist.

          • guest

            Thanks, I have been working on responding too. Takes a bit of effort for the research. So thanks for pitching in!! Sometimes I think I do not want to convince these folks who know little and come here just to make noise, show their own biases, without ever learning about our own heritage.

          • guest

            First rule of science is to know that ‘we do not know all’

            So, to say that eastern medicine is a big joke and not acknowledge how much eastern medicine has contribute dto western medicine—reeks of inferiority complex—and also believing that knowledge just comes out of ‘nothing.’ It builds. There were universities and research done in east long before the west. Colonization tipped the scales big time. So the west has no leg to stand on—whether by stealing the knowledge and research from countries they looted or simply by money they made in these countries and ‘developed’ their own.

            Zero was great, we all know, as are numbers, –no one is sitting on old accomplishments. It was a reference since you had implied that west’s knowledge was entirely its own. Do not forget the 1000 years of slavery that many nations have gone through. Especially India. It blocked its own development. But let us not forget the basis of much development in the west is created on the foundations of knowledge provided from the east. Simple.

          • mulle @ frctl_k, you are the actual joke here, for discrediting Eastern Medicine.

            Traditional Chinese medicine won 2015 Nobel Prize


          • frctl_k

            Also, next time you (or a close one) gets really sick(some aggressive malignant cancer would work) try refusing the “Western” medicine approach.
            One night I had a woman with relapsed breast cancer show up in a phc. She was in a lot of pain(bone mets).
            Her family had put her on a pain treatment of “cow urine” for last 6 months.
            It took two amps of tramadol to convert her six month long suffering to a blissful smile. You wouldn’t know what being pain/disease free means until you know how terrible pain and sickness can be.
            FYI, this is anecdotal evidence. Hence, it isn’t a good evidence.

          • guest

            AGAIN A VERY TYPICAL RESPONSE. Remember eastern medicine does not function in a vaccum. It is maintained by a certain lifestyle (that the western medicine has only been recommending for the last few decades). Allopathy provides ‘quick, fast, symptomatic relief’. You as a doctor should know that. Eastern medicine works longer (and therefore not really that well with cancer, although there are books written by people who altered their diets, returned to a certain way of life, including getting rid of many western lifestyle ways and healed themselves from within. Maya tiwari is one such person who now writes on Ayurveda,

            Here is some basic information not too specific, (no time for that yet, you may research yourself in case you want to learn the value of eastern medicine) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3111701/

            One night I had a woman with relapsed breast cancer show up in a phc. She was in a lot of pain(bone mets).

            Her family had put her on a pain treatment of “cow urine” for last 6 months.

            It took two amps of tramadol to convert her six month long suffering to a blissful smile.

            I did say allopathy is very good for symptomatic relief and does bring smiles, but also almost always brings back the disease.

            You wouldn’t know what being pain/disease free means until you know how terrible pain and sickness can be.

            I have been. Truly I combine both. Its called wisdom—pragmatism . Take care of the immediate with an understanding of how to remove it from the core—in the long term…

            FYI, this is anecdotal evidence. Hence, it isn’t a good evidence.

            Thanks for acknowledging it.

        • कृ

          …so much for all those courses on ‘formal logic’. I’m sure you’ve been taught what a ‘non-sequitur’ was though, much as I am sure ‘Western’ science grew completely out of a vacuum and only in Europe (meet my friend ‘sarcasm’).

          You sound like another of those dim-witted ‘Libertarians’, who basically recycle old colonial literature with words such as ‘philosophy’, ‘logic’, and ‘science’ thrown in for good measure. It’s ironic that a white-nationalist (pray tell, do the Japanese still have souls ?) trouncing on what he calls ‘Indian nationalism’…. Alas, such folk fill the hollows of Indology departments, not surprising considering the societies they come from.

    • guest

      there hasn’t been one piece of neutral writing backed by logic and evidence

      the point is to counter the ‘biased news coverage on msm.

      as for logic—if you anything about it, all the articles are based in ‘forwarding an argument’ which traditionally journalism (as it is taught in US schools and therefore now in India) swears against, but simply cannot follow (much research on the fact that objectivity, so long as we remain products of our ideologies, or servants of those who pay our salaries is impossible)—

      evidence—links, urls and citations and page numbers are provided in most of the stories, if not all.

      • frctl_k

        Do you understand the difference between a good evidence and a bad evidence?
        Have you ever undertaken a scientific study?
        Ever so much as researched a topic beyond looking it up on internet or grabbing the book that lies the closest to you?
        If not, I suggest you look up how to conjure a hypothesis and how to make a working thesis and gather evidence.
        It will open your eyes to what good evidence looks like.
        Links and citations over Internet do not inspire confidence.

        • guest

          pray tell, does good evidence look like something that agrees with your opinions?

          • frctl_k

            Good evidence needs statistical backing.
            Very considerate of you to ask nonetheless.

          • guest

            Then go back and check how many of them have referred to published books, journals and other news articles.

          • frctl_k

            How many of what? What is ‘them’?

          • guest

            scores of articles written on this forum—-

          • Jitu


            I was told by a self declared intellectual, about 24 hours ago, that I suffer from “confirmation bias” when I claimed to not believe the unverifiable claims of MSM.
            And here we have another intellectual who dismisses references, article, journals and papers cited with due diligence here as “bad reference” simply because it does not fit their narrative.

            Oh! How I love reading the comments of these intellectuals. They amuse me no end.

          • guest

            ‘Confirmation bias’. the very sound of it is biased. If we ask for proof, its confirmation bias, they the opponents ask for proof, that is mere scholarly curiosity!!

            Yes, I do find it interesting how deluded these people are. But also reading here and some other places, I realise that they are not equipped with anything but lies and a huge ego…:)

            I have learnt much from this forum.

          • कृ

            There’s actually no way around confirmation bias; this is precisely the debate between Bayesian and Statistical camp of probabilists.

            Essentially what ’eminent intellectuals’ are critiquing is that you don’t share the same biases as them.

          • guest

            Absolutely. I do not know about the Bayesian vs. Statistical camp (which I can look up) but I completely agree with you. I have been trying to say that for so long. That removing bias is impossible (and hence my contention with news media). Its like saying, ‘that person has an accent!!’ Everyone does!!

          • कृ

            That’s not quite what I meant; you can always move away from your beliefs, after having seen enough counter-evidence. Humans however are far more irrational, so that analogy may not entirely hold, let alone the fact that is often the agent himself who has to go looking for evidence.

          • guest

            Humans however are far more irrational,

            So, are you saying that, even after they find evidence, they might stick to what they think? But in that sense, (just to go a step beyond)–new evidence is always evolving–right, so this pursuit is never ending (as it should be)? Thanks

          • frctl_k

            I understand you have never had a class on formal logic.
            Or statistics.
            Never too late to learn though.

          • guest

            I do understand it will take effort and courage to look back through several articles, read them tally citations and acknowledge that you were not right. So instead you ‘illogically’ call me names. (btw, my claim that I have had several classes in statistics—will sound the same as you saying you are a doctor to claim authority over ‘both knowledge and opinions’) –PS: whether you are a doctor or not, there is no way to prove it—but yes, by saying that you think you are increasing the weight of your comments. Works well, that is what is done in advertisements —to sell drugs—here you are trying to sell your ideas as being ‘more scientific and logical’ by claiming that you are a ‘doctor.’

    • guest

      Indian Nationalism more so, because the social structure here thrives on self-righteous acts of actual physical violence.

      The point is that Indian Nationalism is striving to establish dharma. which includes respecting all faiths. but media makes it sound like ‘hindu’ and creates divisions. while dharma protects and respects all—religions of the book are open about ‘only tolerating others’ and make no bones about saying that they are —-‘the true religion’. They came from outside and have been loved and taken care of. Today the reason to strive for dharma is because dharma –is the only opposition to other ideologies that have been instrumental in destroying many things–including several other forms of living, tribal, pagans, several languages, way of loving and caring for the divine. So Indian Nationalism is a wise way of protecting its diversity which today is threatened by love of everything western

      • frctl_k

        Again, Nationalism is not what you think it is.

        • guest

          Ever read articles by gandhi or tagore on Nationalism?

    • thesteelguy

      “Nationalism is a scary thing. Indian Nationalism more so, because the social structure here thrives on self-righteous acts of actual physical violence.”

      Drank the kool-aid of the false narrative I see.

      • Infinite Wisdom

        What shit is this? Sounds like an idiot JNU student talking gibberish.

        • thesteelguy

          Isn’t it obvious? These people are obsessed with oppression and oppressive structures to a creepy level.

          • कृ

            Indeed it is. We ought to outlaw English-based education, and spend all of the people’s money enriching their own languages; not the Anglo-Saxon world.

    • कृ

      I’m sure the British felt the same way. I can see why. I’m sure so can you; but of course self-certified ‘liberals’ have shown no ability to introspect, so I have a fairly precise idea of what you’ll say in return.

    • Infinite Wisdom

      Chomsky cannot get his facts straight so how is he going to take apart any writing, far less a reasonably good piece of writing. By all the articles I have read in most English media in India my conclusion is that they write shit. Indiafacts is a lot better than most.

    • I’ll wait Chomsky, but I hope his argument won’t be as lame as yours. None of what you have written is even slightly relevant to the facts that I’ve presented here.

      • throwaway

        Dear Sankrant, each comment does not necessarily have to be an argument it can be an opinion like frctl_k’s. Also, the outrage among academics – and I do not refer just to Chomsky here – is over the general intolerance towards dissent and contrarian views that the entire episode has exposed. That, as well as the inept handling of the events by the University administration and the police and the total disregard of journalistic ethics by certain sections of the media. So, it is just not a question of political or religious affiliations as your post tries to hint at by including multiple references to political parties and the incident about a person being arrested for alleged blasphemy.

        As far as your post goes, I do not see you adhering to the strict boundaries of logic and argument that you resort to when responding to some of the comments questioning your views. Here are a couple of examples:

        Two wrongs do not make a right. You say, “While it is true that this is a colonial law that is true for most of India’s penal code”. So, do you mean to use that statement as an excuse to say that just because most of the sections in the IPC are remnants of archaic colonial laws hence this particular section is also justified? If so, I would surely like to know your views on Sec 377 regarding homosexuality because by your logic the laws defined in that section are also acceptable and should be implemented with rigour.

        You also write that, “Pakistan was further partitioned into Bangladesh and hasn’t since then stopped trying to “avenge” this by fomenting insurgencies in India”. For someone insistent on logic and argument, you should have provided at least one source for this claim of your that the reason for Pakistan sponsored insurgency is the creation of Bangladesh from East Pakistan. This statement, to me, also serves to illustrate your own “armchair academics” that you write against. I spent my formative years in Northeast India and have experienced first-hand the long-drawn demand by a number of groups for separation from the India mainland but I have never seen someone arrested just for expressing such a demand. It is a different fact that group involved in armed struggle for the same cause have always been readily outlawed. My point for giving this example is to say that arresting someone just because of their “call to dismember India” is not a done thing in a democracy that prides itself in its resilience. Especially when there is no direct evidence that the one arrested in the one who voiced that demand.

        In parting, I would request you to read Yashwant Deshmukh’s piece pice of HuffPost India (http://www.huffingtonpost.in/yashwant-deshmukh/dear-rajdeep-i-am-not-com_b_9290564.html), if you haven’t done so already. He is on the same side of the fence as you on the issue but he manages to present his opinions and arguments without letting any ideological leaning colour his writing. And although I do not agree with quite a few of the things he says, I find his words much more balanced, logical and sincere than yours.

    • gk

      “The problems faced by any country are not just the product of bad governance. Bad public plays a very big role.”
      Really ?, the problem with India is really “Bad Intellectuals” who believe their ignorant fantasies need to be imposed on the ‘vulgar masses’.

    • gk

      I wonder who pays Chomsky ? Isn’t it the very people he is against ? He may be an expert on Arab/Israeli confilct, but not on India. Commies are masters of obfuscation, suppression of evidence as well as manufacturing false evidences. We all know how the commie expert historians failed in their subjects in the Ayodya court case.

  • Audit Uscirf

    Sankrant at his usual best battling lies with facts. Great job. Facts are clear but those who are blinded by their mono-ideology can neither see nor comprehend.

    Most Monos (i.e. those who strongly believe in mono & exclusive ideas like only-god,no-god,socialism,godly state) are blind supporters of their own ideological comrades; Thus, Both,American left & right, blindly peddle marxist-missionaries lies about india.

    • Krispy K

      Exactly right.

    • frctl_k

      Facts are very much clear.
      But it is you who is blinded by ideology.
      And ideology, I agree, is the poison.

      • Kailash

        Paki agent spotted.

        • कृ

          विनन्ति: If you can’t muster up something other than ad hominem; please remain silent. It is this churlishness which is mucking up the discourse.

      • Cybil Peril

        Abraham was a lunatic.

        • Saffronwarrior

          LMAO Sara was a low rent ho.

          • Cybil Peril

            u mean, Hagar was better…..!

    • Cybil Peril

      christies, muzzies n commies r violent class of junglee. Never trust these criminal class of wild boars.