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List of RSS workers murdered under the Kerala LDF dispensation

West Bengal and Kerala are two states that have now turned into Islamic terror factories. As is its wont, the media has hidden this dangerous reality under the carpet. Unless it is an incident of the magnitude of the Burdwan blasts, the media has protected secularism by suppressing such news.

In the same vein, it has also suppressed the killing of RSS /BJP workers in Kerala under the LDF Government took over in 2006. Here is a list of the innocent RSS workers that were murdered by the LDF and its affiliates:

  1. On December 1, 2006, Krishna Kumar (Biju), an RSS activist killed in Thiruvananthapuram by CPI(M) thugs.
  2. On 17th December 2006 BJP activist P.S. Sujith murdered in Engandiyur town of Thrissur district by CPI(M) goons.
  3. On January 20th 2007 – RSS activist Ravi killed in Tirur by NDF members.
  4. ON 12th February 2007, BJP/ BMS activist Shaju (30) killed in Kallettumkara near Thrissur district by CPI(M) goons.
  5. On 5th March 2007 PP Valsaraj Kurup (37) was murdered by the CPI(M) goons.
  6. On 16th March 2007, RSS activist Lakshman murdered in Thanur in Malappuram district by NDF workers.
  7. On 24th April 2007 an RSS Taluk Karivayak G. Chandran murdered in Vettiyar near Mavelikkara by CPI(M) thugs.
  8. On August 16th 2007 at 7.30 am, K. Pramod (33), RSS/BJP activist killed by CPI(M) thugs in Thallassery, Kannur district.
  9. On 22nd October 2007, BJP activist Sunil Kumar killed in Kodungallur by DYFI goons.
  10. On 2nd November 2007 an RSS activist Vinod Kumar (35) killed near Manalayam junction at Chadayamangalam in Thiruvananthapuram by NDF workers.
  11. On 23rd December 2007, RSS Mandal Sareerik Sikshan Pramukh Vinod (25) killed by NDF goons near his house.
  12. On 5th March 2008, RSS activist Nekhil killed in Thallessary (Kannur) by CPI(M) workers.
  13. On 5th March 2008, RSS activist Sathyan killed in Thallessary (Kannur) by CPI(M) thugs.
  14. On 6th March 2008, RSS activist Mahesh killed in Kannur by CPI(M) workers.
  15. On 7th March 2008, RSS activist Suresh Babu killed in Kodiyeri(Kannur) by CPI(M) members.
  16. On 7th March 2008, RSS activist Surendran killed in Kannur by CPI (M) goons.